Precious, My Baby, that's what you are.
Irridescient like a night-time shooting star.
Empy arms, missing you, a deep wound within my heart
Reach for you and you're not there, this lifetime we're apart.
Care that you recieve, from the Lord above.
Eternally you're in our hearts, eternal life, eternal love.

By Jamie VanDermeer
Pierce's Mommy, May, 1999

*My Baby's Bed*

On the phone my mother-in-law says
"When I get back next week
We will pick out the baby's bed"
I am so excited
So many choices
I can't wait
I think I want light wood
I think Mom wants white
The sheets I have decided
Will be covered with Precious Moments
It is so pretty in my mind
Finally next week is here
My husband and I stand
In the funeral home
Picking out my baby's bed
I only have 2 choices
Instead of being excited
I am crying so hard I can't breathe
Moments later I decide
On the white bed
With a blue ribbon
My baby's bed is
Barely over 2 feet long
Not even a foot and half wide
My baby's bed closes like a cooler
Never for a second
Did I imagine
My baby's bed
Would be a casket.

Copyright 1999 Brandy Michel Gardner
With minor alterations

"Goodnight, Sweet Prince
And Choirs of angels sing thee to thy rest."
William Shakespeare

These three very special gifts for Angel Pierce are from my friend Marie.
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This beautiful gift for Angel Pierce is from my friend Janet.

PLEASE do not use this background as it was made just for Angel Pierce.!

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