"My Mom" ~ Michele Drost Fry Brisebois

"My Mom"

Michele Arleen Drost Fry Brisebois
~ God's Angel ~
April 22, 1963 - June 18, 2005


My Mom was born to the proud parents Martha and John Drost on April 22, 1963 in Somerville, NJ, and was united with her older sisters Mary and Lisa. Later her younger brother Johnny joined her in 1970. Her Dad is no longer with us. Grandpa passed away April 9, 2002. One year later, my cousin Michael Strenko, whom I was very close to, passed away May 15, 2003. My Mom mourned the loss of her father as well one of her favorite nephews up to the time she passed away. Her sisters and brother miss her so much as she has touched their lives in so many of ways. Our family is forever changed, but we will try to carry on with our lives somehow in their memory,
as they would want us to.

My Mom also has left behind her husband Todd Brisebois and her stepdaughter Courtney, my Dad, Steven Fry, nieces and nephews Melissa Strenko, Jennifer McCarthy and her husband Joseph and children Patrick and Michael McCarthy, Jamie Miller, Jonathan and Brandon Drost, brother-in-laws and sister-in-law: Tom Strenko, Tom Miller, and Michelle Drost. My Mom’s Godparents were Jenny and Michael Havrilla. My Mom was a devoted Godmother to Melissa Strenko, Kandy Yashur, Zachary Pizzoli, and Brandon Drost. Her closest friend of all was her mother, who will deeply miss her youngest daughter of 42 years. Other best friends of my Mom were Terri, Lori, Bernadette, Dara, Rachel, Carol and many others. She made friends wherever she went including the places she worked at.

My Mom was a lifelong resident of Manville, NJ. She graduated from Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School, Bridgewater, NJ. She then attended Robert Fiancé Academy of Cosmetology in New York City and gained her certification. Thereafter, she was employed as a hair stylist at the John Paul Salon in Martinsville, NJ.  Later, she took a position as a billing specialist for UMDNJ in New Brunswick, NJ and was employed there for more than 10 years while still cutting hair for her family and friends. 

My Mom was a kind spirit and would do anything for anyone especially her family and friends. Besides working at her job and taking care of me, she devoted some of her time to her parish. She was a member of St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic church where she taught CCD for the class receiving First Holy Communion for more than 10 years. She had a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael, the Archangel. She baked regularly for the church bingo nights as well as for many other parish functions.

This special gift for Angel Michele is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

These are two beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Michele from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

"I wish I can turn back time and have you sitting at my kitchen table. I cannot believe it has been 12 years since I last hugged you and heard your laugh.
I miss our chats Michele. I miss everything about you sis. Love, Mary."

This is a beautiful gift for Angel Michele from my friend Janet.


My Mom was a creative and artistic person. She really enjoyed attending and participating in crafts and hair shows. My Mom was always the person making favors for some occasion. She liked the country style decor, but at the same time liked Victorian. My Mom had a deep passion for hosting and organizing many events for her family and friends.  Whether it be holidays, showers, demonstrations, or picnics, she just loved the hustle and bustle of preparing and entertaining.  She was an excellent cook. I remember how she would present her platters and her hot dishes, and for some, it was a treat!

My Mom had a good sense of humor and was a great dancer. She hardly ever got off the dance floor.  She loved to sing and was the life of any party! She loved all genres of music, especially her favorite rock group, Aerosmith.  She loved Steven Tyler! She also enjoyed Cinderella, Bon Jovi, Janis Joplin, Bette Midler, and Taylor Dayne among others. Some concerts she went to were Aerosmith, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, and Styx. She thoroughly enjoyed and watched countless times the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, and The Rose.


Prince was also one of her top favorites. There is a lot of singing and dancing in heaven about now.

One of my Mom’s favorite places that she had frequently vacationed was Disney. She also enjoyed camping and the shore. She enjoyed going on Grandma’s bus trips to the outlets. She loved to shop for clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, and never missed a Black Friday to catch all of the pre-Christmas sales. She loved to dine out, especially to Red Lobster. In her younger days, she enjoyed rolling skating and cheerleading. She adored her cat named Tabitha and loved ground hogs that she called “pookiebears”. My Mom loved roses, expensive perfume, crystal, Lenox, silver, and gold. She also collected dolls.


