In Loving Memory of
John Joseph Mullins
Born to Earth November 23, 1964
Born to Heaven October 6, 2002

In The Hands of God

A Christmas Story

It's been a while since you've been gone
Sometimes, it seems like yesterday.
I still can feel you close to me
Although you're far away.
I'm lost without you, I want you near
Why did you have to go.
The love I have for you my Son
Still continues to grow.
God knew what He was doing
The day He called you home
He said John, you've hurt enough
Come join me on my throne.
I see you everywhere I go
I know you're still with me.
I want you to be happy
In Heaven, for eternity.
So please don't worry John
Although the roads been rough.
I'm stronger now than ever
You've held me up enough.
God Bless You John, and thank you
For all you gave to me.
My Gift to you my Son
Will be to set you free.

Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

John loved life and he lived each day to the fullest, and never met a stranger. Most of all, John loved God and his family.

As a child, John always helped those around him and it continued into adulthood, and he expecially liked to help the elderly, but he was always aware of anyone who needed a helping hand. He did his very best in extending that "helping hand."

John did a lot of volunteer work for his church and community. One of his favorite things to do was make Thanksgiving baskets and deliver them. He was constantly providing transportation for people who did not have a car or giving money to people in need or just stopping and buying food for the homeless. He would bring people home to shower and would always make sure they had something to eat before they left. John was very generous and kind. He was often known to work all week and then take his family out for a big dinner on Saturday night! John was the "life of the family" and the "joker."

But most of all, John wanted everyone to be treated equally and have the same opportunities. He fought and advocated for this cause daily. John's favorite symbol was the eagle, and he felt that, as we go through life's battlefield, (John was always on the front line), sometimes we get weary. John's dream was to renew our strength, mend our wings, and watch us soar!

John is very much loved and is sorely missed. God Speed, John, until we meet again.

John's Story

John passed away Oct. 6, 2002 He was 37 years, he leaves behind three children, and a family who loves and misses him so much. John passed away from side effects of his medication. The medication he needed would cost $1,500 a month. It had not become generic yet. John had no health insurance so he could not afford it. John's doctor put him on a medication that we did not know had deadly side effects. I'm a single Mom, and John lived with me the last few years due to his health. John was more then a son, he was my best friend also. There is not a day that goes by that my heart doesn't ache for him. Only a parent that has lost a child knows what we are feeling. John's favorite symbol was the eagle, and one of my favoriate songs that remind me of John is "I believe I can fly" by R. Kelly. That is why we have that song playing on this web page for John.

Most of all John loved God and his Family. There is not enough paper or time to tell of John's greatness and goodness. From a child, John loved helping people, he was always bringing people home, hitchikers, homeless people and anyone who needed a meal and a shower. As a young boy riding his bike in our newly developing sub-division, he would come home and say the construction workers were hungry and thirsty. We would then make sandwiches and drinks and he would take them to the workers.

John loved playing football, baseball and drawing as a young boy. John has two brothers; Donny, who is the oldest, John is in the middle, and Billy is the youngest. John has three beautiful children who miss him very much. Jonathan is 20 years old, Chris is 18 years old and Elizabeth is 9 years old.

John became ill with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis about ten years ago. As his illness became worse, and he could not work full time any longer, he moved back home. About 1999, as his illness became more severe, his doctor wanted to put him a new medication that could help. Because the medicine was new and not generic yet, the cost would have been $1,500 a month John had no health insurance and could not afford it. John's doctor then prescribed another medication that was affordable, little did we know at that time this medication has deadly side effects when taken in large doses and for long periods of time. A Heavenly Angel came and took John home October 6, 2002. Since then John's family has advocated, written to government officials and to President Bush about the discrimination of the poor, disabled and the elderly. This has to stop, we as Americans take care of everyone except our own. Everyone needs to stand up for this injustice and let their voices be heard. We will continue to fight for this cause as John would have.

In John's memory, his family has opened an outreach center in honor of him, we are a non-profit organization. We have a clothes and food closet, we help with the purchase of medication, transporting to doctors' appointments, and we help locate services and resources in the community. We have named the center John's Place.

May God Bless all the Mom's, Dad's and Families of your Heavenly Angels...
John, I will never stop loving you or missing you,
With every beat of my heart John I think of you
Until we are together again, GOD SPEED JOHN.

John, we hold you close to our hearts,
Forever you will be part of us,
Never To Be Forgotten


"I'll Be There"
When daybreak comes and the stars have fallen,
I will be there to smile with you...
When the air is calm except for a gentle breeze.
I will be the whisper you hear...
When the laughter and happiness of being with family and
friends leave for a moments time.
I will be there with a hug to guide you through.
When your heart is sad and you feel you have nowhere to go,
I will be there to comfort and talk to you...
When twilight comes and shadows fall,
I will be there in darkness to await the sun
to once more shine upon your face....
Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

This special Valentine's Day gift for Angel John is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

"A Love Story"

The mention of John's name may bring tears to my eyes,
But it never fails to bring music to my ears.
Please don't keep me from hearing the beautiful music.
It soothes my broken heart and fills my soul with love.
John, may God hold you in His Precious Hands through all eternity...
May you float with the angels and know perfect peace.
Always in our hearts and memories,
We love and miss you so much.
Until we meet again... GOD SPEED JOHN
Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

