In Loving Memory of
Shelly Sue Pierce
February 25, 1967 - June 14, 1986

Our Darling Angel,
We love and miss you. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you and remember all the joy you brought into our lives while you were with us, and now, each day your memory brings that same joy to our hearts.
Love, Mom and Dad.


The Most Adorable Baby... ever!


Shelly Sue Pierce was born on Feb.25, l967. She was the sweetest and prettiest little baby that I have ever seen. I spent hours just looking at her and counting her fingers and toes. When I left the hospital and brought Shelly home, it was easy to see she was the apple of her Daddy's eye. Since I was a only child and had never been around babies before I had to learn from Mom I had to learn how to boil bottles and mix formula, which was made with Karo syrup back then. I had to learn alot and even though it was hard, I was determined to be a good Mother. Shelly was a good baby, she seldom cried, she was so very sweet.


When Shelly was 8 months old, she didn't like Halloween, it was her first, so me and Tony decided
it was time to take the bottle away from her, so we told her the spooks got it,
and she never asked for it again.

From Adorable to Downright Precious!!!!


All too soon it was time for me to go back to work Mom kept Shelly till she was 5 years old. She got to see her walk for the first time at 9 months, Shelly never did crawl, Mom potty trained her. Everyday Dad would take her to the park to play. He was so proud of his granddaughter. When I would come home to pick her up she would ask where is Daddy... I think she was a Daddy's girl.

When Shelly started to school, she was very smart, I don't know where she got that at! But I would ask her to get her homework and she would get so mad at me, so she told her Dad and he said to leave her alone and see if she gets good grades at the end of the six weeks, so I did and she got all A's. So that made me feel like a fool. But I was happy for her, and never did bother her again.

But she had her moments, she was a TomBoy all around. She would climb fences and run across the street and see the Peacocks that the neighbor had. That's when she would get into trouble. But as time went on Shelly grew to be a beautiful young lady, she had the prettiest blonde hair and blue eyes. When she was 5 years old, Tony told me to quit work and be at home when she got home from school. Shelly was very smart in school, did not get it from me! =) But she loved school. She started swimming when she was 5 years old, by the time she was going into the 9th grade, she was swimming and diving in competitions Her school did not have a swimming pool. I transferred her over to Glencliff where she could keep competing, she won a lot of ribbons When she went into the 10th grade like most girls
she went boy crazy and I hated to see that,
she gave up swimming, except at the Swimming Pool we belong too.

Time flies by fast and when Shelly wanted a big bicycle to ride and take the training wheels off,
well guess what her Dad did, and Tony taught her to ride it. But she wanted me to ride it first,
well I will never forget this, I was trying my best to impress her and I fell off the bicycle
into the biggest bush up the street and I was stuck in the bush,
well guess who laughed - Tony and Shelly.

An Amazing and Beautiful Young Lady...

To My Precious Shelly:
Forever is too far to see,
from where I am today,
but I know you are on a higher plane
than any of us can see.
You have found a perfect home with God,
where there is no sorrow
and no one is left alone.
Do you know how much we miss you and love you.
I know you went ahead of us,
and that was not suppose to happen,
but God said he needed you and had better plans for you.
So Sweetheart I know we will have to wait till our Journey ends,
but I also know that you will be at the beautiful gates to welcome us in.
Until that day I just want you to know
how much you are loved and missed.

Your Mother and Daddy Forever looking up at you!

I love you!! MOM

Once in every life time we are truly blessed.
For a brief moment in time we were blessed with a daughter.
Shelly the light of my life my sweet baby girl
I watched in awe as you grew to be a young woman
So full of Hopes and dreams
Now you're my Angel sent from above


Time flies and Shelly went to the prom her Junior year and her Senior year but she was really a tomboy.
I remember she said well it was alright, but I want this dress off!!

Shelly graduated from High School in l985. We were so proud of her. She had a good job
and was making good money at Royal Insurance She wanted a new car, so she got it all by herself.
She was a very strong willed person.

These are six special gifts for Angel Shelly from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

Here is my gift for Shelly's anniversary. I do hope you like it…
Love, Susie

Sending a little gift for Shelly’s 31st anniversary.
Just wanted you To know I am thinking of you and Shelly….Hope your day passes Peacefully.
Hugs, Susie

Sending a gift for Shelly's Anniversary.... such a beautiful girl....
love and light, Susie.

Here is a Christmas gift for Shelly's web page.
love and light, Susie, Mom to Angel Jason.

Geoffrey P. Edwards

Special Poem.....

Heavenly Angel up above
As you fly down on wings of love

A gentle breeze it stirs below
In our hearts – it’s you – we know

You bring us kisses with the morning dew
To say ‘hello’ and ‘I Love You’

Remaining with us all day long
You whisper to us the sweetest song

Thru the evening – as the sun sinks low
You are reflected in the candles’ glow

Now the moon and stars are shining bright
Still your wings do not take flight

You wait until we fall asleep
Then quietly you return to Heavens keep

For tomorrow morning – before the sun can rise
You will once again soar down from the skies

In Memory of Shelly this eternal yellow rose
is given as a sign of the happiness and sunshine
Shelly brought into all our lives

The above 2 images are beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Shelly's family from my dear friend, Saralyn
Mom to Angel Robbie.

