In Loving Memory of
Heather Lynne Williamson
05/21/76 - 04/19/99

Jesus Called Heather Lynne Williamson Home on April 19,1999

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Angel Heather from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

Heather, come it's Jesus, hold out your hand my child,
take my hand as the Heavenly Father, is waiting for you, in Heaven, today, April 19,1999.........

Heather reaches for Jesus's hand then stops, turn her head away from his, and stops, and looks back, can't go yet what will happen to my little babies sons, and to my Mom????? They will be so torned apart especially, my Mom, what will happen
to her???? what will my death do to to her? She worries about me, and my sons so much....
I worry so much about my sons, and my Mom!

"Heather, it's okay trust me, take my hand as your time on Earth, is over! You have completed your Life's Purpose,
it is now time to return to heaven to your Heavenly Father.

As Heather, takes Jesus's hands and walk thru the bright, white Light, she looks back once, and said: Good-bye just for awhile my sons, and I will Always, Love, and Watch over you, dearly! I Love you, Xavier, and Kiven........

Mother, you will be OK... as Jesus, has promised this to me.........Remember Mom, I am always with you, in thoughts,
and in your heart, and your precious memories of us, together...

I'll be forever watching over you, Mother, and until it is your time to cross over, and return to your heavenly home.

Love Forever Mother, your only daughter Heather Lynne, you know what! I am referring to in this signature.......
We shall be together forever in time!

Written by Linda S. Morton March 23, 2007

I just want you, today: April 19, 2010, to know that I Love, and Miss you, so much my precious Heather Lynne, that words could ever say how much that I have ever Loved you, in Life, nor in Death, you were my only daughter,
and truly, my Best Friend Forever!

Life is not Fair,and you were just at the Peak of your's my Sweet Daughter at Twenty-Two
you were just starting to fly, and soar with your wings..........

Letter to my Darling, daughter Heather Lynne,
9 years later,I still see your face,hear your laughter in my mind,and treasure all the precious, memories of you,
and our Life, together......

I Loved you,then, and I Love you, more today, Heather Lynne, on your 11th Heavenly Anniversary,
today, April 19, 2010.

Not a minute, second, day/night goes by that you are now in my thoughts, and in my heart. Your murder has left an empty void in my Life, my heavenly Sunshine-You, were taken away from me, I Lost my Only Beautiful Daughter, and my Best Friend in my Life, I celebrate your Life today, and all the wonderful joys that you brought to me,
your smile,
your teasing way,
your echoing laughter,
your teasing pranks on me,
oh! the fun, and Laughs that we shared together,,,,,,,,
we were a Mother, and a Daughter-Team, that is for sure.........

Your teenager yrs. you brought many trials into my Life, but eventually you got the message-that Mom, was right, she did know what! she was talking about, and only wanted the best for her daughter, those yrs. were ruff for us, but slowly you grew up into a very sweet, gentle,loving women and we found our paths again together even though we were 5,000 miles in U.S.and you, in the Caribbeans' Islands-Puerto Rico.......

I would give anything to have you, back, safe, and sound, and all the collected phone calls, but that is not possible so I wish you, heavenly peace, my darling daughter Heather,

I love you, so much, and looking forward to the day, that we will be united together in Heaven.
Love, Your Mom,
Written by Linda S.Morton
March 27,2007

Heather Lynne, you were always the brightest Sunshine, in my Life, my greatest Inspiration, I lived for you, and when the evil pycho murdered you, my heart was torn open forever, I have never been the same since. I have often wondered if you were still here, if you would of married Teddy, if you would of ever had those 3 other children that you want so badly, if you ever would of returned to college, got your physical therapy license, etc....
so many unanswered questions....... but they really do not matter now!

You will always be my daughter! and you will always remain in my heart, mind, and in my soul,
until we meet again in heaven!

These are two beautiful gifts for Angel Heather from Donna, Corey's Mom.

Spring is here : FLOWERS ARE BLOOMING, Birds are Singing,
Air is getting warmer, Days are getting longer,
April Showers are here too, grass is starting to get green again,
Birds are building their nests again,
Easter has come,and gone...

One more day, and it will be 11 yrs the day that you were taken away from us, by that evil, selfish man,,,,, I still hurt 11 yrs. later for all the pain, and suffering that you had to endure that morning by his hands, What a Glorious Blessing that the Lord, took your Life, so Quickly, that you did not have to endure any long lasting pain and suffering
which is comforting to those of us, left behind.


Our favorite place in the whole world to go, and a place that we spent so many hours, weekends, and earlier evenings together sitting in the sand, laughing together, digging in the sand, building sand castles to the skies......

Walking up and down the coastlines, searching for sea shells, or tiny flat rocks, we had to haul home, for you to keep for yrs.and yrs. which I hold as valuable treasures now, close to my heart!

You loved to run up and down the beach, letting the wind run thru your long hair, laughing your heart out, gathering so many shells and tiny rocks, you would be losing half of them, before you got back to me. I would have to get up, and come to help you. We would have to go to the car, and look for a container, or plastic bag,
to put them into until we got home,
I miss those days, but I especially miss my best friend, my daughter Heather Lynne....... so very much!

