"What is Real?" asked the Rabbit. "Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?"
"Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "it's a thing that happens to you,
when a child loves you for a long, long time, not just plays with you,
but REALLY loves you, then you become REAL."
"Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit.
"Sometimes, but when you are REAL you don't mind being hurt," said the Skin Horse.
~ From The Velveteen Rabbit


These are two beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Dru from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

These two wonderful gifts for Angel Dru are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~
Rob Northrop's Site.

The images above are gifts for Baby Dru from my dear friend Pammi.

For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these:
"It might have been!"
~John Greenleaf Whittier , 1856

A butterfly lights beside us
Like a sunbeam
And for a brief moment
Its beauty and glory belong to our world
But then it flies on again;
And though we wish it could have stayed
We feel so lucky to have seen it.

This tag and the poem below are both gifts for Baby Dru from my dear friend Pammi.

Lord, Heal My Broken Heart

My heart sometimes feels as if torn in two
I�m left with the feeling of anguish down deep inside
My feelings are so real;
there is nothing I can do
I sit and ponder how long before this torment will subside

I�ve lost loved ones, so many through the years
Their absence grieves my soul beyond compare
I need you to help wipe away the tears
I always need to feel your presence there

I do not understand the dark days that have come upon me
For I know in my heart you do care
Open my eyes Lord and let me somehow see
That you will all my sorrows share

I have tried to help others along the way
Through unconditional love, I�ve done your will
Now I find myself so desperately lonely today
My heart yearns for those friendships still

Help me not to feel anger for those who turn me away
Put love in my heart to replace the stone
Please continue to show me your way
Fill the void so I no longer feel so alone

Lord, Help me heal this broken heart
Lord let me try again and again
Let the bitterness no longer be a part
Take away this heartfelt pain

I turn the pieces of my heart over to you
For you know the beginning to the end
I remain your faithful servant in everything I do
I try so hard not to fail my dear friend!

For when all is said and done and I lay my soul to rest
I will never think again of these heartaches
You will take me home and I shall be blessed
Never more to remember the heartbreaks

So help me heal this broken heart
Let me learn to love again and again
Let me go back again right from the start
Knowing you will always be there to share my pain
~Author~Nancy Stephens,�Copyright 2001, used with permission


"You're a Special Little Spirit,"
the all great Master said,
As he gently caressed
the curly blond hair of the Little Spirit's head
"You need to go to Earth
to spend some time, you know,
A place I send most Spirits
to be tested, to learn, and grow."
The Little Spirit, in sadness,
slowly bowed her head,
And from her eye a tear did steal
and down her cheek it shed.
"Don't you fret now little one,
I won't let you stay too long,
I'll bring you back to help me here,
You'll hardly know that you've been gone.
You're my choicest Little Spirit,
you're the apple of my eye."
And he wiped the tear and gently kissed
His Little Spirit good-bye.
"I'm back," the Little Spirit whispered,
as she climbed onto her Master's knee,
And the Master said,
"I told you, you would not be long away from me."
And then, the Lord, He noticed
still another tear welled in her eye.
"Why are you so sad, Little Spirit,
whatever should make you cry?"
"I'm glad I'm back," the Little Spirit said,
"but Master you must surely know,
When Your Angel came to get me,
I did not want to go.
I know You said You needed me,
and that I'd be gone the shortest while,
But Lord, couldn't I have had
a little longer earthly trial?"
The Master let the Little Spirit
slip down from off His knee,
He firmly took the little hand and said,
"Come walk with Me."
The Little Spirit and the Lord
slowly walked hand in hand,
As the Master explained her special part
in the great and marvelous plan.
"Now, Lord, I don't mean to argue,
I understand that you needed me home.
But I left in such a hurry,
I left everyone hurting and so alone.
I didn't let my earthly parents know
how much I loved them so.
I was too small to tell them Lord,
how will they ever know?
They feel they've been cheated,
and in a way, so do I.
Not getting to share any more than we did,
how can I ever tell them why?"
"Little Spirit, I know your heart is heavy
with this message you need to share.
But you need not worry anymore,
I'll watch over your loved ones there.
I'll send them loving comfort
as a strong and helping hand.
I'll contend and give peace to their aching hearts,
so they will understand."
The Little Spirit looked up at her Master
and said "Thank You for explaining it to me.
And could you please tell them
that I'm safe and happy, and that someday
They'll be here with me?"
"Yes," said the Lord with a smile and a nod,
I'll tell them all that I can.
Then the others came to see the Little Spirit,
as the Lord let go of her hand.
He said, "I'll tell them that you're pure,
as pure as Heaven's Gold,
That I needed the warmth of your perfect soul
to keep Heaven from getting cold"

Angel In My Pocket
By Virginia Ellis �1999

I am a tiny angel
I'm smaller than your thumb:
I live in people pockets
That's where I have my fun.

I don't suppose you've seen me,
I'm too tiny to detect:
Though I'm with you all the time,
I doubt we've ever met.

Before I was an Angel...
I was a fairy in a flower:
God, Himself, hand-picked me,
And gave me Angel power.

Now God has many Angels
That He trains in Angel pools:
We become His eyes, and ears, and hands
We become His special tools.

And because God is so busy,
With way too much to do;
He said that my assignment
Is to keep close watch on you.

When He tucked me in your Pocket
He blessed you with Angel care;
Then told me to never leave you,
And I vowed always to be there.

Child of Heaven
Written by R.K. Cecil

Child of heaven come to earth,
You just could not stay.
This world could not hold you
And so soon you went away.

Like a rare and precious rose,
Your lovely soul can't die.
Budded here upon the earth,
Now it will bloom on high.

You are a child of heaven
And will forever be
In the arms of Jesus
For all eternity.

There is a special Angel in Heaven
that was a part of me.
It is not where I wanted him
but where God wanted him to be.
He was here but just a moment
like a night time shooting star.
And though he is in Heaven
He isn't very far.
He touched the hearts of many
like only an Angel can do.
I would've held him every minute
if the end I ever knew.
So I send this special message
to the Heavens up above.
Please take care of my Angel
and send him all My Love...
- Author Unknown -

Dear Sheri
My Heart truly goes out to you..
For a Precious Sweetheart..

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

My Angel Son Michael

A small gift for Baby Angel Dru Reed.

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