In Loving Memory of
Paul Rafferty
13th November 1975 - 22nd January 2003

This is a picture of Paul and Neil with my dad dressed as Santa ready to give out presents to the people in the Nursing Home
where my grandmother was at the time.

This special Christmas gift for Angel Paul is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

This is Paul, my dad and Neil taken after dad had taken off his Santa outfit, on a Christmas Day in happier times.

Christmas without you Paul can never be the same
I loved to buy you presents, on the card i'd write your name
Just to have you near made it a special time for me
You and your brother Neil, my loving family
The last Christmas together you spent with us at home
You were so happy as you wrapped presents of your own
To see you smile and hear you laugh was music to my ears
A lovely special memory i'll keep throught the years
My gift i send to you now in Heaven up above
Is the most precious gift of all, a Mother's Love

This is Paul opening his presents on Christmas morning a few years ago.

This is Paul again at Christmas.

The Christmas trees are brightly lit in each and every home
The children wait excitedly for Santa Claus to come
The letters are all written to post for him to see
"Oh Santa can you please bring that special gift for me"
A bike, a car, a toy, a truck, the list goes on and on
But the presents are all wrapped up and there on Christmas morn
To see their smiling faces and screaming with delight
That Santa got their letter and came in late that night
All the toys they wished for are beneath the Christmas tree
I watch as they unwrap them, they're happy i can see
Yes it's precious memories that i have now every year
Now when Christmas comes around i shed a little tear
I lost my son you see and it causes me great pain
That he's not home for Christmas in my lifetime here again
So Santa can you help me, i can't write nor can i call
Please see my son in Heaven and oh his name is Paul
Tell him that i love him and wish that he was near
So i feel him close to me on Christmas Day this year
Don't forget the hug, that's so important too
I know you'll do your best to make my wish come true
Thank you so much Santa my letter's on it's way
Now i have a special gift this year on Christmas Day
To anyone who's lost a child i wish this for you too
That you may feel them close with love from them to you.

This is the last picture i took of Paul and his brother Neil on Christmas Day 2002.

Christmas Poem

Christmas time in Heaven,
Is a spectacular sight to see,
As the Angels go around the world,
Gathering things to put on the tree.

They gather up some moonbeams,
They gather up some stars,
they even go a little farther,
To gather things from Mars.

And when the tree is ready,
You'll hear the Angels sing,
And somewhere in a distance,
You'll hear the Christmas bells ring.
Written by Judy Ryan

This is Paul and his girlfriend Stephanie which was taken on Boxing Day 2002, this is the last picture taken of him.

Another picture of Paul with Steph.

Christmas In Heaven

We're wondering what Christmas in heaven is like
As we grieve alone and pray.
Longing for one who has gone before
To spend Christmas in heaven today.
And so in our dreams we wander far
from the scenes and sounds of earth
'Til we catch the strains of the heavenly choir
As they sing ofthe Christ child's birth.
The angels and saints we envision there
As they join in the restal gay
And there 'mid the throng is our loved one
Spending Christmas in heaven today.
There's joy in the faith that teaches
when our life's work is done
Of a place in heaven awaiting
And the crown we worked for is won.
In our grief may we learn well the lesson
So to work and suffer and pray
As to merit the joys of our loved one
And to spend Christmas together someday.
~ Author unknown

This is Paul with Kassie.

This is a lovely pic of my dog Kassie who sadly died a while ago,
hopefully she is with Paul in Heaven...

Christmas Blessings From Angel Laura


Christmas In Heaven

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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