You liked the private beaches the best, and the alone times, with just me! Those were your favorite times... You called those days, Mommy, and Heather, special times together.......... but you also liked taking your friends with us, when we went to the boardwalk, so you had company, and someone your age to ride the rides, that I hated to ride. Those were the huge, rides that usually made my stomatch sick!!!! You loved cotton candy, pizza, sodas, french fries........
you were always hungry,
but ate like a tiny bird, and never gained much weight at all........


When we lived in Delaware, also New Jersey, we always lived close to the beach so we could always go there to swim, or just to sit on the sand, and watch the Ocean, for hours, at a day which we both loved to do..... I miss the Ocean, maybe, someday, I will move back to it. Now, just for now, I like living in the Mountains as I feel closer to my parents,
as I have lived here since 96, off and on.

I am remembering your life, and celebrating your wonderful life with wonderful precious memories of happier times with you, my Heather Lynne. I am hoping that you will be sending be a sign on April 19th
on the Heavenly Anniversary of some kind to me,
to let me know that you are thinking of me, as much as I am thinking of you, precious one.

I am sure that you are surrounded with pappy, MumMum, Mum, great-dad, great-mom, and your little sister,
little brother, Ariana, Tyler, and all your new heavenly-angel-friends...........
a great day of celebrating of your life.................

As the many stars that twinkle
Throughout the heavens above;
You will forever be a bright reminder
Of what it truly means to love.
You are dearly missed and greatly loved...

Love from Tina's mom, Linda
My Tina's Site

I know you are not crying, I know you,you are smiling,and laughing....................
which I miss the most of my sweet Heather!


Death is only a doorway,
To a life, with God above.
A place full of happiness,
And a place full of Love.

There will be no more sadness,
No more grief, or any pain.
Our days will be filled with sunshine,
No one, will be left out in the rain.

There will be no more hunger,
No more sickness or death.
No more alcoholics, or drugs,
No Heroin, Coke, Crack, or Meth.

There will be no more murder,
No more innocent children will die.
No one, to ever again be homeless,
No more hatred, no one will ever lie.

Heaven is a place of beauty,
Jesus left this world to go prepare,
And if we ask Forgiveness,
We have a place waiting there.

This earth has been a journey,
For some, Life hasn't been so kind.
But not a single one of us,
Has to be left behind.

God opened the doors to Heaven,
Just get down on your knees.
Ask His Forgiveness through prayer,
And God will hear your pleas.

You have many loved ones,
Waiting for you, on the other side.
Don't deny God the Father,
Or His Precious Son that died.

His Son Jesus, will be the judge,
On that great judgement day,
You will never meet the Father,
If the Son sends you away.

The poem above is Copyright by Brenda King, 2006. Dedicated to Nicole, or anyone who has lost a loved one. Just remember God took them Home, Earth is only a time zone that we have to pass through to get to our Eternal Home!
Glory to the Father and the Son, Amen.


Blues of waves, rolls in, splashes water against my bare toes,
cool water sprays aginst my face, from the gentlest of the wind across my face,
The sunshine is streaking in my eyes,
A fresh of air blows across my hair,

For a brief moment, I feel a presence as I am not alone,
I am not afraid, I feel total warmth, comfortable, total content!
I feel so serene...............
I feel that my child is sitting beside me,

I cannot see her, but I do feel her presence right beside me,
I look towards the right of me,
I see nothing, but a soft, deep impression in the sand,
Yes, she is here with me,
Thanks, dear Lord Jesus, for sending my Special Angel to me,
Today, of all days, to me,

Written by: Linda S.Morton
Mom, to Heather Lynne Williamson
Copyright 04/16/06@



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Dear Angel Mom
Your beautiful girl Heather really touched a spot in my heart.
Your relationship together brought the memories back to me
of my own bond with my sweet Laura, who I will ache for till the day I leave this earth.
God bless you and bring your heart his peace.
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

A small gift for Angel Heather's Page and for her mom Linda.
May God bless and comfort their family.


Dear Linda
Your Heather was a Beautiful Young Lady
Now like so many Beautiful ANGEL'S
Always watching over you, and especially her Beautiful children.

Dear Linda
I would love to share a poem with you,
one of many that my ANGEL Lee wrote


Softness of the Skin
Sweetness in the Smell
Nectar of the Fruit
Tender in the Heart
Dancing in the Eyes
Uplifting in the Smile
Tickle of the Touch
Joining in the Love

Truth in the Speech
Love in the Laughter
Primal in the Scream
Soft in the Whisper
Quick in the Mind
Fair in the Sentence
Brave in the Confrontation
Joining in the Love

Graceful in the Sleep
Careful in the Search
Deep in the Sorrow
Strength in the Sickness
Giving of Thy Self
Rich in the Health
Kind in the Giving
Joining in the Love

Written By Lee Henry Aguilera~~~Sue-Anne's ANGEL

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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