In Loving Memory of
Nicole Clarice Adcock
December 26, 1984 - December 29, 2011

This absolutely stunning gift is from our friend Gail. Thank you!

Nicole was my youngest daughter. She was born the day after Christmas, December 26, 1984.

These are three special gifts for Angel Nicole from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

When Nicole had her baby girl Hayleigh, on September 18, 2010, the doctor cut her bowel. The doctor had to call in another surgeon to help her. The baby was 4 pounds and a premature, but thank God she was healthy. After over 2 hours of not being told anything I was getting very upset with the nurses, and told them I was going into the operating room if I did not get any answers. They finally told me what was going on. After they got Nicole into a room, I knew something was not right; they where giving her blood and lots of other IV'S and meds. Through out the night she continued to get worse, and the nurse called the doctor 6 or 7 times during the night. I kept telling them something was not right with her. I am a mother, we know.

After 3 days they moved her out on the floor, she kept getting sicker and her body begin to swell. Nicole was a tiny person; she weighed 100 pounds pregnant, but her body had swollen to over a 150 pounds. They said, oh that's normal... no it's not!! They where planning on sending her home the next day; I had come home to shower and change clothes when I received a call from the surgeon that I needed to get back to the hospital as Nicole was being put in ICU. When her Dad and I and a close friend got to the hospital, Nicole was already in distress.

They had called in more doctors. Nicole now had a tube in her nose and a breathing machine hooked up to her as well as blood and meds. They called in the people who put in pick lines, and they put that in her to get more of the meds in her. The lung doctor advised me to stay with her, as if I was going to leave her.

That night was awful. Some of the medicine they gave her affected her the wrong way. I finally got in bed with her and held her through the night. For 3 days this went on, so I asked for her to be sent to Vanderbilt, and was told they could take just as good care of her there. On the day that we where to bring the baby home, Nicole was declining fast, so much was going on, and I had a tiny little one to get home and having to get people to help take care of her, as I was not leaving Nicole.

The next morning the lung doctor took me and her Dad and my best friend into a room and told us they where putting her in a different room, a bigger one because she was very sick and needed to be put on life support. He said she had a 10% chance of surviving. By this time her body was so weak, she had a really bad infection in her body, and they did not know for sure what is was, so she was being given all types of meds to try and fight it. Her blood count was very bad. She also had ARDS, and the survival rate for that was very low.
All she had in her favor was she was young.

By this time Nicole had so many tubes and machines hooked up to her. Every day they had to take her 2 or 3 times down to the OR to drain the puss from her; she had so many pockets of it in her tummy. So this continued for weeks, as she continued to get worse. Finally on Oct. 10th, one of the lung doctors came into her room and told her Dad and I that we had to get her out of there and to Vanderbilt. The other doctors were not very happy with the lung doctor, but she was right. I had asked them over and over to move her. This one doctor put her job with the hospital
and her colleages on the line.

So Nicole was finally moved to Vanderbilt, and once there they asked why was she not sent sooner... Well anyway, she was in a coma for almost 2 months. She started to improve and was weaned off the vent. When I walked back into her room, I was overwhelmed to see her sitting up in the bed, with her beautiful blue eyes open!

I could not hug her enough. As Nicole continued to improve, she was moved from ICU finally. She still had a long way to go. Finally the day we got to come home arrived. Nicole weighed 78 pounds then. She was still sick and weak, and had so many meds to take, and still had drainage tubes in her tummy that we had to care for. The next day she got to see her baby girl for the first time in a long time, what a happy reunion, to see her baby and her 5 year old son Kaleb.

But things would not stay that way, sadly. Nicole had trouble with the tubes in her, and it was in and out of the hospital over and over. On a cold winter's night, she became very sick, and I had to take her to the closest hospital I could. That was the night we had a total whiteout snow storm hit. They admitted her, and 2 days later her Dad and I sat in a waiting room as 2 surgeons operated on her. At 12;30 am they finished a 6 hour surgery. The doctor told us her insides looked like raw hamburger meat. So on and on this goes, more pain meds, more hospital stays. Nicole was never the same after her coma. They had told us that she could be affected by being in the coma; they just did not know how she would be affected by it. I would look into her eyes, and it was as if her soul was gone.

So as most doctors do, they like to give pain meds out so easy; they say we will deal with it later, but she needs these. They never deal with it later, the family does, and when a child is of age the laws do not allow you as a parent to get them the help they need. So then Nicole became addicted. She did go for rehab over and over, but they only keep them so long, not over 30 days at the most, and that is not enough time. In November of 2011 she went to a rehab center, and when she came home she was happy, healthy, had gained some weight and looked better then she had in a long time. This was in Dec. 2011, she came home 3 or 4 days before Christmas.

