In Loving Memory of
Radomir "Rade" Ciric
May 15, 1964 - November 14, 1997

Iíll Forever Love You

Many years have passed since the day you were laid to rest
I remember the tears and the crushing of my chest
I tried to be strong, only my tears gave me away
The pain and sorrow I felt back then, are still with me today

I suffered many a sleepless night over the years
Many nights praying, that you were still here
I see how grief has changed me, more than time I say
The years have passed, yet my love for you lives from day to day

When will this grief ever let go and set me free
A question Iíve pondered since you were taken from me
Somewhere in time I will be called to be with you
Until that time, no matter my grief, Iíll forever love you

This beautiful gift for Angel Rade is from our dear friend, Paula.

Rade's full name is Radomir Ciric, in America they called him Roddy. Rade's birthday is May 15, 1964...
and he left us on November 14, 1997

Birthdays are a time for celebration
not a time for tears. But what happens when the birthdays no longer mark the years?
A birthday marks the moment a spirit enters earthly life,
to share its special love and joy
and learn from earthly strife.
Before a spirit comes to us
it knows when and how it must depart,
it chose its path carefully,
we are honored from the start.
The sadness we now feel on such a joyous day
is longing for our loved one's touch,
it's natural to feel this way.
For even though the birthdays no longer mark the spirit's stay,
love continues on forever to touch us everyday.
So hug your precious memories closer to your heart,
and honor your beloved spirit child who chose you from the start.

These two gifts for Angel Rade are from Milena.

This beautiful gift for Angel Rade is from my friend Janet.

Thinking of you Donna on your handsome son's heavenly birthday with Jesus. I pray this day is gentle and full of wonderful memories of birthdays past. I love you my friend, Linda
My Tina's Memorial Site

Your friend, Cheryl A. Roy

Happy 53rd Heavenly Birthday handsome Rade!!! Sending all my love to you sweet Danica and keeping you close in my heart, thoughts and prayers as you remember handsome Rade on his Birthday and always!!!

Remembering handsome Rade, and sending all my love to you sweet Danica and your family
and keeping you close in my heart, thoughts and prayers!!! Rade's beautiful light shines eternally!!!
Hugs Paula Fuller

Cry no tears for me,
for the wings of faith and hope and love
have brought me to a land
where sunsets are forever and the days never end,
where no good thing, thought or feeling is wasted.
Where hurt and sorrow are but a memory,
and love reigns supreme.
Where every moment we touch the face of God.
Be not Afraid: For I am not gone,
but only flying beyond where the eyes can see.
I will come to you on the wings of dreams and memory
and in the days of sadness allow the good we shared
to be the Wind beneath your Wings.

Be not Afraid. To use those wings for this lift is a gift
to be used well, trees to climb, challenges to meet,
fish to catch, jokes to tell, and most important...
Love to give and share.

When your wings are strong enough -
I'll meet you in the sky,
and we'll ride the high winds of our Saviour's love forever.
~ Author Unknown


I thought that time was healing
All the hurt you left behind,
That empty spaces could be filled--
My arms, my heart, my mind;
And though my body looks the same
As it did when you were here,
The emptiness is growing
Even bigger with each year.

I thought that time was healing
All the agonizing pain,
That as the tears were fading,
Soon I wouldn't feel the same.
And though I can be smiling
And you think that I'll survive,
The pain is in my blood now;
I have nowhere else to hide.

I thought that time was healing
All the loss a mother feels;
That now you live within my heart,
I had you near me still.
But I need so much to touch you,
To see you smile again,
And those memories I'm told are mine
Can never feel the same.

I thought that time was healing
All the while the mask was worn,
That underneath a new me
Was waiting to be born.
But now I find I am the mask;
It helps to keep me safe,
And though my heart is breaking,
You won't see it in my face.

I thought that time was healing
All those tears my eyes have seen,
That aching arms that miss you
Could be satisfied with dreams;
But here I am, in pain again
And healing stands alone.
A mother weeps, the world can see
For a son who can't come home.
~ Written by Sue White

My thoughts and prayers are with you as we honor your beloved son, Rade, on his Heaven date. I have a candle lit for him.
Hoping you have a gentle day and that you feel the warmth and caring of so many angel moms who understand your deep pain too.
Take care, my friend. I'm here for you.
Love and Prayers,
Lynn, Mom to Ken

I am going to tell you our sad story. In the year of 1971 we were a young couple with a little child Rade
and big will to work and succeed so we came to America. My father-in-law brought us there.
We started our new life. Rade went to school.

