September 13, 1971 - March 20, 1995

This beautiful gift for Joey is from our friend Paula.

Gone Too Soon
By Michael Jackson

"Like a comet blazing cross the sky
Gone Too Soon....
Like a rainbow fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone Too Soon....
Shiny and sparkly and splendidly bright....
here one day....gone one night.
Like the loss of sunlight on a cloudy afternoon
Gone Too Soon....
Like a castle built upon a sandy beach
Gone Too Soon....
Like a perfect flower that is just beyond your reach
Gone Too Soon....
Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight,
Here one day...gone one night.
Like a sunset dying with the rising of the moon
Gone Too Soon....

God's Promise: He will swallow up death in victory...
He will wipe away tears from off all faces...
Isaiah 25:8

"For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy
to be compared with the glory which shall (absolutely) be revealed in us."
Romans 8:18

Joey's gift above, song lyrics, and scripture verses lovingly submitted by Cathy Schultz-Girard, mom to Angels Kevin and David.

No matter how long our beloved sons have been gone, the pain is always there in our hearts.
May this day be as gentle as possible for you,
with many sweet and precious memories to help bring you some comfort,
and may God continue to grant you His peace.
Take heart in knowing that some precious day, we will be with our boys again.
Love and hugs, Saralyn

Robbie Smith Memorial

These are 4 loving gifts for Angel Joey from our dear friend Paula.

"He Only Took My Hand"

Last night while I was trying to sleep;
My sonís voice I did hear.
I opened my eyes and looked around
But he did not appear.
He said, ďMom youíve got to listen,
Youíve got to understand,
God didnít take me from you, Mom,
He only took my hand.
When I called out in pain that night,
The instant that I died,
He reached down and took my hand,
And pulled me to His side.
He pulled me up and saved me
From the misery and pain.
My body was hurt so badly inside,
I could never be the same.
My search is really over now,
Iíve found happiness within.
All the answers to my empty dreams
and all that might have been.
I love you so and miss you so,
And Iíll always be nearby.
My bodyís gone forever,
But my spirit will never die!
And so, you must go on now,
Live one day at a time.
Just understand-
God did not take me from you,
He only took my hand.Ē
~ Author Unknown

Joey's parents.

Joey's Dad.

This is a gift for Joey from my dear friend Linda.

These four gifts for Joey are from Gina.

This special gift for Angel Joey is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

This is a picture of my grandson freddie and me, at a balloon launch for my son.
See Joey's picture above me... he is watching over me.

Linda's daughter and Freddie.

The mom who made this beautiful gift for Angel Joey is Kevin's Mom, Deborah Wengert.

Dear Friends
If you have made a Easter page this year I have made a small gift for you....
Please have a Blessed Easter~
Love, CindyJo

Michelle Marie Greever

The 2 images above and also the 2 images below, these are my grandchildren. and see my Joey, he's right there.

My grandson Little Joey.

My twin granddaughters, Jessie and Jill.

My Joey

I just wanted to let you know a little more about my son. There are so many memories of my Joey.
Do you know, Joey was such a kind hearted boy. He just loved people, life...

I remember him coming home sitting at the kitchen table and he started to cry. Joey, what is wrong. my love? His friend who he grew up with had gotten Aids.
Just like Joey's Dad had when he passed. Billy, Joey's best friend, was a hemophiliac, and had gotten Aids. Joey went out and bought Billy's Mom a microwave
to make sure she heated Billy's food. Also a vcr so Billy can watch movies.
He even took Billy shopping for sneakers and clothes. I'm crying now just thinking about it.

Joey and Billy.

Joey with his best friends Billy and Anthony

Joey left, before Billy. Billy came to me everyday. We cried together, we laughted, we used to go out to dinner because Joey always wanted Billy to eat,
just so he stays ok.
But that is the kind of boy my son is.

Billy died the year after Joey left. I was with Billy the day before he left this world. He told me he saw Joey, standing in his room, a light around him.
But Billy just wanted to make sure it was ok with his mom and dad if he left. We were all crying.
And his mom said, "Billy, go close your eyes and know We love you."
So Joey took his best friend from when they were kids HOME.

Joey always had such a good heart. Even if he saw a little kid with old sneakers on, he would give the kid money and say, hey go buy new sneakers.
And he would smile. His friends loved him.
He would never take money from his friends. He always took them out to eat.
He was my SON.

Letter to Mom

Mom, please don't feel guilty
It was just my time to go.
I see you are still feeling sad,
And the tears just seem to flow.

We all come to earth for our lifetime,
And for some it's not many years
I don't want you to keep crying
You are shedding so many tears.

I haven't really left you
Even though it may seem so.
I have just gone to my heavenly home,
And I'm closer to you than you know.

Just believe that when you say my name
I'm standing next to you,
I know you long to see me,
But there's nothing I can do.

But I'll still send you messages
And hope you understand,
That when your time comes to "cross over",
I'll be there to take your hand.
Written by Joy Curnutt, always Jason's Mom

This is a picture of Joey and his mom...
This was taken just two weeks before he was killed.

