In Loving Memory of
Tyler Steven Gilman
December 28, 2000 - December 16, 2001


On the day I left you
I saw you all right there
Hearts were filled with sadness
I knew Iíd soon be there.
I had to meet sweet Jesus
Tell him itís okay,
Ask his permission
To be with you each day.
He smiled so sweetly mamma
He gave me pretty wings
Put me on a pedestal
So I could see all things
Today I am with you
Each one of you I love
Watching and protecting
With the stars that shine above.
The days on earth so perfect
Spending life with you
Surrounded by my family
You helped me make it through
Now I am an angel
That lives flying up in the sky
Resting upon a pedestal
That sits so way up high.
Although I really miss you
I want you all to know
Iím in such a special place
With gentle wings that flow.
~ Author Unknown

This is a special Valentine's gift from my dear friend Patricia.

These four special gifts for Angel Tyler are from my friend Marie.
You can visit Marie's website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

Our Christmas Angels

My Angel Tina's Christmas Page

Christmas Angels 2006

Always On Our Minds Graphics


God, can I use your phone?
I really need to talk to my little boy today.
It has been 3 years since I have seen him,
because he lives with now so,
God can I use your phone?

God, can I use your phone?
I need to tell my son some things,
I should have told him, before he left for heaven.
I need to tell him I am sorry, that I couldn't
have saved him, I am sorry I didn't try harder
I should have pushed for more tests, but I didn't
So, God can I use your phone?

God, can you still do magic?
because if you can could you
let me have 24 hours with my son?
God, I have tried to leave messages
with you but, you never respond.

God, if you gace me 24 hours,
it would be the best time ever..
the perfect christmas gift.

you see I just want to hold my little boy
To look into his big eyes
kiss his forehead, in only a way a mother could.
I know this is impossible
but, how I wish it could come true.

Then do says, "Ok miss you can use my phone
to call your little boy, please be short with the time,
just tell him what is on your mind."

Tyler, this is mommy, it has been 3 years
since we had to let you go, and honie, mommy
is trying to do things right,
but they are always falling apart, I know you can see.

How is a mother supposed to move on and be happy,
now that we are apart?
"Mommy, you have to move on and follow your heart"
"mommy you have to let go of all your angry feelings
and you have to replace them with good thoughts,
and you will see good things WILL happen,
for all to see.

I know you are sad and angry, all the above,
But mommy thats not going to bring me back
I know you cry alot, I can see you from way up here,
crying is ok--but taking your life is not.

Ok I only have a few more minutes
before my time is up, remember this mommy
I love you alot, I know you hurt, I know you cry...
But please don't ever tell anyone you want to die,
'cause I know deep inside you just want to be loved
and please know I am always with you, even when you don't know.
Mommy, I have to go,
I will thank god for letting you use my phone

Written by Amy Gilman
December 16, 2004

This beautiful globe was a special gift from my dear friend Patricia.

Tyler's Story

I first found out I was pregnant with Tyler april of 2000, I was so happy as was my husband because this was his first child. My pregnancy was complicated, but I held on. I went into labor on December 26, and after 48 hours or so of non-productive labor, I had an emergency C-section. Tyler Steven Gilman was born on December 28, 2000.
He weighed 8pds 14oz, 19 inches long!!!

These are Tyler's actual footprints.

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Angel Tyler from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

Tyler was so quiet, he hardly ever cried... he was just a joy to have around,
and was daddy ever so proud of his little man!!

At age 3 months we found out Tyler was sick.. but you would have never known any different, he was happy, and always laughing! When we got to the hospital, that's all he would do was smile! Even though he never learned how to roll over, sit up, or stand, he was the happiest baby I had ever seen. His eyes melted everyone's hearts...
and his smile made everyone laugh.

I remember one time Ray and I had come back into his room after eating lunch downstairs, we thought he was asleep... we went into the room quietly went over to wash our hands, as we turned around he looked at us and just got the most huge grin
on his face!! Ray said to me he was playing possum!!
which that was exactly what he was doing!!

Since Tyler's time was so short we did not get to to alot with him, but I will remember
his smile and his bright eyes forever!!

I Felt an Angel

I felt an angel near today,
Through one I can not see.
I felt an angel, oh so close,
Sent to comfort me.

I felt an angelís gentle kiss,
Soft upon my cheek,
And Oh, without a single word
Of caring it did speak.

I felt an angelís loving touch,
Soft upon my heart,
And with that touch, I felt the pain
And hurt within depart.

I felt an angel's tempid tears,
Fall softly next to mine.
And knew that as those tears did dry,
A new day would be mine.

I felt an angel's silken wings,
Enfold me with pure love,
And felt a strength within me grow,
A strength sent from above.

I felt an angel, Oh so close,
Though I could not see,
I felt an angel near today,
Sent to comfort me.
~ Author Unknown

This is a picture of Tyler's brother and sister, who are missing him so much too.

This is also a gift from my dear friend Patricia.

If you would like to apply for Tyler's award, which is below,
please email Tyler's mommy at

Angel Gifts 2005

Christmas In Heaven

Dear Amy
Your Tyler always touched my heart
Those Beautiful eyes..

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera


This is the day I went to heaven
See the beautiful Angel that came for me
I'm as golden as the sunshine with no more pain
Don't cry mommy, you will see me again
For now I'm but a breath away
Till then just think of me, I am not far away
With Lots of Angel Kisses

Daddy, I love you so much
Thank you for being my daddy

I send you this gift with many tears of sorrow
and pray that God will send you His peace
Ann, Laurasmom

Angels Are With Us

Teddy Bear Treasures

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Thank you to my dear friend Rosemary for all your help with Tyler's animations and special framed pictures.
And thank you to Joyce for helping with the tags for Tyler's pages.

Jesus Wept

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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