In Loving Memory of
Laura Ann Kimble
November 5, 1968 ~ October 19, 2002

My favorite - photo of Laura when she graduated high school.

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Laura with my cat pepe.

You're Still Here
Performed by Faith Hill

Thought I saw you today
You were standing in the sun then you turned away
And I knew it couldn't be but my heart believed
Oh it seems like something everyday
How could you be so far away
When you're still here

When I need you you're not hard to find
You're still here
I can see you in my baby's eyes
And I laugh and cry
You're still here

At the dream last night
That you came to me on silver wings of light
I flew away with you in the painted sky
And I woke up wondering what was real
Is it what you see and touch or what you feel
Cause you're still here

Oh you're everywhere we've ever been
You're still here
I heard you in a stranger's laugh
And I hunger on to hear your laugh again
Just once again
Thought I saw you today
You were standing in the sun then you turned away

A Little Bit About Laura

Laura Ann Kimble
Born: November 5, 1968
Left for God's Kingdom: October 19, 2002
Married to: Michael A. Kimble, Sr.
They would have been married 8 years two months after she died.

Two children: Julianne, Age 6 and Michael, Jr. Age 2. - She loved her babies more than anything else on this whole earth.
Since she was a little girl all she wanted was to be a mommy. That was her dream. Her dream was fulfilled
but unfortunately wasn't meant to last very long.

The pictures above are of Laura with Mike.

Laura, Mike and Julianne

Laura with Mike again.


My daughter Laura was my best friend. We did so much together. Whenever she and her husband Mike and children went on vacation, they always took me along with them. And those were the best years of our lives. We were such a close family. Last July we went to the Seashore of New Jersey. Oh, what a time we had. A beautiful week, we laughed so much and we had more fun then we'd ever had before. She told me "mom, just in case
I don't make it, I want my children to have wonderful memories." Well, that week while we were away, as the week progressed I could see that
she was feeling more ill by the moment. Her surgery for the brain tumor was scheduled for the Tuesday after we returned from the shore.
All she started doing towards the end of the week was sleep, even in the middle of a sentence she would fall asleep right in front of us.
I had such a terrible foreboding. I just knew in my heart that she was much more ill then any of us realized. We went home on Friday, July 19th,
and as we left I had a terrible sense that something awful was going to happen.
That was the thread that connected us that made me feel this.

On Tuesday, July 23rd she and her husband Mike left for the hospital at about 5:00 a.m. in the morning, while I stayed home with the children.
I said nothing so as not to frighten her or make her worry, but something inside was nagging at me, something terrible that I felt. She was an extremely courageous person with so much stamina and no one would ever have guessed that she was afraid. She was always laughing, even the night before her brain surgery. Just like she was going to have a tooth pulled out. Well, that Tuesday I will never forget. We waited all day at the house, myself, her grandmother and her cousin Chrissie. We waited for any reports from the hospital. Around 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon her husband Mike called and told us that there had been complications during the surgery and that the tumor was wrapped around her Pituitary gland. I knew then that she was not going to stay with us. They removed the entire Pituitary gland. After that, she got more complications then the doctors had ever seen. Strokes, blood clots in her organs, brain swelling, seizures, loss of memory, agitation. She lay in the ICU for two solid months with not much improvement, at least none that I could see. Family and friends surrounded her bed 24 hours a day, seven days a week keeping vigil by her bedside. The doctors gave her a favorable prognosis. I didn't quite understand that at all. They said she would be fine, almost 100% fine.
I just couldn't believe what they were saying.

Well, finally she was sent to a Rehabilitation Center. A pretty well known one too. There she started receiving physical and mental therapy,
but I didn't see any improvement at all. She barely knew who we were, she was partially paralyzed, she had no emotion or awareness,
and she barely knew who her children were. I always knew it wasn't going to be good. Finally, the first time her daddy left her in the care
of the nurses, with the promise that they would watch her at all times
because she was such an agitated and incoherent patient, her daddy went home
to get some much needed sleep. During the night sometime, although we still don't know the circumstances, she fell according the the nurses,
three times on her already injured brain. With that she developed a large hematoma and had to have a third brain surgery.
They removed part of her skull to allow for the swelling.
She was hooked up to life support. By then, the doctor's finally gathered us all together and broke the news to us that her brain stem
was totally damaged and there was no hope left. She was going to die. The damage was beyond repair. They finally sent her to our local Hospice
where we would all go to watch her die. They disconnected all her life support and she lasted 5 days.

