In Loving Memory of
Marjorie Mae Bowen
April 13, 1966 - August 19, 2001

Marjorie Mae, You are forever missed all these 16 years,
My heart as your mother still sheds tears,
Tears of joy when you were born
But when you left my heart was torn,
Never the same and never without hope of heaven
I remember when you were eleven,
You were care free and full of mischief and never ending energy,
The fun you had never was without mystery
Of the next new found treasure
You are beyond a treasure
The gift of you will never be measured
On an earthly plane ever
Our hearts will not forget you forever
You remain the blessed joy that played with toys
And brought so much delight to us
With you we made a fuss
You are on our minds and dwell sweetly in our hearts
You are here close at heart and your memory will never depart!!
Love forever beautiful daughter and child of the King!!
Mom and step dad, Gerald


Marjorie Mae, my beloved daughter

Sweet child of God and my very first born
My heart misses you and is very torn,
But knowing that heaven holds you tight
You won the victory and fought the fight
And that you are at peace in heavens place of bliss
You are with our Savior and are so very missed.
You touched our hearts with your tender kisses.

As your memory remains alive and well,
It is with honor and pride to tell
All who have had children that you are the best
You lived life with passion and with such zest
Your gift of restoring something old and made it look new
Is bringing much joy now with all you did do.

My thoughts towards you are deep and with great joy
You came into the world a girl not a boy
My mother's heart is full of gratitude for the gift of you
Even though the years were not enough and few
You gave me an angel so elegant and dainty
For you are truly a darling lady!

Life on earth is not the same without your funny ways
I know you are happy and in heaven it's fun every day
May you know our love for you will never die
We can go over and over with all the “Why's”
But you touched many hearts deep inside
For your heart is huge, large and wide
For you could not hide
The joy inside when you met Jesus
The reason for living; He is our plus

We can contest that you did your very best
In your short life you lived with zest.!
Love forever, my Marjorie Mae
Your mom, Norma Jean and family

My Marjorie Mae

You are my delight and fill my heart with God's light
You are still the beauty you were when you were here and more
Marjorie, You shine in my heart and are loved and adored
May you be at the most perfect peace that is promised in the life here after
Filled with treasures of pure ecstasy and joy with laughter
Filled with health and sound mind and restored soul
That only Creator God could be the One to make you whole

Now that life here in earth is so full of trials and struggles and strife
God chose to set you free and give you new and real life
Remember when you pulled down the kitchen cabinet
Climbing and exploring and filled with wonderment
You wanted to know way before you could understand
You were chosen to be a sensitive and caring with a helping hand
To all you met you made feel special and one of a kind
But you forgot that you were the same special one of a kind
To God and to all who love you, you were a wonderful find

May you know how much we miss you these 16 years
As we reminisce it brings us to missing you tears
It matters deep with in me that you are not here
I know you, sweet heart are happy and care free,
But in my longing you are not here with me
Although you are in the breezes that tease the soul
To want more of the feelings of heaven is our goal
I want to be there to enjoy the great feast
To remember we are not the last or the least
But each the Lord's treasure for His good pleasure
I look forward to the heavenly joy and bliss
To be held in the Lord's arms with His blessed kiss
And to see you again I so much miss!

You are at peace with a life of true happiness and release
From the struggles and temptations that we all still face
Knowing we all need God's amazing grace
And one day like you, we will see Him face to face
And the prize of heaven is born out of our pain
We are not at all the same for when you came
You brought joy and delight fullness in who you are
For in God's heaven there is a Marjorie star
So that makes you very important to us forever more
As we rest in each new day to cross over to that heavenly shore
Where we'll stand with you and the Savior we adore.

Marjorie Mae, I love you my first born child gone too soon at 35
You will never be forgotten only remembered with words that only
can describe a portion of the love our family has for you.

A letter to my Marjorie Mae

Marjorie Mae, you have been gone now 16 years of missing you. Seems like it was just months ago when the angels took you to heaven. You were in such pain and I knew that I could not fix that pain. A mother wants so much for her child to be well and your emotions were shattered and torn and you did not know what to do with your pain. I tried to help you, but I did not have the answers that you wanted to hear. I tried to help you heal from the loss of your children and I did not have the words to comfort you the way you needed me to. I was so into my own unhealed pain that how could I have answers when I had none for my own. The only answer I had was that Jesus knew the pain we were in and He was the only One who could take that pain to Himself and carry it for you and me.

