In Loving Memory of
Robert Jacob "Robbie" Price McClure
February 23, 1989 - February 1, 2014

Thanks for all your love and support, Robbie now has had justice along with other families that won't be murdered by his hands. As soon as my strength is stronger I will be working with a reporter to tell Robbie's side in this.

The defendant, Christopher Levi Parker stole a gun on January 31,2014 and started planning to murder Robbie, he put rumors out that Robbie was talking about him, calling him names like officer Parker (meaning snitch) and a J (meaning Junkie) he also told others that Robbie was talking about them as well. 3 young men walked up to Robbie's house around 5pm on February 1, 2014 with intention of taking everything he had, he didn't have anything. Parker stood up and asked Robbie why do you have my name in your mouth. Robbie said he didn't know what Parker was talking about. Parker pulled the gun which has 3 safety mechanisms put it to Robbie's head and said I will shoot you in your face, he then pulled the trigger. Ending my son's life, in court both eyewitness refused to testify, I knew that they were terrified and told the district attorney, who went back to his investigator who found the conversation from the free phone pass Parker asked for saying he wanted to talk to his family on Monday October 24th before trial. Which was also a day of a pretrial hearing. In the conversation between Parker and his mother, Parker tells his mother that he had got word to gang members in the facility that our eyewitness where that if they testified against him they would be snitching which is a no no in court, so when they where called to testify they both refused to talk. One of the eyewitness came back the next day still scared to testify for the defense, so he did try to help the defense, but answered the most important questions that yes Parker had shot Robbie in the head. What the jury didn't hear is that the witness who already testified about Parker stealing the gun is that Parker's mother made threats to tie up the girl before court, so she wouldn't be able to testify.

We were warned each time about photos, hard things to hear or see including the verdict that we couldn't have any outbursts in court, or we would be removed from the courtroom, it's very hard to sit there and see crime scene photos of my son with a bullet hole in his head and laying in a pool of blood. But I did contain my emotions to just tears. When the verdict was read Parker's mother was removed from the courtroom, after regaining her composure she returned to hear sentencing.

After sentencing they went to take Parker back into custody and he asked the judge if he could hug his mother since it had been almost 3 years since, the judge denied, as they were taking Parker from the courtroom he kept repeating I love you momma, she kept repeating, I love you son. As soon as the judge said court is adjourned I broke down knowing that I can't hug my son, knowing I can't hear I love you momma.

Please continue prayers, thanks, Lorrie Price- McClure, Robbie's Mom

These four special gifts for Angel Robbie are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

Below you can see Robbie's birthday balloon, held by his mom, front and back. Sent to Robbie in Heaven by his loving family
on what would have been his 25th birthday, February 23, 2014.


This is one of his Mom's favorite pictures of Robbie.

This is something like the bridge I saw in a vision I had. A visit to see and walk with Robbie holding hands as we walked across the bridge. It was a shimmering wooden bridge and had shimmering water all around it. You could see the fish swimming in it. Robbie told me to finish crossing the bridge and jumped in to swim with the fish. When I finished crossing the bridge, I could see houses; the only way I know to describe them is as glass prisms. You could see inside each house. When I got there I walked so far, I had no physical pain while I was there. Then I saw my daddy and fell into his arm's. I said "Daddy, I don't think I can do this." He held me and said "Yes you can. You may not understand until you get here, but I know you can do this. Above all keep loving people the way you do, they need your love there. Your love is strong and pure. It's time for you to go home now." And just like that, I was back, and for the first time since all this happened, I knew I was blessed beyond measure to have been my son's mother.


My son's full name is Robert Jacob Price McClure... we called him Robbie...
His dates are 02-23-1989 ~ 02-01-2014

Robbie had a special connection with me, called me his "rock" and his "whole world."
He always felt like he really didn't have anyone but me, but Robbie was loved by so many.

Robbie and I, he was 2 months old here.

Michael (dad) Lorrie (momma) and Robbie.

Robbie again with Mom and Dad. Love the way Robbie was looking at me instead of photographer...
love him so much.

Robbie and his Dad.

Goodnight Robbie, someone decided to take you from me,... from us, all that love you so very much, we miss you every second, we miss your sweet stories, we miss your hugs, we miss your "I love you's," we miss you...your brother and sister both wanted their hair colored today to the same color of hair you have, you always loved their hair because it was lighter, and here they are wanting your hair color. They both wear crosses because you loved crosses. they love hearing memories and sharing memories about you. they miss you so much. Your sister is still having nightmares. Your brother and i took some blue flowers to your grave today...Saturday's are so hard for me. I love you so much my Angel....forever and a day.

