In Loving Memory of
Zachary Shane Corp
Born to Heaven on January 8, 2005

Merry Christmas Zachary

Merry Christmas our darling Zachary
From all your family here
Your Christmas will be with Jesus
Oh how special dear Zachary

Christmas with the King
How marvelous that will be
With all God’s angels singing
What a site that will be

A special Christmas for our son
Among the One most Highest
Celebrating Christ’s birthday
God’s only begotten Son

Zachary, Merry Christmas to you
From all your family here
May you have peace, comfort, and joy
Along with all our love for you.
Written By Doyle Alldredge, Christmas 2005

This is a special Christmas gift for Angel Zachary from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

~For Zachary~

Zachary, as soon as you came into our lives
You filled our hearts with joy,
You were a special gift from GOD
A precious little boy.

The moment you were born
Our tears began to flow
We were holding onto an angel
The world will never know.

God has his reasons for taking you
Although we may never understand
You are in heaven with him now
Which is the way he had planned.

The thoughts of you will always be cherished
You changed our lives forever
And we cannot wait to get to heaven
So we can again be together......Forever!!!!
In Memory of Zachary Shane 1/08/05
Written by his Daddy

"Daddy's Gotcha"

I held you in my trembling arms,
Just after you were born,
When the doctor said congratulations,
You are the father of a baby boy,
I took one look at your sweet face,
And said, don't worry daddy's gotcha'.
I took you to your first grade class,
And could see the fear in your eyes,
Where soon the tears did flow,
And when I went to leave the room,
You grabbed me and held on tight,
As I said, don't worry daddy's gotcha'.
I was so proud at your graduation,
And remember how handsome you were,
Then when they said the world awaits,
I saw the worry in your face,
As you realized it is a big scary place,
So I told you, don't worry daddy's gotcha'.
Then one day I heard the doctors say,
We are afraid your son is very ill.
We will try to do everything we can,
But it really does not look good,
As I remembered the day you were born,
And I said, don't worry daddy's gotcha'.
I prayed all night for God's embrace,
Asking Him to watch over you,
Then His angels came and took you away,
My heart became so weak that day,
Then a still small voice I heard say,
Don't worry Daddy's gotcha'.
TYL - By: Paul D. McCutcheon, Copyright © 06/28/02

"Wings of Gold"

I have been told, oh so often,
I should get over you,
After all, it has been long enough,
So they feel.

So won't you please tell me,
Just how I must get past
This pain of heart
That is real?

When life poured forth
From my loving heart
That kept your life
Blood flowing,

And how do I remove the footprints
You placed within my womb
Through all those months
You were growing?

Or stop this feeling of tiny hands,
That comforted my pain,
During my labor of love,
So sweet?

So when you speak of time to heal,
I will tell you there is only
One healing time
That I will greet!

And that is the one God holds,
When my earthly time is gone,
And my own heavenly
Wings unfold!

So tell me how to get on with life,
When the one formed so close
To my very soul, now has pure
Wings of gold!
TYL-By: Paul D. McCutcheon, Copyright©07/30/00

"Heavenly Place"

My sons, shall we go outside to play?
We will build a tree house on this day.
Each time we visit it I will see in your face
This is quite a heavenly place.

My sons, shall we go to the park and play?
We will swing and slide on this day.
Each time we visit it I can see in your face
This is such a heavenly place.

My sons, shall we buy some toys today?
We'll race cars and even build a robot on this day.
Each time we play I can see in your face
This is such a heavenly place.

My sons, where have you gone now to play?
We'll find something fun to do on this day.
I am searching far and wide to see your face,
Wherever you are, it's such a heavenly place.

The time will come when we again will play,
You can guide me home on that day.
No more pain in my heart when I see your face,
For we will all be in that Heavenly Place.
TYL-By: Paul. D. McCutcheon, Copyright© 06/28/01

Zachary's brothers - Lawrence Jay Corp III (known fondly as LJay) and Thomas Lee Corp II -
and sister, Alyssa Marie, wish their baby brother a very Merry Christmas in Heaven!