I so wish that you could have been here with us to see your nephew, Gabriel who is 15 almost 16. I believe somehow you see him and you pray for him. He is funny like you and so full of young energy. We feel you with us by the penny's we find with special dates on them. The hummers zip around like you did. They say you are happy and fulfilled and joyful in your new home in heaven. We don't want you back here in your pain and God let us know that you needed to be with Him to heal.

The flowers you help God create in our yards say you are near.. Our special memorial area by the little water falls is very comforting with the birds coming to the feeder. The bridges that your brother, Eric built with love for you lead us to this sacred place reminds us of this delightful beauty with the creeks and waters flowing all around to cuddle us with your love. We know you love us and wish that we were not so sad, but loving you and you not being with us hurts. You gone reminds us of the gift we had in you and your funny and laughing ways. We also know that you are blessed to be with Jesus and your children and my mom and all the others loved ones gone the way of the earth.

Please keep sending us sweet signs of you missing us, but you are so happy that life here would never be the place of perfect peace that we all need and have to wait for. Remember we won't forget your beauty and charm and very special ways of never meeting a stranger. You seen good in every one and you felt so much compassion for the forgotten and hurting. You left your mark and Marjorie you remain on our hearts lots more than not.. I think of you as I garden and know that you would want me to enjoy God's beautiful nature.. It still hurts you not being here, but we are glad that you are safe with Jesus and out of harms way. We will never forget our MARJORIE MAE!!

Marjorie with her sister Karen.

Love from the depth of our hearts to you!
Pray for us to keep our minds and not fret so much!
Bless us with sending us messages from heaven!!
We bless you and thank our Lord for you!

Your family thinking of you always with undying love!
Our Marjorie Mae
Sunrise April 13, 1966 ~ Sunset August 19, 2001

My Beloved Precious Marjorie

My little Margie, born with such delight,
Petite and fragile with eyes so bright.
A beauty like her Grandma Marge,
Feminine and dainty with a heart that was large.

At 9 and a half months she took her first steps;
I knew she was curious and my heart leapt.
Life was a marvelous adventure for her at best
The fear of her seeking put this mother's heart to the test.

Knowing she would stumble and as I let her go,
Knowing this was the only way for her to grow.
She loved and accepted others just where they were at;
She is a gift from heaven and that is a fact.

Her joy for nature and animals so free,
She could see something there that only her heart could see.
Something undescribable on this earthly plain,
To show us her love for us and her life was not in vain.

I will feel her little kisses in the gentle breeze,
And a touch of her hugs in the waters that please.
Knowing she is happy now and out of her pain
Into her Saviors arms, she is different and yet the same.

Free from her burdens and free from her fears,
She will be with us in all of our tears.
Knowing the beauty of her release gives this mothers heart peace.
Heaven seems sweeter knowing in eternal life,

She's ceased from her troubles and strife.
Heaven is her home now with Jesus at her side,
Where "Perfect Love and Acceptance" is where she abides.
Even though my mothers heart aches,

I will forever love you, my Marjorie,
And when the Lord calls me home what a meeting that will be.
Forever Your Mother, Norma Jean

Marjorie Mae Bowen ~*~ Sunrise - April 13th, 1966 * Sunset - August 19th, 2001

Marjorie's 16th heavenly anniversary!!

The Heart I Long to Hold

We grow in strength and knowledge
We will not compromise
But how do we grow in pain
When it never seems to subside?

Oh Lord, you are the Comforter
When these times come back around
And no matter what we go through
You keep us forever sound

Ringing in my heart
Her voice and memory sweet
This lil baby girl You gave me
Then took back home to Thee

Lord, you continually water me
Yes, this tall wounded tree
Where my heart’s roots still grounded deep
Lay in her life's soil beneath my feet

This soil I trod upon
This heart I long to hold
To embrace and feel her life
Seems I shortly watched unfold

I see her eyes in the flowers heart
The loving memorial we made
I feel her spirit in the trees
That still whisper of her yesterday

So Lord, just keep me trusting
That when I reach my eternal home
There she’ll stand with open arms
The gift you gave.....
My Marjorie Mae, my own.