On Saturday morning, October 19, 2002, on the day of her husband's 35th birthday, we all stood helplessly as we watched her draw her last breath. This is my nightmare forever. This is a vision that will stay with me till I die. When her spirit left her body to go with the Lord, my spirit left with her. All that's left now is a shell. I look fine, but nobody's home anymore. I've long since gone. This is Laura's story. A girl who followed the rules
she learned in Kindergarten. Hold hands, be friends with everyone, be kind, and help one another. May God hold her close to Him in Heaven
until I can be there too. I live each day as though it were my last. Our loss of this Sweet Little Lady, as her daddy called her, has left us scarred
for all the days of our lives.

My Angel, sigh.....

Here is a beautiful photo of Laura's memorial site.

This is a more recent photo of Laura's memorial site, from Fall 2004

Laura holding Julianne at her Christening.

Mike, Laura and Julianne at Julianne's christening.

Laura never ever thought of herself. All she thought about was everyone around her. One of the most unselfish people I have ever met in my life.
She would put herself out for almost anyone. Had plenty of faults too. No angel, this girl of mine, but everyone else thought so.
We had our share of squabbling, but never for more than a few minutes, and then it was over. She prayed every night
and was a laughing joyful person that had so much fun in life.

Laura and her cousin Claudia at around age 18. They were ever so close. Claudia still tends to Laura's gravesite.

Laura and Claudia again, around age 18.

Cousin Claudia giving Laura a piggy back ride - They were so silly and had so much fun in the short years they had together.

You can visit Claudia's special dedication page for Laura here ~
Dedicated to My Beloved Cousin Laura, From Claudia

Laura at H.S. graduation.

Laura at 18 years old.

Laura at about 21 years old with her BFF Kim, having a beer which Laura never even drank. She never did have taste for liquor.
She probably was faking it :)

Laura and Mike in the corner with lots of good friends.

Laura and Mike sitting in the center of the couch with all their good friends.

Laura loved Celine Dion and loved doing crossword puzzles.

She also loved the show "Lord of the Dance" and we went to NYC to see it. She was so excited and loved it so much.
She even bought me the video of it.

She and her husband Mike watched the General Hospital soap opera that they had taped during the day, every single night.
She had been watching that same soap since she was 14 years old.

At night also she and Mike would go to bed at around 9:00 p.m. and play scrabble in bed or other games that they both enjoyed.
They enjoyed all the same things, like two peas in a pod.

I will take this as a personal sign.

Laura absolutely adored all of her grandparents, Her two nanas and two papas.

Laura with her two nanas.

Laura with my dad.

My friend, Bruce, made these gifts for me, using the photo of Laura with my Dad.

Laura's Papa Angelo, what a handsome man!

Her Papa Angelo died in 1989 and Laura held his hand while he died. She was his favorite of all. He loved her more than anything on the earth.
Now they are buried one in front of the other. She took her one nana shopping every week and truly catered to her every need.
She did this for everybody. Never thought of herself.
I used to tease her and say, when are you going to stop and have some time for you.

Laura and Julianne at Julianne's christening.

Laura had worked as a legal secretary at a law firm in New Jersey and was much loved by all the partners and other employees
and had so many friends. She was always with someone or doing something for someone.

Laura and Julianne

Laura and Mom.

Every weekend when I was home and not working, Laura would call me like clockwork, pretty early in the morning to see what 'our' plans were
for the day, shopping, me going there to just hang out, or whatever we wanted to do with Julianne who was only a little thing at that time.
We were the three Musketeers. Michael was not born yet. I always knew around the time her call would come in and I also wanted to take a bath,
sometimes a shower, but most times a bath. I would quickly get into the tub and wait for her call and knew to be ready to spring out of the tub
to run and answer it. She loved cartoons and all animated things and used to enjoy them so much. She loved the Charlie Brown cartoons
and characters too. She used to laugh when he would talk and it would come out like wah wah wah. So she started doing that just for laughs.
Then it became a regular habit with her
that when I was in the tub and she would call me, she knew exactly where I was,
so all I could hear on my answering machine when she left a message was 'wah wah wah wah wah wah'
I even laugh thinking about this because she did it so perfectly exactly sounding like Charlie Brown.
It was just so adorable and so funny, and her humor was so very unique and infectious. Every single time I was in the tub that call would come in
from her in the same way with the wah wah wah wah wah wah. It was Charlie Brown calling me :)
:'( Charlie Brown has long since left for his eternal home. I wish I could hear it again just the way she did it. I wish......:')

Laura and her dad. He is such a broken man, maybe this will comfort him
to see these photos on the site.

She adored her dad, her brother Stephen and she adored me, her mom.

The two photos above are of Laura with her big brother Stephen when she was about 1 year old.

Laura again at about 1 year old.