That year, we had a wonderful Christmas, and of course Nicole's birthday is on the 26th of December. We would always take her out for her birthday to eat, but this year everyone had the stomach bug. First her baby girl, on Christmas day, Nicole and her Dad had to take her to the ER, because she would not drink anything. Baby Hayleigh was over it the next day, then I had it the next day, then Nicole's son, then Nicole. On December 29th we had planned to go out to eat. The night before her Dad had gone to take her some things she had asked him for that she needed to fix dinner with. He made 3 trips that evening, the last one around 9 pm, and she was fine, everything was good.

Her Dad would check on Nicole everyday as I did too. She lived in a home we had bought for her just 1 tenth of a mile from us.

On December 29, 2011, I tried calling her and got no answer. This would happen sometimes because of her phone. So I went down to her home, but I could not get her to the door and my key would not open the deadbolt as it was hard to open all the time. Her son came to the door and looked out and told me he could not get it open, and that he had been trying to wake his momma up. So I told him to unlock the back door for me. He did, and with a terrible feeling in my stomach I went in and found Nicole on her bedroom floor. As I dialed 911 I told Kaleb
to take his sister into the other bedroom and shut the door.

I knew in my heart that Nicole was already gone. Her fingers were blue, and her lips were blue. As I tried to revive her, some guys working across the road came over as I had gone out on the porch screaming for help. I prayed to God to please take me, give my breath to her,
but it was not to be.

Help arrived, but they could not bring her back, even though they would not say this to me. By this time her Dad was there, and one of her sisters, as well as others, taking her children to my home. As we drove to the hospital, I prayed and begged God to give her back, but that did not happen.

As we got to the hospital, we were taken into a small room where the attending doctor came in, and said he could do nothing, that she was gone. He was matter of fact; he showed no compassion. We were taken to see Nicole, where we kissed her, and I begged for her to please wake up. I asked the nurse to please put some warm blankets on her as she did not like to be cold, and she did that for me. It mattered to me.

As Nicole's sisters and other family and friends begin to arrive, I was slowly becoming a zombie by then, waiting to wake up from this awful nightmare, but that was not to be. Because of Nicole's age she had to be sent for an autopsy, that hurt so bad. And because of the holidays they were on a limited staff and said it could be days. Had I not known a dear friend who was our local DA and made a call, it would have taken them longer. Then arrangements had to be made. If not for some close loving friends this would not had been possible for me to get through.
They did it all for us. I was just numb.

Nicole did not want to be put in the ground, she wanted to be cremated, but we needed to have a viewing and service for her
for the family and friends.

I grieve every day, the pain, the loss never stop. Nicole lost her life because she was sick, drugs do that to you. With her mind no longer what it was before the coma, she was so childlike.
At some point on the night of Dec. 29th, someone came and brought her some drugs. It was morphine, and it was still on the bathroom sink. When your body has been clean for so long,
it can take very little to take your life, and it took her.

Nicole's Memory Garden for Valentines Day... If you notice the little rock at the bottom right side by the butterfly, that is a rock her baby girl Hayleigh picked up when she was here one day,
and that is where she laid it at. And that is where it will stay.

Nicole's memory garden is in the shape of a heart and she loved pink. She wanted her ashes to be spread in the ocean.
Thank you to Ann, Angel Laura's mom, for sharing the image below for Nicole.

The sheriff's officers were there that day and took the morphine. But they failed in doing their job right. Later as I was able to look at her phone, I knew someone was in that house and had deleted a message from her phone. I know who gave it to her. I am still making calls to this day to get justice for Nicole and her children. That is the cause of her passing.

As for Nicole, she was so beautiful inside and out. She had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair.

Nicole's heart was so loving and giving; she cared for people. I never heard her say a bad thing about anyone, as she always looked for the good in people. She would give you anything she had if you needed it. She was the sweetest girl ever.

Nicole was a good Mommy. She loved her children so much! She had very little time with her baby girl, so sadly Hayleigh will not remember her. Hayleigh was too young, but Nicole's son Kaleb will remember. He loved her so much, and they were so close.

Nicole enjoyed the lake, and she enjoyed fishing, swimming and camping. She enjoyed being with family and having cook outs. She liked to go to county fairs and have the chance to eat all the good food they have there. Most of all she loved being with her children,
watching movies and playing outside with them.


Nicole liked animals, and she had a cat named Fluffy. Her favorite color was pink. She enjoyed watching the University of Tennessee football games. She enjoyed going to church on Sundays. Her favorite Bible verse was the 23rd Psalm; she had it marked in both of her Bibles.

Nicole liked county music most of all. Some of her favorite songs were: I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me and Sissy's Song by Alan Jackson. I listen to the song Dancing in the sky by Dani and Lizzy; it is so beautiful. Thank you for your time in reading this. I am sorry I wrote a book,
but we want to make sure that Nicole is remembered.


Hannah with her Aunt Nicole. She loved Nicole so much, and Nicole loved Hannah so very much too.


Nicole, With Madison and Hannah on her wedding day.

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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