In Loving Memory of
Heather Lynne Williamson ~
May 21, 1976 - April 19, 1999
And her cousins, Ariana Socorro Payne ~
October 18, 2002 - February 18, 2007
and Tyler Christopher Payne ~
November 15, 2001 - February 18, 2007

Precious Angels

Precious Angels were called to their Heavenly Home,
Trumphets were sounding on your arrival into Heaven,
Heather Lynne, was waiting at the heavenly gates for you,
both to welcome you, to your heavenly home,

Beautiful music was being sung by the Heavenly Angels
upon your arrival at the heavenly gates,
Heather Lynne, smiled at you, both and said: "Come Ariana, and Tyler,
take one of my hands and let's walk to the Garden of Paradise to meet your Heavenly Father,
You are the Heavenly Father, most Precious Angels!
Welcome Home, Precious Angels!

You are the newest rosebuds added to our Heavenly Home,
as your Heavenly Father, needed both of you, here,
Your Heavenly Father, called you, both home to your Mansion in the heavenly skies
as you are both needed here as our Precious Angels, as you have lots of work, to do here.
written by Linda S.Morton
@ April 2,2007

Poem for Jamie

Jamie, do not cry as you are not alone,
Your Precious Angels are always with you,
They will always Forever be near you!

Keep their Precious Memories, in your Mind, and Heart, Forever!
Treasure their Pictures, and the wonderful Memories that you had together
as Thru the Years, the Pictures, and Memories will Comfort you!

Your Precious Children will Always be Near You, watching You,
from their Heavenly Clouds, and sending You, Heavenly Hugs,
and Butterflies Kisses upon your Face,
so when you feel a light Touch across your Face, or Cheeks,
just Remember that you were just Kissed by your Children, from high, up above.........

Your Children will Forever remain in your Thoughts,
and in your Heart,
They will be watching over you, daily, from their heavenly clouds,

You shall see them, both together again, when it's your time
to be called to your Heavenly Home, by your Heavenly Father,
Ariana and Tyler, will be waiting for their Mommy,
to join them, someday in Heaven,

Until then just remember that that your precious, sweet children
are always with you, watching over you,
Love doesn't die, Love just crosses over to the other side,
and Love is infinite -
Love just keeps growing,
so remember that you are always loved by your beautiful daughter Ariana, and your handsome son Tyler.

Written by Aunt Linda, in Love for Jamie,
@ April 2,2007


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