In Loving Memory of
Stewart Ian Reed
March 20, 1989 - January 17, 2009

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Man who fell to his death from balcony remembered as 'generous, kind' man.

Thin tracks from the wheels on a stretcher were the only sign of the tragedy that unfolded at a Talwood Drive apartment building. Building manager Ron Bourne says the weekend's snow has covered up all the footprints of emergency workers.

Stewart Ian Reed was visiting some friends on the eighth floor of the building. Mr. Bourne believes the 19-year-old sat on the railing of the balcony to have a smoke when he fell around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning.

"He was one of the most generous and kind people," says Brenda Pietrzyk, Mr. Reed's aunt. "He always lit up the room when he walked in."

She remembers her nephew being very helpful to his family. "I never saw Stewart without a smile," she adds.

He leaves behind not only his parents, Sheri and Allen, but also four younger siblings, Kristopher, Jackallynn, Ryanne, and Gailynn, ranging from four to 18 years of age. In their family, Mrs. Pietrzyk says she is amazed at how the older children take care of the younger ones.

He loved swimming and fishing, as well as animals. On the farm where he lived, there are about six dogs, 10 cats, and even two birds. She says he worked full-time as an apprentice painter with his dad.

Besides his family, he also will be missed by his girlfriend, Amanda English. "They were very much in love," says Mrs. Pietrzyk.

Mr. Bourne says if the accident had happened a couple apartments over, Mr. Reed could have landed in a tree. He says he found out about the incident when the police knocked on his door around 3 a.m., with officers staying at the scene for most of the day to investigate. "It disturbs a lot of people," he says of the tenants. The police are not suspecting foul play in the fall.

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Stewart Ian Reed

Sheri Reed always thought he would take care of her when she got old. However, a tragic accident early Saturday morning took the life of her oldest son Stewart Ian Reed. He was 19.

Mr. Reed was a loving son who "always helped," his mother said yesterday. "He was good kid, he really was a good kid. His family meant the world to him and so did his girlfriend. He had more friends than I ever imagined. His Facebook has hundreds and hundreds of log ins, leaving condolences, it's so overwhelming." Family said it was an unfortunate accident.

Mr. Reed stepped out on a balcony, on the eighth-floor of a residence on Talwood Drive, to have a cigarette and lost his balance while trying to sit on the balcony railing. Family members said he died instantly. City police said the accident happened at 2 a. m. Saturday; officers were still investigating as of last night.

"It's a tragic human error that caused his death. He knows better," Sheri said. "I would hope that any other person, young or old, would think twice of ever just thinking of being invincible. "Death has no prejudice."

Mr. Reed's aunt Brenda Pietrzyk described her nephew as a wonderful, carefree, loving and smiling young man. "Just the light of everybody's life." After some difficult teenage years, Pietrzyk said Mr. Reed was working full-time as a painter's apprentice and was optimistic about the future. "I loved my nephew so much," she said.

Mr. Reed grew up in Bethany; the family moved to Peterborough five years ago. He lived on the family farm that has horses, cats, dogs and birds. Mr. Reed was the oldest of five. His youngest sister is four. The family has had some issues lately.

"I didn't have to worry about him anymore and then tragedy strikes," Sheri said. Sheri said the family has been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community. "This city is incredible for the hospital, doctors, ambulance, police. It is almost overwhelming. I can't believe what a community we have," she said.
Mr. Reed is survived by his parents Allen and Sheri, younger siblings Kristopher, Jackallynn, Ryanne and Gailynn, and girlfriend Amanda English. A Facebook group "Remembering Stewart Ian Reed" has been set up where friends and family have been posting condolences.

Remembering Stewart Ian Reed


You know me, I'm always looking for a sign among our angels, and I have always felt very gifted that I see or feel or get signs from our angels. Well, today is a hard day for me because it has now been 2 months since my son left this earthly world, and also the longest I have ever gone without hearing his voice or seeing his precious face and smile. I had a horrible sleep last night tossed and turned all night waiting for the clock to strike midnight and know that it has been 2 of the longest months of my life.

I got up this morning and couldn't help but think last year in January, I lost my very best friend Ann, and I lost Stewart this year in January. And that it was going to be such a hard week because it would have been Stewart's 20th Birthday on the 20th of March, and it was also my friend Ann's Birthday on the March 20th. How can life be so nasty and cruel...

As I sat at the computer this morning, Ryanne our 10 year old was talking about the Birthday party we have planned with dear friends and family this coming Friday, March the 20th. And she asked if we can play games; I said no, its mostly a party for the adults and that games would not be something we are going to do. So then she said well can we release balloons for Stewart, and I said yes, that would be a great idea. We were just about to talk about colors of balloons when she piped up, and said, "Mom look Balloons!" I said, where? She said right there in our tree. I ran out the door, and sure enough way across our horse field up in our tree are 7 of the most Beautiful balloons you ever saw, way at the very top of the tree, now this tree has to be at least 200 feet tall. And not only that, here we are running outside to take photos all in our bare feet and pj's, and as we get closer we see that there are 7 balloons, 2 white and 5 blue. I can't help but think those balloons mean, me and Al for the white, and the 5 blue represent my 5 children including Stewart. As I type this to you, they are still dancing in the tree, bobbing about, and I can see them as clear as day. I know these balloons were sent as a sign, and besides, Gailynn our youngest said, "You know what mom! I think Stewart put those balloons in that tree. He brought them from Heaven so you wouldn't feel sad."

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