My Mom was a very generous person and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She would do anything for her family and friends.  She was a devoted wife who loved me above all else. She was hard working and wanted so much for me to have all the good things in life. She loved me with all she had. You see, when I was born on June 2, 1990, I was a premature baby, weighing 2 pounds 15 ounces, and needed a lot of special care. She was there for me every time I stopped breathing and would get my little heart going again. She has been there for me every step of the way as far back as I can remember.

She is now my angel looking over me and continues to be there for me in spirit until we meet again. She has left me with beautiful memories of the times we have shared. She has left me her knowledge of the experiences of her life, wisdom, values, and morals to carry me throughout my years. But most of all, she has left me her love and that I will hold close to my heart every day of my life.

My Mom touched so many hearts over the years. I just wish someone could of saved hers, but no one really knew the truth about her illness besides Grandma, her confidant. She did not want the family to worry about her. That’s My Mom.

I Love You Amanda
For everything you are...
I am so sorry
I had to leave you so quickly, so soon
If I could have stop it, I would have...
But know that someday, when you have fulfilled God's plan
We will meet again...
I will be here to take your hand
And walk you home...
And we will then be forever together
In a perfect paradise...
But for now, make me proud
Find a way to be happy...
I know it will be hard
But do it for me...
Remember what I have taught you
And know that I am with you always...
Love Mom

As you live on in heaven,
You live on in my heart
You are now God's Angel
Your family and I miss you so much
And we are praying for you
That you are safe in God's loving arms
That you are in peace, in perfect happiness
Smiling, laughing and dancing with the angels
And watching over us
Guiding and protecting us
until we meet with you again...
I Love You Mom

Wind Beneath My Wings
Performed by Bette Midler

Oh, oh, oh, oh -
It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that's your way.
You always walked a step behind.

So I was the one with all the glory,
while you were the one with all the strain.
A beautiful face without a name for so long.
A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Did you ever know that you're my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
for you are the wind beneath my wings.

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
but I've got it all here in my heart.
I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you.

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be.
I could fly higher than an eagle,
for you are the wind beneath my wings.

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?
You're everything, everything I wish I could be.
Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle,
for you are the wind beneath my wings,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

Oh, the wind beneath my wings.
You, you, you, you are the wind beneath my wings.
Fly, fly, fly away. You let me fly so high.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.

Fly, fly, fly high against the sky,
so high I almost touch the sky.
Thank you, thank you,
thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings

The Rose
Performed by Bette Midler

Some say love, it is a river
that drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love, it is a hunger
an endless aching need
I say love, it is a flower
and you, it's only seed

It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance
It's the one who won't be taken
who cannot seem to give
and the soul afraid of dying
that never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed
that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose

We had worked, played and loved for so many years,
As I reminisce, I bow my head in tears.
I truly thought, that this day would never come,
Your death left me, utterly frozen and numb.

Feeling all the hurt, anger and fear,
The first time in our life, that you are not near.
I think of you, and miss you everyday,
"Stay strong and persevere," is what you would say.

Your strength has inspired me to rise above,
Till the end of time, I'll always feel your love.
I will face reality and continue to live on.
My feelings of helplessness are all gone.

Understand that nobody can ever take your place,
Our great memories are impossible to erase.
So I will live happy, for all to see,
Knowing that you are smiling down on me.
Author: Robert Canlinsky

My Mother

My mother was my friend
The best in all the world.
She accepted me for what I was.
I was her "little girl."

She helped me through some lessons
Only life can teach.
She was always there
Whenever I would reach.

She and I were close,
We knew each other well.
I knew what she was thinking,
Although I'd never tell.

The secrets that we shared,
The tears that we would cry,
The magic of those moments
Will never, never die.

Although she went to heaven,
I'll never be alone.
She'll always be here with me
In my heart she made her home.

O God, it's hard to face
The fact that she is gone.
I want her back here with me.
Why is that so wrong?

