Heather Lynne Williamson, 3 days old.

Today, is my beloved daughter Heather Lynne's 41st year. Forty-one years ago today you were born to me, your Mom, Linda Morton.
You were a very quick delivery - we no sooner got to the hospital, that you were born 15 mins. later...

Oh! what a beautiful baby girl you were: you were 7 lbs.and 5 0zs. You were fair complexion, coal-black hair, and the bluest eyes, which didn't stay with you, your hair turned to a dark reddish brown, and big green eyes within 6 mos. time.... Oh! how funny Grandpop, looked in a green gown holding you, him being such a big man and you were so tiny in his arms, he looked like a Dr.....in his fancy, green gown. He was so proud of you, he kept holding you,
up toward the light, and admiring you...

Oh! what a wonderful day that God gave you, to me,
You were my precious, little girl,
you were my tiny, sweet baby girl,
You were fresh like a breath of fresh air,
you were my Joy, my Sunshine,
you looked as beautiful as a flower so thus is where you got your name: Heather,
You filled my life with so much Happiness,and Joy,
You were deeply loved, and you are deeply missed my darling daughter,

Happy Birthday, Heather Lynne,
Happy 41st Birthday my dearest daughter,
May your 41st Birthday in Heaven, be the grandest of all your birthdays,
May the Angels be singing beautiful songs to you, all day long,
May you have the grandest of birthday with your little brother, and your baby sister,
your grandparents, great-parents, all your cherished friends from Earth,
and all your new Heavenly Angelfriends that you have met thru the last 18 yrs...

May you have the largest chocolate cake that you have ever seen,
and may it be the sweetest chocolate that you have ever tasted as I remember the sweet taste that you had for chocolate----just like your Mom,
I would love to be at your Birthday Party watching you, smile, and laugh,
Watching you lean forward blowing out your candles on your cake -
seeing the look on your face!

Happy Birthday, Heather Lynne,
Happy Fortieth Birthday to you,
May you have a wonderful Day, my blessed child,
With Love, Your Mom,
Written By : Linda S. Morton, revised 05/21/17

We Are The Survivors
written by R. Wright

There are those of us whose mothers have been taken from our arms,
There are those of us with children
we could not keep safe from harm.
There are those of us who've lived to see our fathers lose their lives,
And each and every one of us survives.

We are the survivors, left behind to carry on.
We are the survivors, joined together we are strong.
We will speak out for our loved ones who were not given a choice.
We are the survivors, hear our voice.
Maybe some of us have brothers who were here, but now they're gone,
You can ask about our sisters, because their memory is strong.
We are sons and we are daughters, we are husbands, we are wives,
And each and every one of us survives.

We are the survivors, left behind to carry on.
We are the survivors, joined together we are strong.
We will speak out for our loved ones who were not given a choice.
We are the survivors, hear our voice.
Maybe some of us have brothers who were here, but now they're gone,
You can ask about our sisters, because their memory is strong.
We are sons and we are daughters, we are husbands, we are wives,
And each and every one of us survives.

With a part of us that never heals, and a fear of the unknown,
There's a strength in knowing through it all, you're not alone.
We are the survivors, hear our voice.

"We Are The Survivors" was written and composed in 1993 by Richard Wright. It is performed by Kim Tewksbury whose father, Monte, was murdered in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1983.
A gift to POMC from Kim and Rick, the song is a message of hope and healing.

Heather, age 4.

Heather Lynne Williamson was a very precious, sweet caring young woman in life, who embraced life to the fullest! Nowhere did she travel that she ever met a stranger! She was always smiling, laughing, dancing, joking with others. She was like a breath of fresh air! If you were upset, or hurting, she could smile at you, and brighten up your world in seconds. She was such a happy person with such gorgeous eyes that saw the world so differently than we did! She did not see the bad in people only the good. She loved everyone; people/children of all ages, loved animals of all kinds, during her life we had birds, cats, puppies/dogs, hamsters, fish...Her personality was so bubbly, and her laughter was so refreshing as she would laugh, and the laugh would actually re-echo back to your ear sounding like music.

These two special gifts for Angel Heather are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

Heather in 3rd grade.

Heather saw the world in Rainbows of Happiness. She loved her family; her baby son Kiven, Xaxier, her older son, Mom, her brother Mike,
and her grandparents dearly, and her special friend Teddy.
She loved her friends dearly especially; Jamie, Chastidy, Joanna and Donnell.

