In Loving Memory of
Rebecca Walus
21st April 1978 - 27th April 2003

Dear Daughter

We thought it might get easier
But it never does,
The burning pain of losing you
Is always here with us.

Every day you're still with us
In one way or another,
Losing a child is the worst thing in life
For a dad and Mother.

That's why we both still find
The only thing we want to do,
Is have this little moment
Just your mum and dad and you
by Alan Guest and Rob Brown

This special gift for Angel Rebecca's birthday is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

These are two beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Rebecca from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

Baby Rebecca.


You are my forever blooming rose,
deep within my heart and my soul.
You are the sun ray that beats down on me, and brings me your warmth.
You are the stars that twinkle above,
so that I will no longer be in darkness.
You are my eternal love, my forever blooming rose.

You are the rivers that shares your water, when I thirst for you.
You are my courage, when I feel all alone.
You are the trees that shades me and protects me.
You are my eternal love my forever blooming rose.

You are the dove that brings me peace.
You are the one who brings me hope.
You are the flower that blooms deep within me.
For you are my eternal love, my forever blooming rose.
~ Author Unknown

We Do Not Need A Special Day

We do not need a special day
To bring you to our minds
The days we do not think of you
Are very hard to find

Each morning when we awake
We know that you are gone
And no one knows the heartache
As we try to carry on

Our hearts still ache with sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No one will ever know

Our thoughts are always with you
Your place no one can fill
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still

There will always be a heartache
And often a silent tear
But always a precious memory
Of the days when you were here

If tears could build a staircase
And heartaches make a lane
We'd walk the path to Heaven
And bring you home again

We hold you close, within our hearts
And there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again

Our family chain is broken now
And nothing seems the same
But as God calls us one by one
The chain will link again.
Written by Connie Dyer

Today is My Birthday

Today is my birthday
Celebrate my life with you
And remember the good times
Not the bad and do not be sad;
Look up towards the sun
And catch every ray of light upon your cheek
For I am there with you.

Today is my birthday
Be happy for me
I lived a short but full, happy life
I had the pleasure of love
And the joy of my family
Do not be sad
Look up towards the stars
And catch each twinkle in your heart.
For I am there with you.

Today is my birthday
My legacy is not wealth or mighty belongings,
My legacy is you and your life.
Spend it wisely and carefully
Guard it always
Do not be sad
Feel the wind on your face and in your hair
And know that I loved you
For I am there with you, in your laughter
And in your hearts.

Today is my birthday
Learn to live again without me
Take my strength with you
For you are not alone.
Do not be sad
Feel all life's treasures and
Know that you are alive!
At each step of the way
I will help you
For I am with you always
Until we meet again.

Today is my birthday....

~ Author Unknown

Rebecca with her fiancee Jim.

In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing
when you look at the sky at night.
by Antoine de saint-Exupery ~The little prince~

Dear Nina
I would love to share this poem, one of many that my ANGEL Lee wrote.


Softness of the Skin
Sweetness in the Smell
Nectar of the Fruit
Tender in the Heart
Dancing in the Eyes
Uplifting in the Smile
Tickle of the Touch
Joining in the Love

Truth in the Speech
Love in the Laughter
Primal in the Scream
Soft in the Whisper
Quick in the Mind
Fair in the Sentence
Brave in the Confrontation
Joining in the Love

Graceful in the Sleep
Careful in the Search
Deep in the Sorrow
Strength in the Sickness
Giving of Thy Self
Rich in the Health
Kind in the Giving
Joining in the Love

Written By Lee Henry Aguilera~~~Sue-Anne's ANGEL


In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

In Memory of Rebecca
Sending Love and Prayers
For A Sweet Angel Gone Too Soon
Ann, Laurasmom

Thank you very much to my dear friend Rosemary for the very special birthday images for Rebecca.
And thank you also to Joyce and Sheri for creating many of the wonderful tags for Rebecca's pages.


A friend can hear a tear drop.

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