Mile had work and I would be at home or some part time job.
We were one happy family.

After we had been there for five years, then we came back to our country, to Serbia. Until that time, we built the house in Belgrade, the capitol of former Yugoslavia. We found the job and life start to go on, some time good, some time bad. But everything went off in the year 1985 when Rade got sick and they found his brain tumor. They told us the tumor is called by the name medulloblastoma. On 7/19/1985 Rade was operated on
for the tumor. That was an awful thing. At that time I told myself,
I am going to kill myself if something happens to my Rade.

After the operation Rade got radiation and chemotherapy, and for some time recovered without any consequences. Only he lost his hair which never recovered enough. Rade was unhappy for that,
he loved long hair and rock music, but he never never talked about his sickness and how he felt.
He was one strong young man. He never ever complained.

After some time he started to live as a normal man. He started going out,
meeting friends and everything was fine.

Rade started to think about going to America for good, but he met his girl Marijana, and they decided to marry. That happened on June 2, 1990.

They started to work and then had two boys, Rastko in 1991
and Strahinja in 1993.

Everything was good and we all lived in our house like happy family, which we were.

And then Rade flew to America on the March 22, 1995. After six months,
Maja and the kids went too. Mile and I accepted that for their happiness.

This special Father's Day gift for Angel Rade is from my friend Marie.

This special Father's Day gift from Rade to his father is also from my friend Marie.

These are six beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Rade from my dear friend, Marie.
You can visit her website for her Angel Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site

This special Easter gift for Angel Rade is also from Marie.

These two wonderful Valentine's Day gifts for Angel Rade are also from Marie.

This very special gift with Rade and so many of our Angels also from my friend Marie.

These are three beautiful gifts from my dear friend Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

I made this for Rade for his 20th anniversary coming up on November 14th. I thought if you'd like to add this
to his special memorial page Donna would be so pleased.
Ann, Laurasmom

Donna and Mile,
I'm honoring and remembering your most beloved son and
My heart is suffering along with yours in remembrance of your Rade
May he rest well with the Lord until you are reunited again
With love to you both my dear friends
Ann, Laurasmom

Angel Rade ~ Forever loved ~
Never to be forgotten

In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

Two years passed, and Rade come to visit us. That was on 9/25/1997,
and he stayed until 10/13/1997 when he returned to his family.

Pretty soon Maja called us and said Rade is no good, that we must come.
We got there on 10/31/1997.

Rade was at home and nobody could predict that horrible thing was going to happen. In short,
he was hospitalized on November 2, 1997 and went into a coma
on November 4, 1997 and never got back to consciousness.

He left us on 11/14/97. Since that day I live, I do not know why and how.
That is my golgota.

When that happened we took Rade's body to Serbia and buried him in Belgrade. Can you imagine how hard was for us to do all this
with our emotions and administration by the way? But we did it, and what is next?
Next is going to be an empty life with no tomorrow.

Every day since, I ask mysalf how could I be alive and what holds me in this world.
I think you understand me.


How can I tell you what is in my heart?
How can I measure each and every part?
How can I tell you how much I love you?
How can I measure just how much I do?

How much do I love you?
I tell you no lies
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

How many times a day do I think of you?
How many roses are covered with dew?

How far would I travel to be where you are?
How far is the journey from here to a star?

And if I ever lost you how much would I cry?
How deep is the Ocean?
How high is the sky
~ Author Unknown

This picture I sent you can put on Rade's site. These two men are Rades brothers. He had no one closer.
The one at my right side is Dusan, and the other one is Dragutin who has the little girl by the name of Marta.
They are my closest relatives and I am trying to lean on them.

I am sending this picture from my country side on a sunny spring day, but in my heart it is still Winter.

Rade used to work for Pagenet company of Illinois.

He loved music most of all. That was rock. He loved Pink Floyd, the Doors, Santana and many more.
Guitar was his favorite. He left many old records, I am saving them for his boys
if they be interested about keeping them.

Donna, Mile and Rade's sons.


On the his site I like you to put Bolero by Maurice Ravel. That music we listened to together,
and now it makes my heart cry and remember in full intensity.