Heather was such a gifted young woman in music, she could play any musical instrument, read sheet music, could sing, and dance. She could speak, read, and write Spanish. She was very good in her job skills at the Outback Restaurant in Puerto Rico, where she was employed. She had 5 promotions within the two and half years that she was employed there. There is a brass plague hanging on the wall in that restaurant with her name on it for excellent services to the restaurant, and the company which brought joy to my eyes to see her name on it. She loved her family greatly: her Mom, her brother Michael, her grandparents Ed and Irene Morton, all her aunts, uncles and cousins. She was never married, but she did have two beautiful little boys later in life. Xavier, 9 yrs. old today, who has her temper, and her happy, bubbly personality, and her son Kiven, who is now 6 yrs. old and has her face to a Tee. I cannot say much about these precious boys as they have both been kidnapped since her murder. I haven't seen Kiven, since 2002, and haven't seen Xavier, since last May of 2003. Heather left so many wonderful memories for me, that I treasure dearly. And I have so many beautiful pictures of her, her boys, and her friends as she was always taking pictures....

Heather Lynne, 1st cheerleading picture, Freshman Year.

My Heather was an excellent student all thru out school, she was a cheerleader her sophomore, and junior yr. of high school, she played softball, she was always in school plays, and musicals, she did stats for the wrestling games, she was on a dance team for her school football team, she was a member of the Explorer Club at Fort Monmouth Army Base Eatontown, New Jersey, during her high school yrs. She worked part time, and full time jobs while attending high school, her junior and senior year. She love to play video games, loved to read books especially mystery, and horror ones, she loved to watch all the talk shows on TV that she could, she loved popcorn, cold pizza for breakfast, gummy bears, ice cream bars, sodas... She loved to talk on her phone in her bedroom to all of her friends, she was forever always bringing home one and up to a group of 5 or more friends at time, which I did not mind at all Heather was very outgoing with others, always sharing her clothes, jewelry with others,(including some of Mom's jewelry at times). I would ask her if she saw a certain piece of jewelry of mine-
Heather, would never miss a beat-OH! that I loaned to so and so!

This is what Heather wrote on the back of this photo ~
"Well, here is another school picture of me. How time flies.
Next will be my cheerleading pictures. If I cheer.
I really don't like this picture."
Heather in 11th grade.


On the left, Heather's graduation day, June 1994. On the right, Heather and her first son, Xavier,
at Fort Monmouth Army Base at the October Festival.

Heather went thru the Monster stages -- during her later high school yrs. One Halloween she went as Freddie Kruger, and next yr. she was a Vampire. She would wear this dark lipstick on her lips, wear all black thru a period of high school, she would come up behind me, and whisper into my ear; I am going to suck your blood, putting her arms up into the air over me. I would start to laugh, and jokingly push her away from me, laughing get away from me, you 'Nut! Then we both would start cracking up, laughing our hearts out until we would be crying! She was always pulling jokes on me.

Letter to Heaven
In Loving Memory of Heather Lynne Williamson

Dearest Heather Lynne,
I am writing you this letter from Earth to Heaven, to tell you that I am so very happy that God gave you to me as my daughter for twenty-two years.
I am proud that I was your "Mommy," as you used to call me, for those twenty-two years.

You were a sweet, caring, kind, beautiful, loving daughter and my "Best Friend," who I loved dearly, and miss more than words can ever say!
You were everything to me!

I will always carry your memory in my heart, and I will Love You Forever,
my darling Heather Lynne.
By Mommy

As a baby she learned things very quickly, she was a very good baby, a smart toddler, she could play games at age of 3. Heather would sit on the floor, or her bed and play various games for hrs. She loved for me to play games with her, read to her, watch TV stories with her, play in the snow with her... our favorite time together was always at the Beach. We lived less than a mile from the beach when we live in Delaware, and just three miles from beach when we lived in New Jersey, so there is no surprise to me that when she was adult she also lived in island of Puerto Rico,
with beaches surrounding her.

Heather in Puerto Rico, months before her murder.

I thank God, every day for giving Heather to me, as I loved her dearly. I am very proud to have been her Mother. There were some rough times in our life together, but we managed to grow and overcome those times. She went to Puerto Rico, a very young woman without responsibilities, but she grew into a very sweet, loving woman that became her own woman with responsibilities and values. She learned to save money, how to cook, how to fend for herself without relying on Mom's help.

Heather and Kiven in New York, June 1998 and then Heather and Kiven with Santa.

Heather's brother, Michael, and Mom, 2002.


Jesus left Footprints in the sand,
You, my darling, left your Heartprints of Love,
in each of our hearts forever.

We shall never forget those big gorgeous eyes of yours,
We shall never forget that beautiful smile you always wore,

We shall never forget those lovely hands of yours,
We shall never forget that laughter of yours,
We shall never forget your zest for life

We shall never forget the Love,
that you showered on all of us,
your sons, mommy, grandparents, brother, family,
friends, co-worker, and Teddy.

We all Love you, dearly, and miss you so very much my darling.
You will not be forgotten as you left your footprints
in our hearts, our minds, and in all of our golden memories of you.
(by Mommie)

Heather's grandparents, Ed and Irene Morton.