Zachary's sister Alyssa Marie and brother Thomas are missing their brother on Christmas....

"Dear Mom and Dad"

God’s angels have been looking over you,
Since my life on earth has passed,
They tell Him of how your days,
Hold little meaning, is this true?

I asked Him for this special mail,
To be sent to your hearts with love,
So please treasure what I say,
Do not let my love for you fail.

I know how bad you miss me,
And the pain is so hard for you to bear,
But how do others see the love we shared,
If tears of sadness is all they see.

My life surely had more meaning,
Than setting in a room alone,
Or you giving up so many friends,
For tears and never ending dreaming.

In heaven we are always helping each other,
And the time goes by without notice,
Laughter abounds and songs are sung,
As we share love with our Christian brothers.

Yet there, I am told, love has grown cold,
And you do not seek your Christian brother,
As God truly needs you to give others hope,
Instead you just give up and grow old.

There are so many who waste their lives,
Trying to get others to understand their pain,
And never realize until it is too late,
The world will be gone when heaven arrives.

So mom and dad, God needs your help to prepare,
Others who are not as strong in faith as I know you to be,
So please give God your pain to ease,
And show others how we, in heaven, really care.

Your child.
By: Paul D. McCutcheon Copyright © 10/10/00

"The Day"

The day must come,
When I reach my journey's end,
And a shroud of flowers circle my head,
So understand that day may come,
Even before I am able to stand.
No given age has been promised to me,
Upon this earthly domain,
For God only knows my parting hour,
Even if I part within a day,
Or when I grow old and frail.
So the thing you must remember,
Is that my soul can not remain,
And when you visit my earthly shell,
With tears of pain upon your cheek,
Do not forget to thank God above,
For preparing my home so soon,
And when days become a heavy load,
And you feel the need of me,
Never think you can find me here,
Where a stone of granite bears my name,
For I have departed there long ago,
So you must seek me with God's love,
In the heavens far above.
Just place your hands upon your heart,
To feel my endless love for you,
And whisper, "My child, I will love you,
And from here you will never part."
TYL-By: Paul D. McCutcheon, Copyright © 05/11/2000

Our Christmas Angels

Heaven's Touch Within

Life now flows where tears did flow,
Inside the pain I feel and know,
From death, grief and sorrow,
And His strength I seek to borrow.
I no longer walk alone each day,
Not knowing how to find my way,
For so often I wandered astray,
Then weakness taught me to pray.
I still see the life I helped begin,
The love of a child that once had been,
And joy, once shared, now reaches in,
Where, I feel heaven's touch within.
By: Paul D. McCutcheon, Copyright © 06/06/2004

Christmas Gathering

On Heavens Breeze

Upon my wings he will always ride,
Through heaven's bright night sky,
Through God's home we will glide,
No tears to dim our eye,
Joy unbound side by side,
Upon clouds of laughter we will lie,
Where no sadness can ever reside,
Never to say goodbye.

I'll Love You Forever

I sat within my lonely world,
Holding your picture, gently touching your face.
The tears poured forth like heavy rain,
My eyes strained against the mist,
As my voice broke, speaking your name.
My chest burned with passionate desire,
My arms ached to hold you close,
And assure my mind we will no longer part.
Just one touch from your hand would give,
My life its ever wanting solace.
To God I pray to let it be,
One more time won't you let him live?
Then at last my tears did dry away,
And a whisper in my ear did I hear,
"I'll love you forever."
I felt a gentle stroke against my cheek,
As the wings of an angel wiped my last tear.


With All My Love For A Sweet Little Darling
That Has Touched My Heart So Deeply
Ann, Laurasmom

Christmas Blessings From Angel Laura

I wrote your name on the sand, but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name on the sky, but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it'll stay.

Many thanks to the following ladies for all their help with Zachary's special graphics for this page ~


A friend can hear a tear drop.

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