A Poem for Baby Joseph

Little Joseph, so close by us
Over such a short, short time,
Season's pace so quick to fly us
Like a silver Christmas bell chime.

All around the world kept busy
Searching, striving, out to gain.
While all your life amid this dizzy
Was spent in puzzlement and pain.

We here below have got to try
To understand our great God's plan.
And do our best to not ask why
In hopes that we will understand.

And so we say goodbye for now
As slow we are to take our part.
While over the moon still jumps the cow
And you, little man, live in our hearts.

Our faith is strong and real and true
Based on Jesus, once a Babe.
Though your years were just past two
Heaven's key to you Christ gave.

Time, only time may yet reveal
The reason why this came about.
But Love, which alone all hurts can heal
Enables Hope, which casts out doubt.

Rev. Leonard N. Peterson
Christmas Eve morning, 2003

Meet Joseph's new baby sister, Victoria. She was born monday aug 21st,
and her picture is below.

These special birthday, Easter and Valentine's Day gifts for Angel Joseph are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

These are three beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Joseph from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

This is Joseph's Story.

On Feb 21st I took Joseph to his pediatrician. They said he had an ear infection, gave Joseph medication and sent us home. Joseph was 21 months old at the time
and never really was sick.

As the week went on, he continuously fussed, his balance was off, he was vomiting and never really wanted to move from the sofa. I knew as a mother something else was wrong. A few days later, I took him back to the ER because he was not getting any better. I just never thought someone days later
would tell me he had cancer.

A friend of my husband's was working that night and took very good care of us. All his labs came back normal - chest xray okay and abdominal films okay as well. Maybe he just had a really bad ear infection that was causing his balance to be off and the continuous vomiting. The doctor wanted to keep Joseph overnight
to evaluate his neurological state.

My husband left the hospital that night around 11:00 p.m., because he had to work the next morning. Joseph had a very nice ER nurse and friend looking out for us. I told my husband I would call him in the morning. The ER doctor later that night, asked if he could get a ct scan. Since Joseph was so tired,they thought they could get the scan without sedation. I asked the ER nurse if he would stay with Joseph during the ct scan since I was pregnant at the time, and would not be able to hold him down. The ER nurse agreed and actually went in the ct scanner with him. I sat with the ct tech, while she scanned Joseph and I still do not know how she sat there so calm knowing the size of the tumor that was in my son's head.

I was still in the ER with my son at that point. Joseph and I fell asleep on a stretcher. I remember waking up with the ER nurse coming in. I remember his face...he had tears in his eyes,and he said he called my husband to come back to the ER, but did not tell him what was wrong. The doctor came in and told me that Joseph has a very large tumor in his head.
I will never forget that moment as long as I live.

I had Joseph in my arms, and I did not know what to do. It was all happening so fast. The doctor then told me they already called Children's Hospital,
and an ambulance was on the way to take us there.

I just wanted my husband to get to the hospital. I couldn't believe the doctor told me this devastating news without my husband present. The ER nurse said, Chris, I'm so sorry. My husband arrived at the hospital, and I remember the look on his face when he came in to the ER. He was as white as paper. I had to tell him
the worst possible news about our precious little boy.

My husband's friend drove him to Children's Hospital, and I rode in the ambulance with my son. We got to Children's Hospital around 3 a.m. We were so afraid, not knowing what was going to happen next. We were taken to the ICU, so we knew it was serious. The nurses were so nice from the minute we arrived. An MRI was scheduled for Joseph that same morning, and we had to meet with the neurosurgeon that same day. We sat in his office waiting for our world to come down around us. He walked in, and he held no punches at all. He said it didn't look good. Joseph had a type four cancer even without doing surgery and a pathology report. He told us if Joseph did not get operated on tomorrow, he would die within days because the tumor was so large, measuring 7.5cm. After hearing this news, we had to call our parents which was awfully hard.

The day of the surgery was March 4th, and what a day that was. We cried most of the day. Finally,the surgery was over. Joseph was brought back to ICU. The doctor met with my husband and me, and said at that time were only able to remove half the tumor because we almost lost him twice. My husband and I were not ready
to give up without a fight, and I know Joseph was a fighter as well.

Joseph spent the next few days in ICU. We had met with the oncology doctor even before Joseph's surgery. At that time, we had forgotten that she did introduce herself. My husband and I were so overwhelmed with everything that we had no idea. It was because of her we made it through so much that we did. She really helped us get where we needed to be mentally. We will never forget some of the things she would say to us, there is hope till there is no hope.
If love could cure Joseph he would be healed.

I remember saying to her, I just want to take him home,
and she said you will get to take him home.
We will never forget her .

Joseph recovered great and moved on the oncology floor, and that was hard to take. After all, you are seeing all the sick children, and now your son is one of them. The week after surgery followed a lot of testing, in preparation for chemo. Joseph started a very hard chemo cycle for his type of cancer. We were told it was a very rare cancer called atypical teratiod/rhabdoid tumor. He was scheduled for 51 weeks of chemo, he only made it through 19 weeks. Chemo was hard,
he had his good days and bad.