(In loving Memory)
By Laurie Price her step sister

As I Marjorie's mom I ponder all these years,
my heart just can not truly believe it has been so long
for yesterday she had a bright youthful smile with such an outgoing personality
and so full of life..
She had just begun her journey to womanhood
and Jesus said, "it is time"..
My heart will only understand when I see her off the golden shores
and see her face to face with Jesus..
Life is not the same without our children
and we continue to hold their value and worth in our hearts every day..

Norma Jean Kimbel mom to Marjorie Mae Bowen

My friend from England sent these lovely angels.. Her name is Joan Taylor and she lost a very special friend, her cat Tibby...

August 19th, 2001

Hummingbirds in Flight

Hummingbirds flying to and fro
Dancing and zooming in synchronized flow
Joyfully playing and dancing around
Touching each others wings looping, swooping down to the ground
Meeting together in joyous little peeping sounds...

They come to the feeder and drink of sweet wine
and turn around to chase in a dance so fine
Keeping in step with their wings fluttering in perfect time..
Darting, dashing and stopping in mid air to say "How are you today?"
"We are just out here in child like play"
"Wishing you JOY this sunny day .."

Marjorie, you sent these little treasures
from heaven to fill our missing you hearts
With new hope of sweetness since you have been too long apart
For nine long years we have struggled with tears,
But are ever so glad that you sent these sweet gifts
To give all your loved ones a spiritual lift...

We see your freedom in the dance of the hummers
Letting us know that heaven is always like summer
May Jesus keep you until we meet again soon
Just over the horizon and beyond the bright crescent moon
We know you are dancing and singing a heavenly tune
One that we too will soon croon...

From your mom who misses you so!!
Written August 19, 2012

Our hearts just miss you so much and we can never replace you or ever will..
We send love to heaven on the wings of the hummingbirds..
So catch our kisses on the sweet winds and remember you are just a thought away in our minds
and you are on our hearts even more as time goes on..

A Wonder To Display

We see the colors of autumn
We see the colors of spring
We recognize death is a part of life
And come to understand these things

Yet the colors of a hummingbird
Amazingly are many
Blue, red, purple, orange and green!
Or copper blends as a pretty penny!

So many things in life in which
God gave us pleasant view
We thank Him for his creative touch
Each shape, texture, angle and hue

We see the smiles of our children
The beauty of all creation
We are filled with gratitude
For life’s many vibrant sensations!!

Lord, you are the giver of life
Keep all good memories alive
Help us cherish the gifts You give
Treasure so deeply the life we live.

Laurie Susan Price (08/17/10)

Love to you, our Marjorie Mae
From your family
Mom, Gerald, Karen, Gabriel, Eric,
Brother-in-law Tom and Adam
Sweet kisses are sent to you
on the wings of a hummingbird!!!

My Angel Came

Did I hear my angel call my name
How lonesome I am without my child
It sounded like a whisper in the wind
My name being called by my child
Was that my child I saw out of the corner of my eye
I so missing my angel, am imagining it all
I so desperately want to see my child
Did I really see my child or was it nothing at all
I felt a touch on my arm today
Was I touched by my child or only my imagination
It felt so gentle as an angel would touch
You may think I'm crazy, yet I feel it was no imagination
Does God let our angels give signs they're okay
Letting us know they are still with us in a way
Comforting us when we miss them so bad
I think so, because I felt my angel today

Written by Doyle Alldredge, 19 May 2010

Marjorie, You have been gone from us for 16 long years now.. We miss you so much.. You should be doing family things with us and sharing your hearty laugh with us and playing with your Jack Russell's..You are missed and we know that you had to leave, but we will never forget you.. Your bouncy ways and gift for never meeting a stranger.. Your ability to grow roses and plant any thing and that would grow makes me always remember you in the out of doors.. I see butterflies and think of your freedom in heaven..When I smell the flowers in our yard, I sense the sweetness of heaven
that you are enjoying..