In Memory of my daughter Heidi Allyn Reed

I Believe
Written by Skip Ewing and Donny Kees

Every now and then soft as breath upon my skin
I feel you come back again
And itís like you havenít been gone a moment from my side
Like the tears were never cried
Like the hands of time are holding you and me
And with all my heart Iím sure weíre closer than we ever were
I donít have to hear or see, Iíve got all the proof I need
There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, I believe

That when you die your life goes on
It doesnít end here when youíre gone
Every soul is filled with light
It never ends and if Iím right
Our love can even reach across eternity
I believe, I believe

Forever, youíre a part of me
Forever, in the heart of me
And Iíll hold you even longer if I can
The people who donít see the most
Say that I believe in ghosts
And if that makes me crazy, then I am
ĎCause I believe

That when you die your life goes on
It doesnít end here when youíre gone
Every soul is filled with light
It never ends and if Iím right
Our love can even reach across eternity
I believe, I believe

There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, I believe

In Memory of Carliser

Linda, You are in my thoughts and prayers as Joey's anniversary approaches on 3/20.
Hoping you will be surrounded by his presence and receive lots of signs from him.
Love and Hugs, Elena

In Loving Memory of Dennis Yarborough

A note from Joey's mom:
"To live through the day that our boys left is so hard. I just sit and look
at the clock all day. I remember when he smiled, he talked to me.
I remember him sitting down and having breakfast, with his silly laugh... taking a shower,
and getting dressed and saying to me, 'Ma does this look ok.' 'Yes, my love, my son, you look so handsome.'
'Oh Ma, I want to take you out to eat, be ready at five, ok. love you, Ma.'
And then the last kiss. Joey was killed at five. and I died that day too."

Easter Gathering 2010

Happy Valentine's Day From Our Angels

"When nothing on which to lean remains,
When strongholds crumble to dust;
When nothing is sure but that God still reigns, that is just the time to trust.
It's better to walk by faith then sight,
in this path of yours and mine;
and the darkest night, when there's no outer light,
is the time for faith to shine"


A Valentine For Joey


Thinking of You


Love you
Steffi Aaron's Mom, 2009
Our Angel Aaron

Thinking of you on this Valentines Day...
and all the other days that our child is not here to send us a beautiful flower...
so I have made one for you... from your child.
Have a wonderful day...and God Bless us all....we have survived a lot.

Jason's Page

For Our Angels on St. Patrick's Day

Halloween Party For All Angels

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

I LOVE this Halloween gift so much and want to share it with you all, please add to your Halloween sites
if you have one, gratis my friend Patti!
Love, cindyjo

Michelle Marie Greever

A Very Special Remembrance

J for the Joy you gave me in Life
O for always watching over me
E My everlasting Love for you My son.
Y You live in my heart and mind

Linda Angel Mom to Joey Scarpa

Thanksgiving Angel Gathering

Here is our Thanksgiving gift to you!
love, Angel Michelle and CindyJo

Michelle's Thanksgiving Page

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Angel Joey from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

Thank you to DJ for these 4 lovely gifts above for my Angel Joey!

These three pictures above are of Joey's daughter, Linda.

My son watches over little Jo Jo also...

The two writings above are Joey's sister's impact statement about his murder.

The Day I Lost You

Another anniversary of the day that I lost you
It's really very simple, that day I lost me too
Although I try to find the me that I used to be
I will never find that person, for she is lost to me

I know it sounds confusing to those that have no clue
That when you lose a child, you also then lose you
It sounds like one big riddle that I should work on through
But there is not an answer, not one thing I can do

Grief is what has come to me and changed me from within
It has burrowed deep inside of me, like it's a second skin
No one should live on this way but there was little choice
When grief was handed out to me, I didn't have a voice

I often wonder who I am since losing my sweet child
In the world in which I live in, I've been forced into denial
With every anniversary that marks another year
Are thoughts that come from others, that my pain should disappear

I am a mother who has lost a child on a tragic day
And with that loss it took my dreams, and visions far away
I would have chose to leave instead, for life is not so good
For all that ever mattered, was my son and motherhood

Written by Lyndie Sorenson
In loving memory of Joey Sorenson
©copyright July 2007

I am honoring the life of your wonderful son Joey,
he sounded like such a beautiful soul
and I know God took his hand and led him home.
You will be reunited again in heaven.
There really is no death and what we call death is really life.
We are just passing through for a while.
God bless you and I'm thinking of you
and I offer a prayer for your Joey that he may rest eternally in the Lord.
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

Angel Joey
Always Remembered
9-13-71 ~ 3-20-95

Dearest Linda,
On this day I honor your Son Joey
Our Lord led your ANGEL Joey Home
I with so many other Mom's have so many questions,
one day, Linda, we will find our answers, and be reunited with our ANGEL'S.

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera



Linda, Thinking of you in your sorrow and grief...

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying,
neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.
Revelation 21:4



My Prayers, My Tears and My Hand to Hold
Ann, Laurasmom

In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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Joey's memorial plaque from ~

Some of the very special images of Joey on this page are gifts from Vivian.

National Memorial Ribbon
The red and black ribbon was first designed in 1987 by Betty O'Donnell, parent of a murdered child and member of the Long Island, NY Chapter.
The red represents the violence in society and the black symbolizes death and mourning.
Angel pins are worn with the ribbons to symbolize the victims.

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