In Loving Memory of
Laura Ann Kimble
November 5, 1968 - October 19, 2002

This is the Story of my Angel Laura's ADC experience
Laura's Papa Angelo and her were very close. She loved him just as much as he loved her. She was truly the apple of his eye. In 1989 when Laura was just 21, he suddenly became very ill and then passed away that summer. Laura was right there with him when he crossed over to the other side. He died with his beloved granddaughter right there with him. Laura was very heartbroken over his passing and treasured all of her memories of him.

Laura's Papa Angelo, what a handsome man!

Several years later, sometime in the mid 1990's, Laura called me one morning and told me of a dream she had. She insisted it was not a dream but that it really happened. She told me that while she slept she went across the veil and saw her Papa. He was dressed in a white suit and he was all aglow. He seemed much younger then when he had been alive. He always had snow white hair but in the dream his hair was dark and she said he looked absolutely beautiful. Right behind him was a swinging door, much like the old time saloon doors, and behind that door she could see a light that was impossible to describe in human terms. She said, "I've never seen anything like it before, I just cannot explain it in words." When she tried to approach her Papa, he held up his hand and stopped her and said, "Don't come any closer, it's not your time yet." and then she woke up. She described a scene to me that she could not even put into proper words. She said it was not something that was of this world. She told me she was positive that she saw her Papa and that he spoke to her. Little did we know then that her soul was already trying to go back home. What stands out most in my mind about this dream is that light she tried to describe to me. She just couldn't describe it. I believe she actually had a glimpse across the veil. I have no doubt in my mind. Laura was not a liar. Not ever. I know that her beloved Papa was there waiting for her and while he was filled with joy, it only broke our hearts. Until we meet again my beautiful child.

Laura with her two babies.

This is Laura's NDE Experience

Laura passed away on October 19, 2002. Sometime around a year and a half before that, she had a dream. In the dream she found herself on the "other side" as she put it and I was with her. She said she could not remember one thing about what it was like, that she was just there and I was with her to escort her over. This was how she explained it to me. Then she turned around and I was gone and then she woke up. She said she was gasping for air and that she felt her heart had stopped and she got a peek across the veil. She swore to me that this really happened and that it was not a dream but very real. She was insistent upon this.

The morning of Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 8:30 a.m. Laura drew her last breath on this earth with me holding her hand, and telling her to go on over and go to Jesus. Her dream was actually a premonition because it came true. I was with her to escort her over just as she saw it happen the year before.

These stories were very difficult for me to write about because they brought back such very painful memories. But I just wanted to let the world know, that there is a life beyond this one because Laura told me so.
Laura never lied.

Laura with her two nanas.

Nana's ADC

On the morning after Laura died, her nana was sitting in bed, wide awake, and all of a sudden, Laura's Papa Angelo appeared to her. Nana said he was shining and so bright and that she actually could almost touch him, and that she could even see the color of his eyes. He appeared for just an instant and then was gone and she was reaching to try to grab onto him. She said he had the most radiant smile she'd ever seen. I thought maybe it was a dream, or her imagination, but she swore to me that this really happened. I believe grandma. Nana doesn't lie. More proof of life beyond.

I wish to thank everyone for reading my stories and hope that what I have related here may help someone else on their journey
through their grief of losing a child.

Laura's mom
In Loving Memory of my Angel Laura Ann Kimble

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