When Robbie was 4, I became pregnant with his sister, who I lost during my 11th week of pregnancy.
We only had one name picked out for her.. Sarah...


Robbie in Kindergarten.

When Robbie was 6, I had his baby brother Michael "Adam" McClure, born July 14, 1995. His Dad, Michael Lynn McClure, officially adopted Robbie.
Robbie was thrilled having his new little brother.

July 15th, the day I brought his baby brother home from hospital. Robbie was so excited...and he missed his momma

This was Robbie's favorite show when he was a small child.

Robbie also liked the Power Rangers. His favorite was the White Ranger, but he kind of had a crush on the Pink Ranger.


Robbie, his favorite, the White Power Ranger!

Robbie loved fishing, and spending time with his friends and family.

At Carter's Lake, Georgia. Robbie McClure, his uncles Brian Graham, David Graham, Chris Graham, and his pawpaw Phil Graham.

This is a more recent picture of Robbie and Adam.


Robbie's favorite holidays were mostly the 4th of July...he loved bottle rockets and firecrackers...

Then Robbie also loved Thanksgiving and Christmas because he loved the big meals I cooked and he got to be with his family...
he always tried to get us something every year for Christmas.

Robbie, looking through pictures tonight, I found our Christmas pictures from 2012...seeing where you opened the box of the fish and fish story that Kayla made you, seeing all the special gifts you got us that year. And then I remembered even though I don't have any pictures of you on our last Christmas together, I can vividly remember you opening your presents. Your stocking with my every year presents, and the 4 quarters your sister wrapped up just because she wanted to give you something. The new hoodie that I wore every cold day since you where taken. But most of all, I remember you being so excited for Christmas Dinner and waiting for that piece of pumpkin pie. I'm so glad I was healthy enough to cook for you then....
I miss you so much my sweet little boy.
love, Momma

Robbie was always very loving towards me until we reached teens. At 14 he started hanging around the wrong crowd and had a lot of anger, mostly because he was being physically abused (which he didn't tell me until he was adult) by his dad. Robbie pushed me away and wouldn't show me any love or affection. He ran away from home at one point and told police about some of the abuse. So I sent him to live with my parents for about 6 months. I then became pregnant with his sister. We moved to a new house, and Robbie came back home. At first he was angry with me for becoming pregnant.

His sister Kayla Michelle McClure was born on June 26, 2003. The family came to the hospital to see her the day she was born. I had complications and had to be rushed in for emergency surgery. I watched Adam hold Kayla, and then they wanted to take me in for surgery. I said No, not until I see Robbie hold her. He did, then they took me in for surgery. I had huge blood clots behind the cervix. 2 days later I took Kayla home. Robbie asked if he could hold her, I said yes. He took her and held her close to him, looked at me and said "Momma, I love her enough I would die for her." At this point of course I cried, but we reconnected, and I never thought our love could be that strong.

Robbie and his sister Kayla.

Below is a story Robbie's sister Kayla wrote for him. She gave him the story and the fish in the pic (above) for Christmas 2012.

Fishing with Robbie
My name is Kayla McClure, I live in Georgia with my mom, dad, brother and dog. I have a brother up in Soddy-Daisy. I like the outdoors....

Fishing with Robbie McClure
One early morning in June, I got up and got my fishing shirt and pants on and then my brother and I got in the car and went to the lake. Are you ready for fishing? My brother said. "We are here," I said. We got to the lake. All of the sudden we did not have any fishing poles or string. When we got to the car we couldn't find them. "Why does it always happen to me?" I said. We got to the boat and saw that we still did not have any poles. We used some mother nature, sticks and rope to make the fishing poles and string. "I caught a fish, Robbie!" I said. "What is it?" my brother said. I thank it's a rainbow fish, I said. I don't know but I think it is beautiful. It is orange, yellow, blue and green. I love those colors, but not the orange. When we got home from super lake we found my fishing pole. My fish was huge. I never seen any thing like it. It kinda looked like a 20 lb. catfish.
It went all the way down under the lake...the end.......Kayla
(a story by Kayla McClure)

Robbie and Kayla again.

Here is Robbie with his baby, his pitbull named Scrappy...that dog meant the world to him.

Scrappy, missing his Daddy.

This is a pic of Scrappy, he was found laying next to Robbie's body when the police came. He never barked or growled at the police, he just laid there until someone came to help his Daddy.

Robbie also was my little helper, he helped me clean house and vacuum. For Christmas one year he asked for a hermit crab and was so happy to see it under the tree. It was the first thing he went to that morning. He really loved animals,
at age 8 he had his first goldfish.