Remember us as you rest in the heavenlies with Jesus and until we meet again, you remain forever near in thought and memory.. We so wish your life could have been so different down here,
but we know that being with you forever one day is a reward yet to be enjoyed..

Marjorie, forever young and forever missed
We send you lots of love on a rainbows crystal midst
Sending white doves to let you know you are kissed ...

Sending pink roses to heaven's domain
Where they will blossom forever and stay the same
For in perfect heaven nothing ever dies
It's where the rainbows never end
and the gentle, quiet slumber lies
Peace beyond measure
With incredible treasures
As you sit on the quiet shore at leisure

Thinking of total peace so sublime
One day we won't care about time
For forever is never ever going to end
And with this thought we do send
Forever love sent on a dove
To you somewhere above
Caught on a moonbeam
And with Megatudes of love
We send you our hearts
Even though we are at the moment apart
We will count the thoughts of you
Trying not to be blew
Loving you ever so true ...

From your family
We remember our beloved Marjorie Mae Bowen

And dedicated to Our Marjorie, here is a poem to keep you warm in my heart and the rest of the family..

*Marjorie and the Garden of Her Life*

Marjorie, loving you is so easy
You are a joy and do please me.
I miss your funny and laughable ways
The memories of all those young, fun filled days...

You would find the most fun in things most would ignore
Bringing enjoyment all around, you were never a bore
You had such a precious time with your little brother you adored
You cared for him with much enthusiasm and he was never a chore...

Your excitement of watching a rose in full bloom
Would brighten the day and take away the gloom
By just being your fun loving self you brought us all wealth...

In all of the small things in life you'd help us to see
That they were worth more then diamonds and gold jewelry
So you being here brought many good cheer
To those you met along the life's road far and near...

Your love for the small creatures given on God's green earth
Made you so happy enjoying your Jack Russell dogs gave you worth
Tending the luscious gardens with your thumb green
Making you a gardener's friend and garden queen...

We know you are joyfully dancing in the flowers of heaven
And prancing around wearing a golden crown
Not a frown for you are in perfect heaven
Grateful and free, as happy as you will ever be...

Your sister misses you and remembers when young
The days when you played together all day in the sun
Having those memories when your life was carefree and fun
But we know that the life you now live the victory's been won...

We love and miss you so much and wish you peace and tranquility in heaven above
Sending you our best wishes on the wings of the Peace Dove
Remembering our hearts send you much love
Waiting to see you again far over the moon; right now would not be too soon...

by your mom, Norma Jean who misses you so much
I love you more than words can say....

Time Stood Still

As the Lord called you home just 16 years ago the 19th of August,
My heart sank to the bottom of despair
And knowing you were with Jesus was a must.
Your beauty on earth was rare and no one could compare.

Time stood still and my heart gave a scream
Thinking this could only be a nightmare or dream.
Your struggles here were so difficult and defeating
That I knew your trials had come to a completing.

When I was told you were gone by drowning
I could only think someone is dreadfully clowning.
You'd been gone already 24 hours not knowing,
I could see the hummingbirds dancing in the winds that were blowing.

That was the only peace I could find
Is that you were telling me you were fine..
As time stood still the pain was so severe that I thought my heart
Would burst right open as time stood still and my life fell apart..

Our last words were "Love you magitudes" and our last hug was so long
I never knew that those memories would be preciously strong..
Who truly knew that the last Christmas we had would make me so sad,
For you were gone 8 months later after the last long hug we had..

As time stood still, it still moves slow now
It makes life here more for greater purpose and how.
I feel the pace of life is so humbling
That in order to keep me from stumbling
I must keep time moving with much grace
For soon we will also see Jesus face to face..

As time stood still, my precious child
Full of God's grace and His gentle smile.
Your dearer than ever I sing songs that are mild,
Remembering your youth, I long for you awhile
Longer as I remember your sweet innocence as a very young child..

So dance with the Master and stand at His feet,
And remember to give all the other heavenly angels so sweet,
The encouragement as parents who are struggling here on earth,
Until we meet our angels again and have the heavenly birth
And the hope of heaven and you for us to greet.

Time will stand still until that glorious day
So send us many messages until that day
That comfort our hearts so we can come play
In the heavenly gardens with our Lord, the only Way...