His 1st MRI showed improvement, and he had his 2nd resection of his tumor
May 24th. He did great. We went home two days later.
He really was an amazing kid.

On June 6th, I had my son Nicholas, and on June 18th, Joseph started radiation. He went through 6 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week,
with sedation every day.

His next MRI was on Sept.11th, which also showed improvement. They were unable to tell if there was post scar tissue or a little tumor still left. We felt as if we were truly blessed at this point, since he had only a 40 percent chance of making it through this. We fell in love with him more and more every day of his life. Joseph was so special from day one. He want through so much with the treatments and blood transfusions. He was so good through it all.

Joseph went for more chemo during Oct. and Nov. We were going to postpone chemo for the month of DEC., so he could have the best Christmas. He deserved it so much. The beginning of DEC, he become ill and the doctors felt he had some stomach bug. I knew something else was wrong. He never had been this sick since his surgeries, so when he started vomiting again I was so afraid. He went
in the hospital for a few days and we were sent home.

We had also decided to postpone his MRI scheduled for DEC until Jan., but a that point I wanted an MRI right away. The test was one hour long, but it felt like 12. Joseph's doctor came out and said, she wanted to show us something. She showed us the MRI, and said our son would die of his disease. His tumor was back, but this time it was all over. At that time she could not give us any kind of time frame. That was the second worst night of our lives.

We had the choice to keep him in the hospital or take him home. We did stay that night, but took Joseph home the next day. We had home nurses come out to help with the medicine he needed. Joseph always loved to hold your hand, and he never went without someone's hand to hold. His grandparents and all of the family were always there with him. We decided to have Christmas for him DEC. 19th,
a tree, lots of lights, and many presents. Even Santa came to see Joseph.

Joseph died in my arms DEC.22nd. He was the angel on Jesus's Christmas tree that year. I know people say he is pain free and in the most wonderful place imaginable, but that doesn't take our pain away.
We miss Joseph so very much.

My brother was getting married on Oct.24th. We were so afraid that Joseph would not be okay for the wedding, but he was. We were able to stop chemo for that week, and we were so glad we did because he had the night of his life. It's as if
he knew that would be the last night he would spend with these people.

This is a beautiful birthday gift for Angel Joseph from my dear friend, Danielle,
mom to Angel Romelo.


The song Wind Beneath My Wings is the one we danced to at my brother's wedding.
I had it played for the two of us, Joseph and me.

Joseph loved to eat pancakes and he loved to dance how cute he was. He loved the phone and remote controls and the vacuum cleaner.


Joseph's favorite TV show was The Wiggles.

Joseph had the most amazing smile that lit up any room and melted many hearts, especially his parents and grandparents. I spoke to one of his nurse practitioners recently, and she said she can close her eyes and picture his flirty eyes.

Joseph's brother Nicholas is now 10 months old. Joseph passed away when he was just 6 months old. Joseph loved to help feed Nicholas, hold him and kiss him. One of the most adorable things he used to do was, when people came to visit,
he would point to his brother and say, baby... he wanted you to know
that his brother Nicholas was there.

Joseph will always be Mommy and Daddy's hero forever.

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Thank you to each of the following wonderful ladies for helping me find this lovely Enya song
for Angel Joseph's web page, "If I Could Be Where You Are" ~

Thank you to my dear friend, Rosemary, for Joseph's photo animation
and for some of the little birthday gifts for this page. And thank you also to my friends, Joyce,
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My husband and I have established a endowment fund in memory of our son at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Our donations will go to families in need who have a child with brain cancer. Please help me in my quest to help others in need. I've been there. If anyone is interested in donating please e-mail me with your information. Thank you. Angel Joseph's Mommy

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Dearest Sweet ANGEL JOSEPH

Your site really touched my heart, but had to write to you about how I feel. You were such a beautiful baby, and grew into such a handsome little guy. I loved the photo of you on your birthday where you had a birthday hat on, a few other photos where you were on the floor with your brother, what a big brother you would have been. I loved your dodge truck, good taste, and my favorite color too. What a handsome little man you were in your suit. But Joseph what really really touched me was what you went through, but never really complained, what a little fighter you were, I know your Mommy, Daddy, everyone was so proud of you, so am I.


To Christine and ANGEL Joseph

When you left me
My heart just broke in two
What do I do now
Being that I don't have you

My days are bad, my nights are worse
I talk and dream of you all the time
One thing I won't forget My ANGEL
Is that you will always be mine

Mommy I am still yours, forever
But just in a different way
When GOD calls you home
That will be your day

Mommy I am not too far from you
I live just beyond the crest
All my new friends that I have met
Keep saying that GOD only takes THE BEST

Written By
Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

A small gift for the Polisi family on Angel Joseph's Birthday. What a terrible, terrible sin to have such a young baby be so sick. My prayers and blessings to you.

Joseph's Mom
For Joseph
This Darling Little Angel Touched My Heart
May God Give You His Peace
And Be With You Always
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

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Joseph's Mom
Your poetry for your baby is awesome. Your words are so beautiful and loving. Please accept this most precious award from my heart. God bless you.
(Graphic created by Linda Rice)

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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