This is Robbie and his Ferret, "Troubles."


Robbie, taking a break while out working with his dad...

At age 17 Robbie moved in with his girlfriend Megan McWilliams, they were together for 7 years.

These two photos above are of Robbie and his girlfriend of 7 years, Megan.

This is a pic of Robbie and Megan on Christmas they spent together.


Robbie's best friend at school, Ringgold Middle and High School, was Shaun Humphries. His photo is on the left above. When Robbie was 15, we moved to Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, where he attended Soddy-Daisy High School. His best friend there was Casey Burgiss. His photo is on the right above.

These 2 boys were not just Robbie's friends but felt like family to me. Casey also worked with us for a little bit.
Shaun Humphries died on Saturday, March 8, 2008, from suicide, which crushed Robbie.

Casey Burgiss passed away July 21, 2012. He was murdered. He had been missing since July and was found 3 months later in a wooded area around a cave, shot in the head. Casey's murder and Robbie's murder had so many of the same things surrounding each other, but they were completely different circumstances. Casey was robbed for $240.00, and there were 3 people there. Casey was shot in the head. Casey was only 24 years old.

This is a picture of Robbie and Casey that someone made for me.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with opll, which means the main ligaments in my spine were turning to bone. I was told I was going to be paralyzed in all 4 limbs. It's been one health crisis after another, and Robbie was always worried about me. He took care of me and cooked and cleaned for me. He moved in with me the day after Thanksgiving in 2013. He would go back to his home for a few days to a week to spend time with his dog. The rules on pitbulls where we live kept me from bringing his dog here,
that is one thing I have a hard time with.
Knowing he would not have been there the day he died if the dog was here.
He was only there because of the dog.

This is the last picture taken of Robbie, on 12-01-2013.

With Robbie's's still in the courts, but witness testimony says it was over the shooter thinking Robbie called him a name...a junkie... The shooter was strung out on meth...There were 3 people there, and Robbie was shot in the head...
Robbie was 24 years old, the same age as Casey was when he was murdered.

Robbie's favorite music was rap, and this song is one he loved and shared with me, and I loved it as well. We played it at his funeral.

I Pray performed by The Instigators, featuring CQ

[:: CHORUS ::]
God please forgive us for the things we've done
Don't let us quit now when we've almost won
Lord please guide us and don't let us stray
Lord I pray and I pray and I pray
Everything will be OK

Verse 1:
I've been praying so hard tears form in my eyes
I wish I could take away your pain I promise I've try
You've been mistreated, but this love won't leave
If I could trade places with your mom I'd give me
I could never be rich unless you're rich
I could never be with unless you're with
You get on my nerves, sometimes we fight
If it's your life or mine, you can bet I'd die
Two different pasts with two different struggles
You don't hear this enough, but dude I love you
Let them people think whatever they want to think
Come live this life We were never given breaks
We was never given a chance, dear Lord please

I was angry too, just give my brother peace
None of us are perfect so spare your blood
You can punish me just give my brother your love (I PRAY)

Verse 2:
I been praying so hard I've got blood on my knees
Judge yourself worth on what your worth to me
You've taken on more than I could ever take
And you've stayed true through it all when other's turn fake
Yes, God forgives for all that you've done
If you die tomorrow I'll take care of your son
I'll take care of your mom, I'll take care of your dad
I'll watch over your brothers through the good and the bad
None of us are perfect, but follow God's plan
You're not alone brother ‘cause here I stand
I dream of the day and every night I pray
To finally one day take away your pain
You deserve better so dear Lord please
Soften both our hearts and give our minds relief
None of us are perfect, so spare your blood
Place your weight on my shoulders Just give my brothers love (I PRAY)

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song for this page!


Tina Marie's Memorial Website


I know with all that has happened some people don't know what to say around me about Robbie, but I want everyone to know it's ok to talk about what happened to him around me...
it's like the more people that know, the more people remember him. He was not just a victim, he was my son,
and he loved me very much, and I miss him terribly...

Then two poems above were written by Robbie's mom, Lorrie, in the tragic days after he was killed.

Robbie's mom got this tattoo in loving memory of her son.

The cross that Robbie's mom wears in his memory, was his cross...he had just had it made for himself. He was so proud of this cross.

Rest in peace, my Angel Robbie.

The mention of my child's name
may bring tears to my eyes,
But it never fails to bring music to my ears.
If you are really my friend,
let me hear the music of his name!
It soothes my broken heart and sings to my soul!
~ Author Unknown ~

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A friend can hear a tear drop.

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