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Trisa & Rob

Fat Freddie
RadRob & Jen
Mike R.I.P.
Rob and Wayno
Thanks to ALL of Rob's Friends for fixing Rob's house on their own time for FREE..........Jeff, Jim, Big Mike, Nick, Tony, John, Mike, Dave, I hope I am not leaving any one out
Pony Boy.
Thank You Jeff
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Gary, Rob's Boss

Cameron, Rob & Christine
Rob & Grampa

Rob & Brother Bobby
I survive by the memories I have of you Rob.

With each day they get me through

Sometimes I feel I cannot go on no more

Yet I do, being carried by the memories of you

I survive the pain and sorrow I face

When I feel trapped and caged

Unsure of ever feeling some kind of normal

Yet I am set free as I picture your face, your beautiful smile, and your strength, What strength you had Rob!

I survive because of my love for you

Each step, each breath is a challenge

A race where I see no finish

Yet I know it will end the day I come to you
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Brother Bobby on new Bike 2011
Grandma & Grandpa
Rob's 26th Birthday Party at Saint Vincent's
Rob's house, just came home after a few weeks in
Saint Vincent's, when Rob first found out he had Leukemia!
Rob always had a big smile on his face and Rob was in so much pain here at the party!
~ Brittney ~ Devan ~ Cameron ~
Rob and I wanted tattoos just before he got diagnosed with cancer, we both liked this motorcycle chain but didn't want matching tattoos, then he found out about cancer and they said he couldn't get any ink done on him, so i only thought it was right after he passed to get that tattoo and put his name on it! I'm not done with it yet, will be better when done! Funny thing is I got it done out in Phoenix, Az at a random shop where the guy that did it was from Stratford, Ct. .......R.I.P. Rad Rob
Judi & Jeff
Rob gave me this on my Birthday, it was my last birthday we spent together in the hospital. I do not take it off
Amy & Wayne
Mom & Poppy