Here is something I made for Shelly's angelversary.
Love, Donna-Corey's Mom

In Loving Memory of Corey & Michelle James

Please light a candle for Shelly by clicking here ~
Shelly Sue Candle Shrine

Sleep sweet angel, for all is quiet now,
Let my kiss rest upon your innocent brow,
Your sweet smile lives in the warm summer sun.
Thoughts of you are comfort, when the day is done,
The magic of your goodness dances in the autumn leaves.
Your melody sings in the wind that, echoes through the trees.
sleep my precious angel, forever you will shine
the pure light of Love within this heart of mine.
By Bee Ewing.

My Family...


It was on June 14th, 1986, that it came to an end... she had a boyfriend named Ricky, and of course I didn't care for him, but that is a mother. He had a old car with no seat belts in it. Shelly and Ricky were going to her company picnic, as she was still with Royal Insurance then. On the way home, for some reason, Ricky decided he wanted to drag race with Shelly in the car. Oh God why didn't he wait? Why with my baby in the car? Ricky lost control of the car, it flipped over 3 times throwing them both out, the car landed on my precious Daughter. He only got one scratch,
but it killed my beautiful 19 year old daughter.

They said she was gone right then, and Ricky didn't get but that one scratch. When hospital called they said come to Vanderbilt, that there had been a accident. My husband asked how bad, all they said was just get here. He knew it was bad and forgetting about me, he ran out the door and went to the hospital. There was no way I could go by myself. When I told Mom, we got her neighbor to take us. Tony was crying so hard when I got there, He was fighting with the doctors, they would not let him see Shelly. They told us she was gone, and they just walked away. Mom fainted, and a nurse came to help her. I don't remember much of anything, but hollering, somebody give me my baby. The next thing I knew we were back home, how I do not know. Mom's blood pressure was up a lot and they had to give her something. Dad was crying and saying he wanted to go see Shelly. This was the most awful thing
anyone can ever imagine. Hell could not be this bad.

We had to go to the funeral home, Shelly's Godmother Sue wanted to see her. To this day she will not talk to me about it. She did tell me half of her head was gone. I think about that all the time. Her Godmother still has nighmares about it. I don't remember anything about the funeral, just crying and screaming and young people everywhere. I was just in another world.

We buried Shelly on Daddy's Birthday. It was awful. I just want everyone to know that losing Shelly was the end of my life, how you go on must be the strength that God gives us. I go through the motions of each day, not a day goes by that I don't think of my precious Shelly. Sometimes her Dad and I just sit here and cry. There is not too much laughter in this house anymore. I was looking forward to
being a grandmother, now that will never be. But life goes on whether you want it to or not.

The boy that killed my daughter......... they did not do anything to him, took his license away for a year. Three weeks later, he was out drag racing again. He has never come around, we have never heard from him. Am I angry? Yes I am, he did not care that he took a person's life, that person was my beautiful Shelly, my little girl. He just goes on with his life. I just do not understand
and guess I will never understand.

But thanks to all of my wonderful internet friends like my Sis (Monika) I have made it. When I am feeling blue, I just write to them or call them and they are there to help me. I hope and pray that this will never happen to you, the worst thing in the world to go through is losing your only child. Now I am here alone on this earth, but I have a very sweet husband that I love very much. I have lost Mom and Dad now. Since I am an only child I have no family here. This makes me sad, I do not know what my purpose is here on earth. I pray to God every night to show me. But I have not had a sign yet.

Do you ever wonder why things like this happen? I will be truthful, and tell you that you never get over it - a piece of your heart is gone. But we will cherish every moment we had with Shelly, and I believe that we will all be together someday. Right now I believe that all of our Angels are in heaven together. And I hope when we get to heaven that we will all know each other. I know that we all have
a lot of questions to ask, I sure do!

But until then I will just put one foot in front of the other and live day by day.
Shelly, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you,
and we love you with all of our hearts. Till we meet again in heaven!

Love You, Mom and Dad.


A note from mom.....

To My Precious Shelly:
Forever is too far to see, from where I am today, but I know you are on a higher plane than any of us can see. But you have found a perfect home, where their is no sorrow and no one is left alone. But do you know how much we miss you and love you. I know you went ahead of us, and that wasn't suppose to be, but God said he needed you, and had better plans for you. So Sweetheart I know we will have to wait till our Journey ends, but I also know that you will be at the beautiful gates to welcome us in. Until that day I just want you to know how much you are loved and missed. Your Mother and Daddy Forever looking up at you! Thanks so much for the beautiful plant with the pretty flowers you gave me,
I will always treasure it as I have these past 30 years since you parted!

I love you!! Mom


Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song, In the Arms of the Angel, for this page!


Tina Marie's Memorial Website

This beautiful Christmas gift for Angel Shelly is from my dear friend, Linda, mom to Angel Tina.

Dear Cynthia,
I am thinking of you and your Shelly on her 50th Heavenly Birthday... I hope you like this little gift....
Love you

My Tina's Site

I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter Shelly, my thoughts and prayers go out to you...
there are so many of us on this awful path and I hope it helps you to know
that your precious Shelly is being remembered always.
Here is a gift for Shelly's Anniversary.
Love, Christine

Remembering Deborah

Here is a small gift for Shelly...
Love you, Elena

In Loving Memory of Dennis Yarbrough


A friend can hear a tear drop.

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