This evening a memory came to me as I was doing things around the house. Laura popped into my head, unbidden, but there it was. It was her 6th birthday, November 5th around 1973 or so. She had wanted beautiful earrings in her little ears and it was such a big girl thing to her. So, I went to pick her up at the bus stop after school. I can still see her coming down the steps of the bus, just six years old in first grade. I told her mommy has a big birthday surprise for you and she was so excited. Then I told her we're going to get you earrings and have your ears pierced. Oh the excitement how can I forget. But, she was also very afraid, because she understood it would mean needles going into her ears. I told my baby, not to worry. Mommy will be there with you.

We went and I wish I could remember where we had it done, but it must have been in one of the places that was piercing ears at the time, they were just starting to do them in the stores back then. Can't remember which one. She was a little trooper, scared to death, but held mommy's hand squeezing it so tight and then Voila! It was done. What excitement. She was thrilled to pieces my little baby girl.

Of course I always had a big birthday party too, but not sure when I had that. Either day before or day after, maybe same day. I always baked fancy cakes, with candy, lollipops and all the character figures on them and I always made three tier cakes, very fancy. I was quite the baker back then. I can't believe that was me then, and I can't believe this is me now. :'( Gone are those days and let's face it, you cannot hug a memory. I'll take it with me to heaven. I wanted to share this memory with all of you. Thank you friends for reading my memory.

Laura and Mom in November 1994.

Stephen and Laura were very close with one another. He is three years older then she, he will be 51 in November.
Her death has left him filled with sorrow and pain.

I miss getting the Yankee Candles that Laura always bought for me. Now I have to buy them for myself, not the same anymore.


We shopped a lot together and spent lots of time together or on the phone. She would call me about 2 to 3 times a day
and I would call her at least 1 or 2 times a day. Now how's that for closeness huh!

Laura and Mom on couch when she was 17.

Laura again with Mom. Laura was in her early twenties here.

Laura loved everything Disney. She had a huge collection of memorabilia and was a collector. She'd gone to Disney World with her dad
several times, once with friends, once with her husband and she would have kept on going for the rest of her life. She just had a thing for Disney.
I can't look at anything of Disney without being reminded of her. She was just a kid at heart even at age 33 years old.
I miss you my girl until we meet again.

I took this photo on one of Laura's anniversary dates.

Laura's Angel pin that I bought from Angel Pins By Rosemary

These are some of the lighthouses that I collect in Laura's memory now.

Laura and Julianne.

Two of the few photos we have with Laura and baby Michael alone, he is 16 years old now.

Laura spent every minute of her day with her two babies. She never wanted to go out in the evening or have a babysitter
because she didn't want to leave her children. She was an extremely devoted mother.

This is a loving gift from my dear friend Cuppy.

Laura, Mike and Julianne.

Laura's husband, Mike, made this model airplane in her memory.

I'm Still Here

Please Mom, do not stand at my grave and weep
I wait at Heaven's Door with all the memories that I keep
Weep not for me, I rest in tranquil places
far beyond what you could know
Be still and hear my voice within your soul

I am not gone, I'm still right here with you
So very close to me and seeing all that you still do
Be not afraid of where I've gone
You cannot even dream of things I know
A Place of beauty I now call home
I see the Face of God with songs of Angels
That sing for me alone

Celebrate the life that I once lived
Keep in your heart the song of love I give
Remember me and keep me close to you
But not with tears, and not because my years were few
But just because I live a life that's new
A place with no more tears or pain or sorrow
Weep not my mom, for we shall meet tomorrow

Written in Memory of Laura Ann Kimble
November 5, 1968 to October 19, 2002
By Laura's Mom

This photo is of Laura's two children, Julianne and baby Michael, and the older boy is Joseph, Stephen's son, Laura's nephew, and Stephanie,
who was so very close to Laura's heart. Stephanie and Joey would come out to New Jersey several times a year and stay for a week at a time
at their Tete's house. Laura even wanted them to live with her. Stephanie was 10 when Laura died and she took it very badly
and the loss for her was tremendous. Joseph was only 8 and I don't think he fully understood the whole concept of it.
The four cousins were very close, but now never really see each other anymore with Laura gone.


My little great grandson Tristan Maxim, who will be four years old in March. He is just the cutest little thing. These are him with just a few of the Christmas presents we sent him this past Christmas. Sponge Bob bank from cousin Michael, and Mr. Potato Head from cousin Julianne.

"Be not afraid, I go before you always, come follow Me and I will give you rest."

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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Maria's Tribute to Christopher

Jason, Our Gift From God

This set made for Laura with love
By Ann Simmons,
Jason's Mom Forever.
Set made with pictures provided
by Laura's Loving Mom, Ann.
Please do not take.
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