In loving memory of Marjorie Mae Bowen
Sunrise April 13, 1966
Sunset August 19, 2001
Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Below, these are some of the photos that were sent to me by my little sister.. Some I have never seen and some I forgot what they looked like, but the middle picture is when she had her 18th birthday which is 32 years ago.. Such a lovely young woman.. Oh, and the picture with the little boy is her brother, Eric whom she adored.. Marjorie is 11 or 12 in that picture..

Marjorie is about 10 years old here.

On the left, Marjorie is about 16, and on the right, she is about 12 years old.

This is the one from Marjorie's 18th birthday.

Marjorie with her beloved brother Eric. She is about 11 or 12 here, he is about 1 year old.

This time of year is so hard on all of us with winter still being pretty brutal, until you look out and see the beauty of the trees decorated with white snow frosting and the crystal snowflakes shining and sparkling in the sun.. This is what grief is like with the brutal pain of grief's waves and storm crashing down on us and than the reprieve of rest after the storm.. May this represent the progress we go through to the next level of releasing our pain to see that there is some joy
left here to see and feel..

Winter's Struggle for Spring

As the winds blow and the snowflakes fall
I remember my child as her name I call
She remains forever in the fresh crisp air
With golden hair and eyes and smile so fair
She is a treasure no one can compare
My child for me is far beyond rare!

In the brutalness of life's winter storms
My heart forever will mourn
The never ending storms
Of grief that was born
From this winter's journey the heart is torn
With pain and agony of not being
with my child I will remain forlorn

But for the fresh air of relief of spring
My heart will be able to sing
And take new wing as I cling
To the reassurance of HOPE
To make me a fresh new cloak
Of joy seeing the new birth
Of what God has for us on earth
Until heaven comes to meet with us
With them again in paradise and their worth
Things that were asleep in the earth
Will wake up and bring great joy and mirth

Our memories will bring us new found joy
And bring us hope for the new spring ahead

For all the parents who struggle with winter's harshness!!
God bless and give you His peace!!
Hugs, Norma Jean mom to Marjorie Mae Bowen

To You My Darling Daughter, Marjorie

Since that tragic day you'll have been gone sixteen years,
My heart is sadly missing you and my eyes still have many tears.
I yearn for you and wish you were here,
My heart aches for your presence to be near.

Remembering your gift for the great out of doors,
Touching each rose with such love that pours
Out from your inner self,
Because your talent in God's nature begets great wealth.

Hummingbirds, butterflies all dance with you there
Your love for them cannot compare
To the beauty of you being among them so fair
You stand out like a precious jewel so rare.

So in remembering your uniqueness and your zest for life
I can see you are out of all earthly stress and strife.
I am wondering how wonderful it must be in heaven's vastness,
The angelic music and the smells of delight
Keep us from feeling hopeless and helpless
Knowing we will see the great Light
Of glory come calling us home
To be with you in heaven some sweet holy night.

MARJORIE, My love will never die for you
My memory will be ever sweet
To meet you in heaven and walk on transparent, golden streets.
Keep safe and warm in Jesus' bosom, my dear precious grown child
Remember my heart is entwined with yours and with your smile.

I love you, adore you and miss you every new day,
Just listen to my mother's cry and hear me say,
"MARJORIE, my heart is with you when I pray"
Eternal peace, dear first child, my beloved daughter.

Your mom forever
Norma Jean
August 19th, 2005, revised 2017

These are seven beautiful gifts for Angel Marjorie from Angel Rob's mom, Marie.
She also made many of the other gifts for Marjorie on this web page.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

This very special gift with Marjorie and so many of our Angels is also from my friend Marie.

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Angel Marjorie from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

Spend Christmas In Heaven

We’re wondering what Christmas in Heaven is like as we grieve alone and pray,
Longing for one who has gone before to spend Christmas in Heaven today.

And so in our dreams we wander far from the scenes and sounds of earth
‘Til we hear the sounds of the Heavenly choir singing of the Christ Child’s birth.

The Angels we envision there as they join in their merry way
And there amid the throng is our Loved One spending Christmas in Heaven today.

There’s joy in the faith that teaches when our life’s work is done
Of a place in Heaven awaiting and the crown we worked for is won.

