In Loving Memory of
Our Baby Butterfly
Jordan Helen Boston
7th Nov 2002 - 8th Nov 2002

Today is your fifteenth birthday,
How we wish that you were here,
To hold you and to kiss you,
As we sing a birthday cheer.

We can not send a present,
We can not share a cake.
So we send to you in heaven,
This message for today,

We love you and we miss you,
We wish that you were here,
Happy birthday angel,
Happy birthday Jordan dear.

Love always Mummy, Daddy,
Braydon, Kaleb, Montaya, and Jack.

Darling Jordan,

It only seems like yesterday that you entered this world and so quickly left us. Not a day goes by without thoughts of you and the wish that you were here with us. Your fourteenth birthday is such a special day and the fact you are celebrating today in heaven is so heart breaking for us all.

These past fourteen years have been an emotional roller coaster for me and I am sure the only thing that has helped me to get this far is the love and support of our family and the fact that you may be absent in body but I know you are here in spirit with me.

I was so happy that your special rose bush flowered in time for your birthday and I hope to have your butterfly garden finished soon.

I hope you have a lovely day with those who are in heaven with you and I know your Daddy, Nan,Pop and Uncle Jamie will ensure you have a special day.

I gave birth to your baby brother Jack in March several years ago, and I know that he is your special gift to us and he will always have you looking after him from up above.

We love you Jordan and we miss you and your Daddy more than words can ever say. I hope the balloons we send today reach you safely, they are full of love, hugs and kisses for you baby girl.

Love Mummy, Daddy, Braydon, Kaleb, Montaya, Jack
and all your family and friends xxxxx

Today it is your birthday,
yet it also brings a tear,
as this happy day is clouded,
by the fact that you’re not here.

So we’ll send our love and kisses,
and a great big birthday cheer.
To you, the girl we always hold,
so close and oh so near.

As the candle’s blown out on your cake,
we’ll make a wish and quietly pray,
that you’d come back from heaven,
that you were here again to stay.

Today the sky will twinkle,
just to show us you’re ok,
to show us that you’re happy,
and your party’s underway.

Have a super special birthday,
for you that’s what we pray.
We love you and we miss you,
so much more with each new day.

This beautiful gift for Angel Jordan's birthday is from my friend Janet.

Dear Kylie

My Heart is holding yours.

Lee ~ 4ever My Angel

My Angel Son Michael



A friend can hear a tear drop.

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