In Loving Memory of
Justin Luke Scancarello
June 9, 1982 - April 17, 2004

Justin Luke born on June 9, 1982.
Weight: 6 lbs. 15 oz.
Born @: 11.31 a.m.

As you can see, I still have his baby sign.

He was a happy loving child. When he was 3 he had on angel costume in a pre-nursery school
and was in a play. He was the ham of the show.

Justin and his mom.


Justin loved cereal - His favorite was Frosted mini wheats. I could never stock enough.
He loved life in general. He absolutely loved steak and Peter Luger's steak sauce. I believe
this was Justin's favorite meal.


Justin again with his mom.

Justin loved cars. Especially Mazdas. I have his old red Mazda that I could never sell. Justin could get any car started. He was a great car mechanic. He went to school at Lincoln Tech, however was shy of finishing.
But he still had a gift with cars. He was my mechanic. He changed the oil and always was under someone's car at our home. Oh God, how I miss him.

The three photos just above are of Justin and his dad.

Justin's girlfriend was Jen. They were together for 3 years.
I truly believe that she was the love of Justin's life.

Justin and Jen at the Prom.

He loved music. He had such a collection of cd's. I have them all. He listened to mostly rap
and a little bit of everything. I remember him playing a song by Justin Timberlake (Cry Me a River).
God, I always heard that. (Which is why we have this song playing on here.)

Justin at the Prom.

His smile was breathtaking. His looks incredible. He loved sports during school
Basketball, baseball. I have many trophies he won.

Justin in High School.

Justin was so picky about his hair. He used to use the blue gel that I purchased always at the dollar store and he had to have that gel. I still have it.
I have to have a picture of his gel on his web page.
It is called "Softee Super Gel."

Charlie and Justin with their Dad.

Justin has a brother named Charlie. They were very close
even though there was an 8 year difference.

Mom, Justin and Charlie.

Charlie and Justin having fun in their younger days.

Justin in Florida.


Justin loved playing video games on Xbox or Sony Play station. He was such a light of lighting. He would run in the house, and out he would go.
His birthday is June 9, 1982. He would have been 33 this year.

This special gift for Justin is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site

Justin and his dog Sammy just loved each other!

These two pictures above are my favorites of Justin from when he was little. We were so extremely close. He was my little pal and I was his big sister. Anyway, Justin was and will always be very special to me,
he is my beautiful Juddy Buddy. That is what I called him all his life. Even when he hit his teen years, it sounded so babish, but he never minded. He has left a huge void in my heart.
Love always, Maria (Linda's niece)

My New Normal

I hate this new normal. I want the old one back.
When the four of us were together and
there was nothing I lacked.
All your birth dates were imprinted,
on my memory when you were born
Now, with this new normal,
I have a death date, too, that I mourn

Our family, once of four,
to what I thought we'd always be.
Never, never ever thinking,
That one day we'd only be three.

Yes, I hate this new normal,
we didn't plan for this at all
Your future is now just past memories
and sometimes too painful to recall.

I used to feel one hundred percent,
but now the most is seventy-five.
The joys and hopes that I now have
are minus one quarter, my child died.

There are no more celebrations,
only 'occasions' that we share.
We adjust to our new normal,
because you're no longer here.

You don't walk through the door any more,
your laughter we do not hear.
The only thing I can hope for now,
are my dreams to bring you near.

Yes, I hate this new normal that
just came & settled in
I hate, I hate, I hate you.
want the old normal again.
~ Author Unknown

Justin's last words to me were Good Night Mom, I love you.... see you tomorrow.
I'll never forget that...

Justin's Angel Pin by Carla's Angels.This Angel Pin carries a couple of CD's and a wrench over his shoulder because of Justin's love of cars and his plans to become a mechanic.
He has a heart of gold engraved with his name and his birthstone beneath. He is wearing a cap on his pearl head.
He is holding some CD's because Justin also loved music and had a collection of CD's.

Our family.... as it used to be.... as it still should be now, sigh.

Justin in 2004.

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Christmas In Heaven

These two Christmas images above are gifts from my dear friend Judy for Justin.
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I Celebrate the Life of Justin Luke



I looked at your Justin's beautiful webpage and it just about broke my heart.
I know your pain all too well. I also lost a beautiful daughter in 2002
and the pain of this loss is beyond any human understanding.
I breathe one minute at a time
and my heart and soul are torn to pieces.
I have yet to face this and it will be going on ten years since my loss.
Justin was such a handsome young man
and I know how you miss him and the longing in your heart.
I am here for you if you need me.
May God walk with you every day of your life.

Linda, I'm thinking of you and your son Justin.
I am so sorry and I just want you to know that you will be in my prayers.
God will carry you through.
With My Love
I cry with you
Ann, Laurasmom

In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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