In Loving Memory of Heather Lynne Williamson
May 21, 1976 - April 19, 1999
And All Of Our Angels

Remembering Tina This Christmas

"The Christmas Stars"

Mom, don't be sad, tonight!
Mom, look to the Heavenly Skies, where I now, reside.
Mom, take a moment, and look at : The Christmas Stars,
Mom, really,really, look at the stars,
as they are a Gift from Me, to You,
and all of your AngelMoms,

Yes, Mom, these are your- Christmas Stars----------
these stars are from Me, to You, Mom,
These stars are a gift from Me,
and all the other Children in Heaven,
this year to all of their Moms,

Yes, these Christmas Stars are a special gift this Christmas, to You, Mom,
and all of your other AngelMoms,
from Me, and their Children, residing in Heaven, with Me,
When the night, gets darker, look into the Heavenly Skies,
and you will See Your very Own Bright Christmas Star, from Me, to You, Mom,

I haven't left you, Mom, I only crossed over to a much better place:
A place filled with Love, and so Peaceful, Mom,
Look into the Heavenly Skies as all "The Christmas Stars,"
are going to shine, so much brighter this Christmas, of 2004,
for you, and all of your AngelMoms' Friends.

Mom, I Love You, Now, and Forever!
Mom, tell all of your AngelMoms, to look to the Heavenly Skies,
this "Christmas Season" as their "Christmas Stars,"
will be shining for each, and every one, of them from their Heavenly Angelchild!

Mom, tell all of your AngelMoms,
that their Children, are sending them, each Heavenly hugs,
and their very own "Christmas Star,"
so please, look for us, Christmas time,
Our Christmas Stars are going to light up the Heavenly Skies,
with their brightness for our Special, Earth Moms,
I Love You, Mom,
Your Daughter in Heaven,
Heather Lynne

Written by Linda S. Morton for all of her dearest, AngelMoms' in her life,
since the passing of her beautiful, daughter Heather Lynne.

This special Christmas gift for Angel Heather is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

This was Heather in her LAST Christmas picture with her son Kiven.

I would like to wish all of my AngelMothers,
a very Wonderful, and Happy, Holiday with your family,
and your beloved son, or daughter in Memory with you, this Christmas Season.
I Love, You all so Dearly,
Love Gypsy/Linda,
Heather's Mom

Hi, Thinking of our families this time of year and wanted to share a poem about our lovely angels being with our Lord.. I hope this will bless you..
Thank You, Lord for giving me comfort through poetry.. In memory of all our beautiful children gone to be with the Lord!!

Stars of Heaven

Stars of heaven shining oh, so bright
Sending messages of our children that bring us delight
Filling our hearts with love from above
Sent to us each on the wings of a dove
The twinkling and glittering stars sent with their love...

Gently and lightly tickling our heart strings
Echoes of days gone by with whispers of singing
Our angels of heaven on many clouds are winging
They dance, they prance in the star light they are bringing...

Sending us joy from the universe yet not known
New colors of bright star lights for our delight will be shown
For they are sending us a glimpse of their heavenly home
By thrusting out stars beams of the heavens so vast
We can see them in glory and the perfect love they do cast...

Our children are those heavenly stars as we look afar
Into the unknown as far as we can see
The making of new hope and may we all agree
That the cascade of the array of majestic colors poured over eternity
Has masterfully been painted for all of us mourning we see
Our children in each sunbeam, and every wind that blows
The star lit crystal in each lacy flake of snow...

We catch them in the glitter and as the sun shines down on them to earth
Remembering the gift from the star lit heavens that came to us at birth
Our children are all aglow with the kaleidoscope of many colors in the star lit skies
We are watching them from a distance and their love for us still lies
In our hearts forever and we never say goodbye's...

For we will meet them each new day even with each tear or sigh
They are but a moment it time away for the star lit night
Sends us moonbeams as the clouds drift away give light
To the smiles of each bright star in heavens holy light...

Remembering our precious children gone just out of sight
For we see the star lit heavens shining with their smiles so bright
We are thankful for the moments we spent with them even if a few
For they are all shiny ornaments in heaven and now are all brand new...

Each child's name is written in the starry heavens above
God sending down from heaven His great, tremendous and immense love
To each awaiting the new moment of meeting
Our children we are greeting...

In the star lit galaxy so full of ecstasy we will shout with glee
That we have reached the starry place of contentment
And with our children we will be eternally
On one Star Lit Night so Bright...

God so bless you on your journey!!!

Written November 2007 by Norma Jean, mom to Marjorie Mae Bowen

Our Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels 2006

Christmas In Heaven

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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