In remembrance of your dear Son Rade's birthday
we honor and celebrate his life and hold him close in our hearts
Your friend forever
Ann, Laurasmom

I'm Still Here

Please Mom, do not stand at my grave and weep
I wait at Heaven's Door with all the memories that I keep
Weep not for me, I rest in tranquil places
far beyond what you could know
Be still and hear my voice within your soul

I am not gone, I'm still right here with you
So very close to me and seeing all that you still do
Be not afraid of where I've gone
You cannot even dream of things I know
A Place of beauty I now call home
I see the Face of God with songs of Angels
That sing for me alone

Celebrate the life that I once lived
Keep in your heart the song of love I give
Remember me and keep me close to you
But not with tears, and not because my years were few
But just because I live a life that's new
A place with no more tears or pain or sorrow
Weep not my mom, for we shall meet tomorrow

Written in Memory of Laura Ann Kimble
November 5, 1968 to October 19, 2002
By Laura's Mom

The two lovely images above are "Serbian-style" gifts to Rade's family from Laura's Mom also.

I am sending you the photo at my Rade's grave -- me with my grandchildren
when they visited their father's grave for the first time.

My broken heart is with you.

This is view from my terrace where I live.

You can see me looking in the far distance
where I am trying to find a bit of my dear Rade.

I am sending this picture of so missing my son Rade at his resting place.

My Angel Tina's Christmas Page

Christmas Angels 2006

Christmas In Heaven

Maybe some people just aren't meant to be in our lives forever.
Maybe some people are just passing through...
maybe they get it all down faster than the rest of us.
They don't need to stick around
for a hundred years to get it all right.
They get it down real quick...
it's like... some people just come through our lives
to bring us something, a gift, a blessing,
a lesson we need to learn,
and that's why they're here.
He taught you something I'll bet... about love, and giving,
and caring so much about someone...
that was his gift to you...
he taught you all that and when he left,
Maybe he just didn't need to stay longer than that.
He gave you the gift,
and then he was free to move on...
he was a special soul...You'll have that gift forever."
~ Danielle Steel...."The Gift"

Donna and more family members who are missing Angel Rade.

Once we were a happy family. Now we are lost. as Rade's birthday is around the corner.
Thank you for helping me to save memories of my dear son Rade this way. GOD BLESS YOU

A friend can hear a tear drop.

Please visit
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Dedicated To Rade, an Angel in Heaven

My Precious boy, My only Child
I hear your laughter, I see your smile
In my dreams you come to me and tell me not to cry
That you are but a breath away, we need not say goodbye

I have these tears upon my face, a memory I cannot erase
My spirit followed you, my heart went with you too
To a place where there is no more pain or sorrow
I'm marking time and wait for each tomorrow

To bring me closer to that distant place
Where I can once again see your sweet face
When night time falls for me, and when my life is through
I'll see you then, my precious boy, and I will be with you

Written in Memory of Rade
To honor his mother Donna
For the great love she has for her child
for all of eternity
Ann, Laurasmom

"Donna and Mile,
Rade's circle of life was done
He waits for you, his mom and dad
This darling boy, your precious son
God Bless you both
And may Our Dear Lord one day dry your tears."

Our Precious Angel
Heaven is a Better Place With you There
You Will Live in Our Hearts Forever

To Those I Love
If I should ever leave you whom I love
To go along the Silent Way, grieve not,
Nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk
Of me as if I were beside you there.
(I'd come - I'd come, could I but find a way!
But would not tears and grief be barriers?)
And when you hear a song or see a bird I loved,
please do not let the thought of me be sad . . .
For I am loving you just as I always have . . .
You were so good to me!
There are so many things I wanted still
To do - so many things to say to you . . .
Remember that I did not fear . . .
It was just leaving you that was so hard to face . . .
We cannot see Beyond . . .
But this I know:
I loved you so -
'twas heaven here with you!
by Isla Paschal Richardson

Donna and Mile
You are both so special to me
I feel so at a loss for words and
wish I could take your pain away
But all I can do is light a candle and pray with you
Rade is with the Lord and He is waiting for you
With My Love
And I know You feel my tears with yours

Ann, Laurasmom

In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

To ANGEL Rade's Family

Please don't think of your ANGEL Rade as gone
He is just away for a while
He has flown his way Into an unknown land
With that special smile of his
And a wave of his hand
Just open your Eyes and Heart
Through that special star up above
He will be blowing kisses down to you
And sending you all his love

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~Lee'sMom

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

Here is a little gift for your beloved Rade's Birthday. I know you love and miss him so very much. I hope you can remember only the most wonderful memories of all the years
he was with you, and that they give you much comfort. My thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend. I'll light a candle for your Rade in the morning.
With my Love,
Lynn, Mom to Ken

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