In our grief may we learn well the lesson as to work and suffer and pray
As to merit the joys of our loved one and to spend Christmas together some day.
~Author unknown

I'm thinking of your angel this Christmas Season
and I know how much you long to see her face and her precious smile.
So I hope this little gift will bring you a smile as we remember
our sweet precious angels with Jesus this holiday season.
I Love you!!!
Linda, mom to Angel Tina

Misty Christmas Memories

Gentle snowflakes touch my face
As a tear trails down my cheek
Among crowds and glistening tinsel
Your face, I once more seek.

Another year has come to pass
With not once glimpse of you
Except in dreams, you visit me
In shades of hazy blue.

Christmas time will soon be here
I long to see your face
Just once again, to see your smile
And dream of your embrace.

Christmas time is boxed up
In tones of purple hue
It's wrapped in misty memories
And laced with thoughts of you.

Written By: Marilyn Ferguson ©1987

I'm thinking of your angel this Christmas Season
and I know how you long to see her face and her precious smile.
So I hope this little gift will bring you a smile
as we remember your sweet angel spending Christmas with Jesus this blessed holiday season.
I Love you!!!

Tina's Christmas Page

Hi Norma Jean.
Here is a Christmas Gift for you hope you like it my lovely friend.
Saying bye for now sorry for the short email to you.
Love you bunches Norma Jean.

My Friend Tibby

Our Christmas Angels

These are beautiful Thanksgiving gifts to Angel Marjorie from Angel Rob's mom, Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

Above are five Christmas gifts to Angel Marjorie and her mom Norma Jean from Marie and her Angel Rob.

Rob's Mom, Marie, made this Christmas gift for Rob, Marjorie and some of their angel friends.


Marie also made these three animated versions of the Angel Christmas tree, and she made sure to include Marjorie on them.

These is another Angel Christmas tree made by Marie.


I miss you my dear, precious first child,
Marjorie is your sweet name.
From heaven you were received from
A beautiful gift from God you came.
The Lord took you back again
And from my heart so full of pain
I am your mom and yet not the same.
Remembering your zest for life,
Your young years full of fun and games.
I miss your smile and laughter
And the adventures you had over the hills and plains.
You could not rest in your zest to explore,
Never knowing where you went
Brought discomfort in my heart and more.
I know now you rest in the land way out beyond,
And it comforts me that you are with the Savior.
Makes my heart yearn to be near you even more
And it makes my heart grow fonder,
Of the land way out yonder.
Heaven is where you stand
With the Lord's hand in your hand.
I love you, my daughter and first child
And I will always miss your presence here.
Sending love, peace and blessings, Your MOM
Written August 2004 by Norma Jean *Marjorie's mom forever

Her full name is Marjorie Mae Bowen born April 13, 1966 and passed through waters to get to Jesus on Aug. 19, 2001. She loved the out of doors and its freedoms. She had a green thumb especially with roses. She could root them and make them grow.. Her love for birds and nature and especially her small dogs, Jack Russell's. They were her children. She also loved hummingbirds. She would send me them all the time and I would send her some back. I think the theme would be her freedom to see this world through nature. She would not let any animal go without trying to help it along the way.
She was an avid swimmer and the water was her most favorite place to be whether in the ocean not far away, creek, river or water slide.. Isn't it amazing that what she loved most
was the vehicle to take her to heaven...

Marjorie at 35 a short while before she passed away.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me this I know,
Because He went to the Cross,
I did not have to go.
Jesus loves me by the way
He laid down His life for me
So I could gain real life and be set free.

Jesus is the sweetest name for my ears to hear.
Jesus has always shown He cares
And wiped away each new tear
As I let go one by one all of my fears.
Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Because His Word says He will never leave us.

The holy Father sent Jesus His Son
To give me a victory over the battle to be won.
Each new day as I let Him take control,
He says He'd bring me new life
And make me completely whole.
Jesus loves me this I know
This little song I'll sing wherever I go.

As Jesus gathers me up in His arms today,
He leads me and says love words as He hears me pray.
Jesus loves me this I know,
Jesus says He will never let me go.
Eternal life, His purpose to give
Himself for me that I might live.

