In Loving Memory of Thomas P. Farris
December 1, 1974 - February 27, 1998

These are three beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Thomas from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

These six special gifts for Angel Thomas are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

Thomas was always a happy baby, for the first 4 years he ate and slept. I could take him anywhere. Thomas loved people. He also loved music, as a young child he liked music
instead of tv.

After my husband and I went our separate ways, Thomas was only 14 years old and he took over. He became a father for his brother who was 4 years younger and his best friend.
Roger lost his brother, father and friend all in one. His life was hit hard.

"All 19 years of my life Thomas has been there for me, and I just wish I can say I Love You Thomas! one more time. But I'm starting to see you never really knew how much you love someone until their gone. I love you, Thomas P. Farris, and if you don't show me how to hang in there, I won't know how to make it through this crazy world. But I got 19 years help from you, and it's all going to pay off in the end. I love you, Thomas P. Farris.
Your brother, Roger V. Carr, Jr."

This is a beautiful and loving gift to Angel Thomas from Judi, mom to Angel Andrew.

"Mike and I lived on 92nd Street and Thomas was a toddler. He went into my cabinet and opened cherry jello and dumped it on the floor and proceeded to stick his finger in it and eat it.
His whole face was red and he looked adorable. Maureen Morris"

Thomas hugging his mom.

Because he loved people so much, Thomas worked as a waiter and was very good at it.
At the time of his death he was working at Olive Garden and they really are a family.
They were very good to us and I will always remember them.

"My memories of Tom are great because we worked together so often. He would go on and on a about his music, his nightlife, and mostly his ladies - Kiera and Kori Lynn. I tried hard to set him straight and counsel him when life was tough. I know he was on the path to a happy life.
I'll miss him a great deal... Lori Stapleton, Olive Garden"


"When I left the Olive Garden, everyone had given me a going away party and we had gone to the Baha Back Club to play outside volleyball and there were about 20 of us playing... Tom jumped onto one side of the net and told everyone to get on the other side of the net. He said, 'I am a one-man team and I can beat you all, because I am the man.' All of my memories of Tom are all very happy ones. There was never a time he didn't have a smile on his face. His eyes always lit up when he talked about his little Kori. Tom was a wonderful caring person.
He will never be forgotten. God bless all of you! Sadie Gailie"

Thomas with his little girl, Kori.

Thomas with his Grandma and his brother, Roger.

Thomas' daughter came before the wedding as so many young people do. At the time my mother was very ill. She never did get to see Kori. Thomas loved his grandmother very much. When he got off work, he would go to the hospital at midnight and sit with her all night. He loved her so.
It broke my heart to tell him when she was gone.

"Dear Kori, I think my fondest memory of your 'Dad' was when his grandmother was in the hospital and he would come each day and sit with her for hours, telling her how much he loved her and I know that she was with him that night and helped him over to the other side, so he could be with her and so many others that had gone before him, and I am sure that his 'love' will always be with you for all your life. With all my love, Aunt Peggy."

Thomas, Kiera and Kori.

Thomas loved his baby girl so much. He was always kissing her and holding her and singing to her and dancing. She also loves music and dancing, she is so much like him.

"My fondest memories of Thomas include just everything - His actions, the way he loved his dancing and music. Especially the way he loved his baby. I remember him picking her up when she was asleep and kept kissing her. The personal conversations we had. His smile.
Love, Aunt Pat Carr."

"I remember Thomas as being the life of my sweet sixteen party. He got everyone to come out of their shell and get up on the dance floor. He made everyone laugh and have a good time.
Melissa Hicks"

Thomas with his good friend Braz and his brother Roger.

Thomas had a friend he made in the 3rd grade, and they became just like brothers. So he is like my 3rd son, Braz. He always comes to make sure I am doing ok and to check up on Roger.

"My fondest memories of Thomas was when my Aunt Bernie sent him to live with me in Florida. We worked together in Denny's and had a lot of good times in the sunshine! I loved the way he could walk into a room and liven it up with great intensity. There was never a dull moment when you were with him. I love you, Thomas! Your cousin Theresa"

"Thomas was always so thoughtful to me. He was very special. He came to bring his girlfriend to visit at my house. And he had that smile that just made me melt. He was a sweetheart.
Elaine Seifert"

Christmas Angels 2006

Thomas with his girlfriend, Kiera, daughter Kori and dog Tyson.

I must say Thomas' girlfriend has been very good to me and I always get to see Kori and it took her a long time to get her life back together. She loved him very much.

Thomas with his Aunt Mary and his daughter Kori.

"I remember Thomas in a roller skating race, and he came in first. He was very competitive. I also know that he treated his little Kori with tenderness and great pride. He loved her dearly.
His eyes lit up when her name was mentioned. Judy Ennis

Thomas with his mom, "Nana," and his daughter Kori.

Thomas loved his Irish background that his grandmother would tell him stories of my father who was from Ireland. I too like Kori lost my father, he died when I was 3 months old, he was sick.

Thomas with his dog Tyson.

"When we were kids, Thomas was the cutest, shortest thing. We did alot of things together when we were young and always kept in touch as we got older. He would show up in Long Beach out of nowhere, to see me! I love him and miss him dearly. One of my fondest memories was when Thomas drove me to Florida. He stayed for a while. We went to Key West to the farthest end. We sat on a pier and watched the sun go down into the water and he said that was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I'm surprised he sat that long to watch. Thomas' cousin Theresa

Thomas' brother Roger made this cross as a roadside memorial to Thomas.

My dear friend, Pammi, made the tag above for Thomas' page and she also wanted to include
the poem and tags below here as well ~

From My Heart To Yours ~ Final Race

Cry your tears of sorrow,
Then lay your tears aside;
Don't weep for me forever,
Nor in your sorrow hide.

For I am more alive today,
Than I ever was before;
I am just one heartbeat from you,
On the other side of the door.

I've stepped beyond these earthly bonds,
To a new life full and free;
Because of Christ I've run the race,
And now have victory.

So don't stand there and weep for me,
My battle now is won;
Pick up your helmet, sword and shield,
You have a race to run.
Allison Chambers Coxsey, copyright 1996

Dear Thomas

Your Mom was so proud of you, the way you looked after Roger, your baby brother, the way you became
the man of the house, good for you. You really did love your music didn't you, your Irish background,
but most of all your daughter Kori, she will be so proud of you when she grows up,
and what a little sweetheart.


To Thomas's Family

Your ANGEL has not left you, he is just away for a while,
He is still the man of the house, looks after his brother.
But most of all still watches over Kori.

He is with you always
Just over the crest
We have to believe
When GOD does HIS work
HE only takes the best



In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

I feel led once again by the Holy Spirit to send a gift to Bernie for Thomas. When Thomas needed Jesus, He was there to hold his hand and lead him up the stairway to heaven to live with him forever in eternity. When we need Jesus, He is there to hold our hands and lead us on our journey in life. God Bless You.
From one bereaved mother to another.
Angel Hugs,

A small gift for Thomas Farris' family. God bless you for your generous spirit.
Karen Lyn Jenkins ~ Mother of an Angel with Pink Wings

Geoffrey P. Edwards

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song, I'll Be Missing You, for this page!


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"I am so honored to give you my "Award for Eternal Love"
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Ann, Laurasmom

"I am pleased to give you my "Gentle Soul" award.
Thomas was such a loving dad and wonderful son.
In his brief life he gave all the love he had to his family,
his sweet baby and his friends.
He will always be loved and remembered."
Ann, Laurasmom

For Thomas
Your Precious Son
May The Lord Bless and Keep You
Ann, Laurasmom

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