Dearest John,
You are in the words I write
Unseen, yet guiding my hand
Although you are far from us
In that far, far away land
You tell me to write of creations
The beauty of sun, sea and sky
You speak to me of joy and peace
In your Heavenly home on high
We'll always feel the void inside
Because you are not here
But each new thought you sent our way
Let's us know you're near
Our love will live forever
In every word I write
For our hearts became as one
When we said our last goodnight
I yearn for the promise
That I received through grace
TO one day soon gaze upon your face
So I will whisper a prayer tonight
Asking everyone above
To sing Happy Birthday To You, John
And send you all our love.
Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

I thank God for the time we had,
I thank Him for life, for it's good times and bad
For many years I traveled life's road
I became weary and tired of carrying that load
When my labor on earth I had to lay down
I went to retrieve my robe and my crown
It's hard to explain the beauty I see
And the beautiful mansion that He built for me
There's no more hurting or pain
As I walk along His side
And He'll pick me up on his white horse
And the both of us will ride
No matter how rough your flight in life may be
I'm right there beside you, as you were for me
As I slip into my spiritual shoes
My soul is healthy now
As I walk along these golden streets
I long to see your smile
I told you I would not leave you
My spirit is with you still
As you struggle to adjust without me
I love you now, and always will
So go on with your lives, I know it's hard to bear
Celebrate Mine, Donny's and Billy's birthdays
And I promise I'll be there...
Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

As I sit here at my window
At the beauty that I see
I yearn to see your smiling face
Looking back at me
If I could hold you one more time
My dream would have come true
To look into your gentle eyes
And say how I love you
There are no words that can express
The pain that is in my heart
The day our Lord said, "Come on home,"
And then we had to part
I loved you then, I love you now
And this I am sure you know
For the love a mother has for her child
Will forever continue to grow
So dear John, while we're apart
You're just a thought away
Until we meet at Heaven's Gate
On that glorious day
Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

One night I cried to Jesus
As I set beneath the tree,
I looked into the open sky
And hoped he would answer me,
I'am lost dear Lord
I've traveled far, but still I seem to roam,
Please light the way and lead me
I need to get back home
Why did you take my child Lord?
I cannot understand,
No longer can I touch his face
Or hold his gentle hand,
I am lonely Lord... I miss him
I am drowning in my sorrow,
Please help me heal my yesterday
And face each new tomorrow,
It was then I heard his voice
And felt his presence near,
How I wanted so to hold him
As I cried another tear,
He said "mom, I'm an angel now
My spirit will be free,
I'm an angel now in Heaven,
So please don't cry for me.
I was chosen by the Lord above
And now I'am in his care,
Whenever you want or need me
Just look and I'll be there
No one can ever take away
Our bond with one another,
I'll always be your precious son
And you'll always be my mother,
So if you cannot find your way
Or the road to home seems far
Just look up to the Heaven's
And I'll be your guiding star.

Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

Watching Over You

Have you ever seen a shooting star,
Or watch an eagle soar?
Have you ever listened to the raindrops,
Knocking at your door?
It's these things that let's us know,
Were saftly in God's arms.
Were children of the King of King's
Who protects us from all harm.
But someday He'll call you Home,
Because you work is done.
We'll meet Him at Heaven's Gates
He'll be brighter then the sun.
You won't believe the beauty here,
Or how happy that I am.
I see my loved one's all around,
As I'm standing next to Him.
He say's "welcome home John"
I have really missed you son,
Your family will be allright
We'll watch them one by one
So when you see that shooting star
Or watch that eagle soar,
It's me that's watching over you
For now, and ever more

Written by Margaret
John's Mom Forever

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.
And there shall be no more death
Neither sorrow. nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain
For the former things are passed away.
< Revelations 21:4 >

The Lord Welcoming John to Heaven

You are always in our hearts,
And just a thought away

How we miss you, Dearest John,
Margaret, John's Mom Forever,
Dad, Donny, Billy, Elizabeth, Johnathan, Chris, Family and Friends

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In Loving Memory of John
A Very Fine Gentleman in Heaven
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

Butterfly and candle graphics by Beverly Ribaudo

In Loving Memory of John
God be with you
Ann, Laurasmom

To John's Parents
I saw the beautiful web site Maria made and it absolutely touched my soul Your son John touched me. I read his story and I am so convinced he was really an angel in disguise that just came for a short visit and his mission was complete. What a beautiful soul he had. You were so blessed by having a son as wonderful as this. Your heart will forever be broken, but somehow we go on
and their memory lingers forever.
May God Bless and Keep You Now, Tomorrow and Until You and your son John Meet Again.
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

Margaret, Your poetry was so inspiring and beautiful, some of the best I've read. Please accept my award for your poetry, which was created for me by Linda Rice...

This award is for someone so special, that he had to leave and go home and when you look at this beautiful Heaven's Own Award, may you remember and know that John is there.
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Dear Margaret and ANGEL John

Your ANGEL John Will always be near
You will always remember The good times
Of him always being so dear

Margaret, he is still John
He is still your Son
Mom, forever until Eternity
You will always be MY MOM

He has not wandered too far
He lives now just beyond the crest
We have heard by so many ANGEL'S
GOD only takes the best
And that is what our ANGEL'S are

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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