Welcome to St.Sebastian Girls' Volleyball!
2013 Fall Season

Thank you for registering your daughter (s) to play for St. Sebastian Knights Girls’ Volleyball. We are excited about this our third season playing in the Pittsburgh Diocese Girls’ Volleyball League.

We are looking forward to fielding 2 JV teams as well as 2 Varsity teams. This will allow for much more fair playing time for the girls, and also we will be able to group together girls with similar skill and/or experience levels. For our two JV teams, coaches will be myself, Suzan Miller, John Benzing, Lori Ivory, Anita Jesionowski and Sheryl Ford. This will be my third year coaching the girls, and I have also coached the boys' volleyball teams for 2 seasons. Coach Benzing helped coach the girls' JV and Varsity last season, as well as helping with the boys' JV and Varsity this past season. Coach Miller also coached the boys' JV volleyball this past season.

For the Varsity teams, coaches will be myself, John Ferketic, Sarah Antonette, Brian Sullivan and possibly John Benzing. We all coached the girls' volleyball teams together last season, so there is good experience in coaches going forward for this season of varsity girls' volleyball!

For grade school volleyball, knee pads are mandatory, so please be sure that your daughter (s) get used to wearing them for every practice and of course every game. I do bring extra knee pads to every practice and every game, in case someone forgets theirs.

The volleyball matches can start as early as the first day of school. The season will last until about the week before Halloween. Playoffs will begin at that time. We started having some "open gym" practices in July, while our official” practices will begin in August. We will have 2 - 3 practices a week until the season actually starts. We should have 1 - 2 volleyball matches a week for both the JV and the Varsity, although I do not have the schedule as of yet. We should have the schedule in hand about a week before our first match. Our complete schedule, including all practices, scrimmages and matches, will be put on our volleyball web page as soon as we have it. I will send the link to the web page to everyone yet during the summer while we are practicing.

Now that we basically know how many girls have registered for this volleyball season, we have started thinking about how to select the teams. It was an easy call for the JV teams -- one team (Red Knights) will be 5th and 6th graders, and the other team (White Knights) will be all 4th graders. We have 11 girls on each JV team, so that is awesome! However, it still is important to for the girls to attend as many practices as possible over the summer in order for us to make a fair determination for the teams. We will distribute uniforms once our "official" practices begin in August. We will also plan a mandatory parent meeting to occur at the beginning of one of our practices in August, for both JV and Varsity teams. For all of our games and scrimmages, we will wear our complete uniform, our game jerseys and shorts, and of course our knee pads. Comfortable tennis shoes with good support are the best to wear for volleyball.

For our varsity teams, we will be having 3 tryout dates in order to evaluate the girls to see which team they will fit on. We will also have a Red Knights and White Knights for our varsity teams.

As in many of the other sports at our school, there are many opportunities for volunteering to help at volleyball games, especially at the home games. Duties for home games will include: gate and 50/50 raffle, concessions, score board, score book and line judge. For away games, we will still need to be responsible for keeping a score book, and one parent to be a line judge. There will be a volleyball score-keeping clinic before the regular season starts that I would highly recommend the parents try to attend. I will let you know where and when that clinic will take place. Once we have our schedule of matches, we will put together a volunteer schedule for the parents. I do need to know if there are any duties that you would prefer not to do, and I especially need to know who can help us out with the score board, scorebook and line judging.

Our Varsity team so far this season includes eight 8th graders and seven 7th graders, so the potential for two good varsity teams this year definitely exists. Our Varsity players who have registered for the Fall 2013 season are:

8th graders - Alexis Grubbs, Kaitlyn Grubbs, Christina Koman, Brianna McDonagh, Alexis Moskala, Nicole Rausch, Maranda Rombach and Alecia Spagnolo

7th graders - Emily Ferketic, Lauren Gaertner, Lauren Krebs, Sydney McBurney, Dana Schaich, Emma Sennott and Marisa Vaccaro

Our Red Knights JV team this season includes three 6th graders and seven 5th graders, so that works out nicely. Our White Knights JV team consists of eleven 4th graders, so we are excited to see so many of the younger girls giving volleyball a try. Our JV players who have registered for the Fall 2013 season are:

6th graders - Cecilia Engelhardt, Rachel Rombach and Madyson Scott

5th graders - Sarah Berger, Samantha Gruber, Leigh Ann Ivory, Vanessa Martocci, Mathilda Roberts, Emily Stepp and Bella Urso

4th graders - Ava Barkich, Elisa Chapman, Brianna Cobbey, Elizabeth Ford, Tia Henry, Naomi Jesionowski, Rebecca Moorhead, Rachel Sweeny, Phoebe Tebbs, Marisa White and Christina Yarbrough

Typically, the games are played Monday, Wednesday or Friday evenings, but there are a couple of teams who do play on the weekends. A typical evening of volleyball matches would start with JV at 6:30 p.m. - best 2 out of 3 games - followed by the Varsity match starting at around 7:45 p.m. - best 3 out of 5 games.

You can see our schedule of matches, scrimmages, tournaments and practices on this web page here -
2013 JV and Varsity Girls' Volleyball Schedule

As always, if there are any questions, you can email me, or call me, or see me at any of our practices.

Thank you,
Maria Faller
412-364-1419 home
412-445-9900 cell

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