Rob's Bone marrow TP was with his sister Christine, a Perfect Match 6/6.

BMT was in March 1997 ~
3 months later

Rob relapsed in July 1997.
Rob spent most of his time in the hospital after his relapse in July 1997.
But I still thought... Rob would be one of the people who would make it.
Rob had a very strong will.

Oh how I miss Rob and feel so sad that this happened to him.
Aug. 1997
This is where Rob was helping
Doug Herny
dig the race track, and it is after Rob's relapse
~ Ashley ~
Rob's Baby

Ashley ~ got hit by a car
Feb. 1997
2/3 weeks before Rob's BMTP

How Rob cried.
Rob took Ashley's picture and put it on a table next to him as he got his Bone Marrow TP

Ashley ~ Oct. 1992 ~ Feb. 1997
Penny Lane ~ Feb. 17, 1997- July 7, 2001

I hope that both of Rob's dogs are with him in peace.....
Rob & Ashley x-mas 1992
Rob & Penny Sept. 1997
Penny died of Kidney Diseases
Thank You Angel Victor's Sister
I light this candle for you, and it burns with all the love in my heart, I miss you so much it hurts...Love Mom
Rob, went snow skiing with all of these PENICILLIN
Medications going into him ~ Rob had some kind of virus.. But he was fine in a few days.
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This picture was taken about 2 weeks before Rob passed on ~ This picture was in the CT newspaper after Rob died. They did not know that Rob had passed on ~
Jan. 1,1996 in New York City
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Love Mom
Rob painted the angels on this tree ♥
Rob & Tricia
Rob made the candy canes
This Gold Ribbon was on the Washington D.C. Xmas Tree Years ago.