In Loving Memory of
Laura Ann Kimble
November 5, 1968 - October 19, 2002

The fourteenth year has now arrived
As I think back to all the days gone by
when you were here beside me
We lived our perfect lives
With so many plans and things to do
We had no clue that a day would come
That I'd be losing you, or you'd be leaving
Or that I had to watch as you slowly slipped away
and then stopped breathing
With every breath I take I will remember you
How can thoughts of you be left behind
When you forever live inside my mind
Every day, all night long and in my dreams
You're part of me and your memory
Brings to mind things that used to be

How shall I go on? Is there a way?
Breathing is a lot of work to do each day
The daily struggle to live and still go on
Always remembering the day that you were born
How can I return into a world that for me
appears so very wrong
Where now I'm weak and can't be strong
With every breath I take, I will remember you
Locked away in a secret corner where no one else can see
The way I grieve and
the bleeding hole where once a heart had been
Were you taken because I made a mortal grievous sin?
Can it be that I am punished by an angry God
For something that I did or not being what I should have been?

With every breath I take, I will remember you
The earth stopped spinning long ago
The day I died with you;
Then lost and wandering in the night
in my dreams taking flight to places I don't know
Never able to find my way back home
I'll have to wait until another season comes
To bring me over to that distant shore of mystery
where you have gone
I will remember you till then and so
Your memory will live on
Laurasmom (c) 2006, revised 2016

This mother's heart
Has known much pain and sorrow
Just in knowing you will not be with me tomorrow
God's Word tells me that on one sweet day all this will end
And in the brilliance of His Face
My heart will mend
But for now my sweet and precious child
Just wait for me around the bend
Where troubles are no more
And there I'll have you back again

Laurasmom (c) 2006

If you ever think of me
Please see me as I am, not as I used to be
A desperate mother drowning in an ocean filled with tears
No difference the amount of years
He comes and lifts me from this ocean
From which there's no escape
Where I could sweetly drown myself
Not looking back, regretting my mistake
I cling to this Savior's Hand
As I feel the waters rise above my head
He brings me back to see the road ahead
He walks the path of sorrow along with me
And leads the way that I must pass
One day; one day my dear sweet angel
I will see clearly and not through some glass darkly
That blurs my vision now to where I cannot see
And there this tear filled ocean will recede
And through my spirit eyes I'll see you
Waiting in the heavens just for me
Laurasmom (c) 2006

"Be not afraid, I go before you always, come follow Me and I will give you rest."

This special gift for Angel Laura is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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