In Loving Memory of
Justin Anthony McCoy
April 29, 1984 - June 25, 2003

My Dearest Justin,

Sweetheart it is so hard to believe that you have been gone from me for nearly 14 years now. I miss you so very much and long to see you again. The pain is still very hard to bear some days; every holiday is difficult because you always liked doing something for all of them. I can go on and on about special days that you would have been excited about, our birthdays, you loved birthdays. I thought of you on Motherís Day, you were usually the first to wish me Happy Motherís Day and I got up while the others were still asleep and check my email and one of the dear ladies had made a Motherí Day page for me from you and you were still the first one to greet me that morning, I love and miss you so much, I miss cupping your face in my hands and kissing that sweet face of yours and feeling you hug and hold onto me so tightly like you used to do, I miss your smell. I know God knows what he is doing, but I so wish I knew why you had to go. Baby I can go on and on about how much I love and miss you each and every day, something always triggers a memory that gets my mind to thinking about you and all the you would be doing right now and sharing with us. Ben will soon be having his thirteenth birthday since you have been gone, he will be 28, and I can hardly believe that either. He is growing up so much and such a fine young man, I am so very proud of him and I know you are too. You and he are so much alike, you have always been a fine example for your brother, he misses you deeply, but he just handles things in his own way. Sweetheart Mommy will always think of you everyday and long to be with you. My love for you will remain as strong as it has ever been. Please stay close to me and let me feel your presence from time to time. You will be in my thoughts
on this your fourteenth Heaven day.

Love, Mommy

Justin's mom said that "This woman looks like I feel a lot of the time..."
which is why she asked me to include it here.

These are two beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Justin from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

This special gift for Angel Justin is a gift from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

This beautiful gift for Angel Justin is from my friend Janet.


In the silence Mom you hear me,
In the silence I am here.
In the silence you can feel me,
In the silence it is clear........
That my spirit hasn't left you,
I am just a thought away,
You can see me in the shadows,
Anytime you look my way.
Look for me in the sunshine,
And in the stars at night.
In the wind, trees and flowers,
Everything that is in sight.
Talk to me, say my name,
Know that I'm still here,
In my death I have a new life,
And one day it will be clear.
So talk to me and look for me
In everything you do,
For I haven't gone so far away,
I'm really right next to you.
~ Author Unknown


Now that you're gone, where do I go to see your fair smile
to hear your tingling giggle
to smell your dank hair after a swim
to listen to your questions
to touch your gentle cheek
to feel your bear hug?

Where do I go to share all my years of wisdom
to find someone who'll tell me the truth
to answer the phone that won't ring
to tell you I'm sorry
to know that I am loved

I shall go to the pictures that hold you forever
to the books we shared
to the music you taught me to love
to the woods we explored as one
to the memories that never fail
to the innermost reaches of my heart
to where we are always together.
By Marcia Alig
TFC, Mercer Area Chapter, New Jersey

Thank God, Jesus Saves!

One year ago you left us,
without a chance to say goodbye.
Your body slipped beneath the water,
but your spirit soared beyond the sky.

Safely home with Jesus,
never a worry or a care.
Enjoying the splendor of Heaven,
Earth has nothing with which to compare.

Oh, how our hearts ache,
the pain and grief cannot be told.
But, just knowing you're in Heaven,
is worth more to us than gold.

Life goes on here without you,
yet, you're a part of all that we do.
We cherish each and every memory
and we do our best to honor you.

We love and miss you so very much,
to hold you again, we can hardly wait.
So, if we could ask of you a favor,
"Will you meet us at the Eastern Gate?"

We are all so anxious to see you,
with our love to once again share...
We will tour that beautiful city,
with all of our loved ones there.

But, for now, we must trust Jesus,
for He always knows what's best.
He used your life to touch so many,
family, friends and all the rest.

We await that happy reunion,
where we'll experience Heaven's bliss.
And all throughout eternity,
our loved ones we'll never again miss.

So today, we'll again remember you
in very special loving ways.
With hands raised in praise toward Heaven,
we'll "Thank God that Jesus Saves!!!

All My Love,
Aunt Debbie
(In loving memory of our beloved, JUSTIN.) 6-25-04

....the one's that we've lost, still go with us in spirit
we will remember them
in the faces on family, their presence still lingers
we will remember them
in the dreams they once nurtured, they still shape our future
we will remember them
in the hearts that embrace them, they live on forever
we will remember them
as daybreak and nightfalls, as long as there is memory
we will remember them

We Do Not Need A Special Day

We do not need a special day
To bring you to our minds
The days we do not think of you
Are very hard to find

Each morning when we awake
We know that you are gone
And no one knows the heartache
As we try to carry on

Our hearts still ache with sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No one will ever know

Our thoughts are always with you
Your place no one can fill
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still

There will always be a heartache
And often a silent tear
But always a precious memory
Of the days when you were here

If tears could build a staircase
And heartaches make a lane
We'd walk the path to Heaven
And bring you home again

We hold you close, within our hearts
And there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again

Our family chain is broken now
And nothing seems the same
But as God calls us one by one
The chain will link again.
Written by Connie Dyer

The mention of my child's name
may bring tears to my eyes,
But it never fails to bring music to my ears.
If you are really my friend,
let me hear the music of his name!
It soothes my broken heart and sings to my soul!
~ Author Unknown ~

Justin with some of the loved ones who sadly went before him... clockwise from upper left: Grandma Rakes; Jeremy McCoy, he was a twin that passed in 1980,
Justin never knew him but is really close with his twin brother; Justin and my grandmother, his great-grandmother, Ruby Rakes; Justin's great-grandmother Carrie McCoy;
Justin's great-grandfather Fred McCoy; Justin's grandfather Hiram McCoy.

"Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened."
~ by Charles Dickens

"I am so truly sorry. Your Justin looked like such a very sweet boy and I saw all the friends he had. That alone speaks for itself. He must have been a darling person.
We are left here in sorrow, with suffering hearts that only a mother can really feel.
I made this little gift for your sweet angel and I will remember him
and I say his name so that he will be remembered and forever loved for the person he was.


God's Angel
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

In Remembrance of your beloved son Justin
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

Dear Missy

Missy, your ANGEL Justin is with you
He hasn't left you for ever
He is just away for a while
Look up at those stars
One of them is Justin's
It is his window
He see's his loving Mom
He smiles and waves at you
Open your heart Missy
You will feel him
He is also waiting for you

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

'A New Pool Table, And Mountain Bike'
Enjoy Angel Justin

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera



Exodus 19:4 -
I bare you on eagle's wings, and brought you unto myself.

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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