Jesus, You are my true Love,
My Husband, my Friend.
I am looking forward to being with You
Til life on this earth ends.. ~*~
written by Norma Jean Kimbel
on Marjorie's 35th birthday, April 13th ~*~ 2001

I wrote this Jesus Loves Me poem just before her 35th birthday to a lady who had lost a leg and was very sick
and I thought of my daughter and her troubles...

Marjorie in Manhattan, NYC.

If tears could build a staircase
And a heart could make a lane,
We'd walk the path to Heaven
And bring Marjorie home again.

This photo of Margie with her sister Karen and her brother Eric was taken
at my mother's passing.. in July of 1999.


As the pain in our hearts never ceases, our love for them only increases..
The holidays bring memories and delight,
But with our sad hearts we feel emptiness instead of light.
Our hearts are sensitive to the worlds rush
The gentle breezes try to speak with a hush
We need to be quiet and just listen to the earths peaceful sounds
See angels dancing and the joy of clowns.
But our heart hurts too much to see the great celebration
All around is one magic jubilation..

We've come to a place in our lives that only we know
That others are hurting and the holidays come and go..
We must reach out to those who need care
For our purpose now is to be able to share
Our hope in new purpose to touch each new life
With hope and excitement of the coming eternal life.
To remember we are not alone in our sadness
We each carry within us some word that brings gladness.
To take us away from the hurry and madness..

So reach out and touch someone who is lonely and blue
Bring comfort and hope out of your own grief and gloom.
For it is in sharing those hurts that life seem less bare
Telling some one you love them and will always care
Bringing them more hope and just being there..
To cry on their shoulder and stroking their hair..

Some how in this challenge of these holidays
We can see God's hand of mercy coming our way.
So wrap up your gift of love to give someone today
And bring hope in your own heart, a blessing to stay.
Our children are sending us angel kisses from heavens domain
Telling us we soon will walk up to them on heavens lanes..
by Norma Jean mom to Marjorie Mae

I am remembering my Marjorie who is so fulfilled in heaven
and is so free to be her true self..
She dances in the sweet smelling breezes of heaven..
She sings with the angels and swims in the River of Life without a care or sorrow!!
For this I am forever grateful!!

Loving you more today, Marjorie Mae
Caring for you with a mother's heart
Of love that will never depart..
I love you, MAGITUDES!!!
Norma Jean mom to Marjorie Mae

You're in my heart today on Marjorie's heaven day
To Remember and honor her on this day
is to keep your precious daughter forever alive
God has not forgotten us. He has carved us in the palm of His Hand.
Ann, Laurasmom

" I read your poetry and some of the other poetry as well,
and I have to say that your poems were so absolutely beautiful
and touched me so deeply.
They were written straight from a broken hearted mother.
I am so happy to present your website with My "Beautiful Poetry Award"

"Your entire website touched me so deeply
with the music and graphics and for all the beautiful photographs of Marjorie throughout her life.
I would like you to have as a special gift from me to you
"You Have Touched My Heart Award"
Laurasmom, Ann

To Norma Jean and ANGEL Marjorie


Softness of the skin
Sweetness in the smell
Nectar of the fruit
Tender in the heart
Dancing in the eyes
Uplifting in the smile
Tickle of the touch
Joining in the love

Truth in the speech
Love in the laughter
Primal in the scream
Soft in the whisper
Quick in the mind
Fair in the sentence
Brave in the confrontation
Joining in the love

Graceful in the sleep
Careful in the search
Deep in the sorrow
Strength in the sickness
Giving of thy self
Rich in the health
Kind in the giving
Joining in the love

Written By
Lee Henry Aguilera
Sue-Anne's ANGEL

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

Thank you to My Bestest Buddy for working so hard to create the beautiful background for this page and also for all the wonderful frames that you made
for many of Angel Marjorie's photos.

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"Norma Jean, I am so very sorry about your precious Marjorie. I lost my Jason six years ago. Please know that my heart is with you. I lost my precious Mom two years later. Her name was.......MARJORIE MAE!!!!! Take good care!
Hugs, Lynn (Robertson)
PS I made this for your Marjorie....not my Mom"

My Jason

This is a loving gift for Marjorie from Linda.
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