I want to hear her voice,
To see her lovely smile,
Just to say, "I love you,"


Sweet Mother Of Mine

All Through My Life
You've Always Been There
Loving Me With All Your Heart
Giving What You Possibly Could
Never Asking For Anything In Return...

When Life Got The Best Of Me
Your Arms Were The Comfort Zone
Gently Taking My Troubles
Easing My Broken Heart
Helping Me To Understand
No Problem I'd Ever Face Alone...

You Showed Me Right From Wrong
Guiding Me Through My Childhood
You Did Whatever It Took
To Add Happiness To My Life
Putting My Needs Before Your Own...

You Gave Me The Miracle Of Life
Never Have I Taken That For Granted
With All My Heart & Soul I Love You
And will Always Need You...

Thank You For All You've Done
Giving Me The Greatest Part Of Yourself
How Proud I Am To Say To The World
This Is My Mother
A Woman I'm So Blessed To Have...

Heavenly Father Up Above
With All My Heart & Gratitude
I Thank You For A Mother's Love
She Has Been A Blessing
Through All Walks Of My Life
Shine Down On Her Now & Always
With The Same Happiness
She Has Given Me...

A Mother's Love Is Never Ending
It's A Priceless Gift One Is Blessed To Have

"My Angel"

My angel has a heart so precious,
and sometimes her hair shines of gold.
She is full of love and kindness,
she makes my life meaningful and bold.

My Angel is so smart,
always showing me the right way.
Without her I'd be lost,
I know she'll never lead me astray.

My angel is beautiful,
she is so special and like no other,
I love her,
for my angel is my mother.

*** This poem was placed at my Mom's grave site by me on Mother's Day 2006.

Mothers Who Are No Longer Among Us
Author Unknown

In tears we saw you sinking,
And we watched you pass away.
Our hearts were almost broken,
We wanted you to stay.

But when we saw you sleeping,
So peaceful, free from pain,
How could we wish you back with us,
To suffer that again?

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you
The day God took you home.

If roses grow in Heaven.
Lord please pick a bunch for me,
Place them in my Mother's arms
And tell her they're from me.

Tell her I love her and miss her,
And when she turns to smile,
Place a kiss upon her cheek
And hold her for a while.

Because remembering her is easy,
I do it every day.
But there's an ache within my heart
That will never go away.

Don't think of her as gone away
Her Journey's just begun
Life holds so many facets
This earth is just one.

Just think of her as resting
From the sorrows and the tears
In a place of warmth and comfort
Where there are no days and no years.

Think how she must be wishing
That we could know, today
Now nothing but our sadness
Can really pass away.

And think of her as living
In the hearts of those she touched
For nothing loved is ever lost
And she is loved so much!

Remembering My Mom...

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This site is written by Amanda's Godmother, Aunt Mary, and was designed by her friend Maria, who put this site together in memory of Amanda's mother as a sweet 16th birthday gift for Amanda from the heavens above.

You are so very missed Michele. I wish you were here.
Things have not been the same since you passed way; way too soon and so unexpected.
Here is my tribute to you sweet sister of mine.
"Far beneath the bitter snows lies the seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose."
Love, Mary

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Dear Mary, Amanda and Family
Reading Michele's web site, it is beautiful, full of love.
It says so much about her, words that have been said about her,
poems, even the song Bette Midler "The Wind Beneath My Wings" so heart warming.

To the Family my ANGEL Lee wrote many poems, I would love to share this one with you all.


Softness of the Skin
Sweetness in the Smell
Nectar of the Fruit
Tender in the Heart
Dancing in the Eyes
Uplifting in the Smile
Tickle of the Touch
Joining in the Love

Truth in the Speech
Love in the Laughter
Primal in the Scream
Soft in the Whisper
Quick in the Mind
Fair in the Sentence
Brave in the Confrontation
Joining in the Love

Graceful in the Sleep
Careful in the Search
Deep in the Sorrow
Strength in the Sickness
Giving of Thy Self
Rich in the Health
Kind in the Giving
Joining in the Love

Written By Lee Henry Aguilera~~~Sue-Anne's ANGEL

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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