In Loving Memory of
Nicholas David Burns
September 20, 1987 - November 23, 2004

Our Angel Nick

Nick's love was the beach, he even wanted to go to a college
that was near the shore.

He loved the outdoors, camping, nature, hiking. He loved the woods.

These are two loving gifts to Angel Nicholas from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

These two special gifts for Angel Nick are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~
Rob Northrop's Site.

He loved animals, didn't understand why or how people could hunt and kill. He would get mad when "progress" would bulldoze the trees for a new road, or apartment complex. He would ask me..
"Dad, why are they doing this? Where are the animals going to live?" He would go on to say "look at all the empty apartments now, why do they need more"?

See You Soon

You were everything I wanted to be,
I knew you were inside of me.
Everything you did, I admired
Some good, some bad, I never got tired.
You encouraged me to do things I would never do,
You are my brother, I’m proud of you.
You were big, strong and lifted me up,
You played with me, picked with me
And when needed, protected me.
When you were there, I felt great,
You were one to appreciate.
For I miss you, but you should know,
I cannot wait for you to show.
For you still live inside of me,
You’re the one who enlightens me.
I’ll see you soon
To share our love.

On Christmas Eve 2009, Evan Neas, Age 14, composed this poem to his Big Brother “Nick”.
Evan worshiped the ground his brother walked on…….

Nick loved baseball, started at age 5 in "tee" ball.
He was on the swim team in High School, and the baseball team.


Lonely Ship

Like a lonely ship at sea,
No port in sight, no safe harbor.
I drift in uncharted waters,
Waves of emotions lash against my hull,
Each one stronger than the last.
Anxiety churns the waters,
Doubt and fear push me off course.
A light on the horizon beckons me,
It seems familiar,
Soft and warm, yet each time I look it dims.
The waves are unrelenting
My fuel runs low
My structure weakens
Questions with no answers torment me
Turn my bow to the light,
Knowing not if it is true?
Or let go the wheel,
Let the waves breach my hull
And embrace the dark waters below?
Like a lonely ship at sea,
My destination unknown
I’ll seek the warmth of the light
Less it becomes one,
With the sea.
Written In Loving Memory of Nicholas Burns
By Nick's Dad, Ken

This is a beautiful gift to Angel Nick from my dear friend, Susie, Mom to Angel Jason.

Dear Nick,

The word that comes to mind this year is “Frozen.” I don’t mean the movie that has every little girl wanting to be a princess. It’s amazing though since it came out last year and it is still everywhere you look. But as I said, I am not talking about that “Frozen.”

Let me explain. When sorting through some pictures for Ella’s school project, I stumbled upon pictures of you. There were a couple of pictures
of a very young Nick, a debonair Nick, and a teenage Nick. You were having a good time in all of them. I enjoyed the memories they stirred.
But then I realized something…you are “frozen.”

In our minds you are “frozen” in time. Our memories stop with you at the age of 17. You are forever young. When I thought of you I began to think
of the other young adults in my life that I have watched mature into adulthood. They have gone on to get married and start families.

I began to wonder what career you would pursue. I tried to picture the kind of girl you would marry and what you would be like as an adult
and even a dad. And my heart was sad. Not sad for you really, but sad for those of us left behind.

You see, all the things we look forward to as parents as our children grow up, we miss out on with you. All your parent’s hopes and dreams for you
are “frozen” in the memory of you as a 17 year old. It is bittersweet to imagine these things.

However, the picture of the adult Nick I came up with was an adventurous, kind and intelligent young man. Your soul mate would be lighthearted, gentle and family oriented. But the one thing that would remain the exact same, would be the twinkle you always had in your eyes
showing us the huge love of life you had.

As my thoughts returned to reality, it is this young Nick that I hold dear. This Nick reminds me to love life, live in the moment
and don’t let my heart be “frozen” when life hurts. Nick, our memories of you may be “frozen”, but not our love for you and the love your filled our hearts with.
It continues to shape who we all are your family.

Happy Birthday!

Each and every birthday since Nick's passing, my favorite niece Jill (Nick's cousin), has written a letter to Nick, "celebrating" his birthday. This year was no exception. Each time we receive her letter, I consider sending to you and asking that you put it up on his website, and each year I opt not to due to the volume of requests
that I'm sure you receive. This year however, her letter was so poignant, that in "honor" of this being Nick's 10th year in Heaven, I was wondering if you would mind
adding to his page. (Jill's birthday letter to her cousin Nick is above.)

Our Christmas Angels


I remember everything about you
your voice, your smile, your touch,
the way you walked, the way you talked,
the way you looked at me meant so much.

I remember all the words you said to me,
some funny, some kind, some wise,
all the things you did for me
I see now with different eyes.

I remember every moment we shared,
seems like only yesterday,
or maybe it was eons ago,
it is really hard to say.

You are gone from me now but,
one thing they can't take away,
Your memory resides inside my heart
and lights up my darkest days!
~ Author Unknown


A gift for Angel Nicholas, sent with love.
Judi, Mom to Angel Andrew.

For ANGEL Nick and His Family

One Day when your Time comes
The Day that GOD calls you HOME
You will be with your Nick again
And you will never again be alone

You don't have to feel empty
Nick is with you always and forever
Just open your Mind and Heart
He see's you, you're not alone

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

Thank you to my dear friend Karen for this beautiful gift for Nick!

Another small gift for the Burns family from one grieving parent to another.
May God bless and comfort you.

A small Thanksgiving gift for Angel Nick and his family.
May God bless them and comfort you always.


A special note of thanks to my dear friend Ann
for creating the wonderful graphics for Nick's page.
You can visit Ann's web site in memory of her daughter Laura by clicking on her banner below ~

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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Maria's Tribute to Christopher

Jesus Wept

In Loving Memory of Nick
My Prayers are with you and may you have God's peace
Ann, Laurasmom

In Loving Memory of Angel Nick
Rest Well in God's Loving Arms
Ann, Laurasmom


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