Heather was a member of the dance team at her high school for a year, she later became a professional dancer. She worked at clubs in New Jersey, and New York City, which is how she got to Puerto Rico, as she was asked to work at a club over there in '95 It was to be a two week job. I wasn't very happy with her going out of the United States, as she was only 18 years old at this time. Her two weeks job was over, she returned back to New Jersey, telling me, that she made over four thousands dollars in that period of time over there, and that she decided to go back over there to live permanently. I wasn't very happy with her decision to say the least! I tried talking to her not going back there, but it was so futile as she was very stubborn, and old enough
to make her own choices in her life.

I tried for the next two years to get Heather to relocate back to the States, but she was so adament about never living in the U.S. again. I was trying to purchase a larger home in Pennsylvania, so her and the baby could come live with me. I was trying so hard in talking to her to come back to the U.S. I never expected to be bringing the remains of my precious daughter back to the U.S. on my 50th birthday! I never expected to bury my only daughter at the age of 22 years of age,
nor did I ever expect to lose her to Murder!

The Rose

Just like a beautiful, long-stemmed rose,
Her precious memory grows and grows,
Touching the hearts of all of those she loved.

And like the fragrance of that same rose,
Her love, so sweet, still flows and flows,
Filling our lives with a warmth that shows she's there.

So like the forever-blooming rose,
The beauty she shared eternally glows,
For deep in our hearts, each of us knows
She lives!
(Author Unknown)

Heather with her baby boy Kiven.

Babies Kisses
In Loving Memory of Heather Lynne Williamson

Your beautiful son Xavier and baby Kiven look for you and wonder where "Mommy" has gone. They do not know, they really are just too young to fully understand about your death. They know that you were their "Mommy," and you are no longer here, but they hold you tight in their memories, and they Love You,
more than words can say! So silently, they blow "Babies Kisses" in the air for "Mommy," wherever she is.
By Heather's Mommy

Heather's sons, Xavier at age 5, Kiven at age 3. This is the last picture I have of my grandsons,
taken in Puerto Rico, 2002.

Heather became a great Mother, to both her boys. Kiven was her baby son that lived with her, and Xavier, was her oldest son that lived with his other grandparents, but we would share custody of him for 8 yrs. Then they decided to permanently move to Puerto Rico, taking my grandchild with them, and from me, which I will never forgive them for! You don't take a child from a grandparent that was an important part of that child for 8 yrs. without creating permanent damage in that child! I haven't seen him in years, and haven't spoken to him since just before Christmas, 2003. The grandfather promised to write to me, and send their address to me,
but to this day I have never received a letter from him.

Heather never got into trouble with the law, she didn't take drugs, or drink. She was a wonderful, sweet, caring loving young woman
also my best friend that I miss dearly!

To have a child murdered is such a nightmare from hell. Murder is such a horrendous word
to say, but worse to think about, and certainly to live with on a day-to-day basis.
It is a life that no one wants for sure to walk!

My life has been forever altered and changed due to my daughter Heather's murder! A large part of me, died the day that I heard the word that my precious daughter Heather, was murdered. My heart was torn into pieces and my life has been forever changed! I feel as though I ride a rollercoaster rife from hell:
one minute my mood is high, and the next it is so low. The pain is not as great now eighteen years later but the pain is duller, but still always present to me.

I try to cope the best that I can daily, but there are times, out of the blue you hear someone call Heather, your child's name - referring to their child - and you just stop dead in your tracks, frozen in time. There are times when walking thru the mall you see other mothers/daughters interacting, and you get such a pain in your heart that you must escape the mall as fast as you can. There are other times walking in the malls you may see a dress, or piece of jewelry that your child would love.
You start to walk into the store to purchase it, when reality hits you, that your beautiful daughter is forever gone, and you can never buy her another gift.

A Million Times

A million times we've needed you,
A million times we've cried.
If love alone could've saved you,
You never would have died.
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still.
In our hearts you hold a place,
No one else will ever fill.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you didn't go alone.
Part of us went with you,
The day God took you home.
~ Author Unknown

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You Are Remembered With Love and
You will Live In Our Hearts Forever

Angel Heather

Dear Linda ~
I am so sorry for your tragic loss and all the sorrow you have endured
I pray that God be with you always
Heather is in a place of eternal sunshine

In Memory of Heather
A Gentle Soul Too Beautiful For Earth
And God Saw Just How Much She Was Worth
He Called Her Back Home As She Took His Hand
And Even Though We Don't Understand
We Know Without Doubt That It's Part of His Plan
And Someday You Will See Heather Again

I'm Thinking of You on The 41st Year of Heather's Birth
This is a very Sad Road To Walk On
May Your Heart Be Filled With God's Peace
One Day He Will Dry Our Tears


With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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