In Loving Memory of
Ariana Socorro Payne ~
October 18, 2002 - February 18, 2007
and Tyler Christopher Payne ~
November 15, 2001 - February 18, 2007

Jamie Hallam lost her two children, Ariana Payne, born October 18, 2002, and Tyler Payne, born November 15, 2001, when they were taken on a visit
by their father and were not returned to their mother. They were abused, starved and murdered by their father and his girlfriend
sometime between March and September 2006.
Ariana's body was found February 18, 2007; Tyler's body has never been found.
Jamie has a subsequent daughter, Autumn Raine.

These four beautiful gifts for Ariana and Tyler are from my friend Maria.
You can visit her website for her Angel Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site

These two special gifts for Angel Ariana are also from my dear friend, Marie.

Thank you to Miranda for this lovely gift for Ariana's 14th birthday!

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Ariana and Tyler from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

These two special gifts for Angel Tyler are also from my dear friend, Marie.
You can visit her website for her Angel Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site

Tyler and Ariana, your life was very short here on Earth,
but you were very precious children, and you have come to touch so many hearts.
here on Earth, Your silly faces, smiles, laughter will never be forgotten,
among us here on Earth,
we treasure each, and every moment that you were here on Earth, with us,
What beautiful children you were ,and still are in our hearts, and minds, forever more......
May you have Eternal Rest now, in heaven

May all your wishes come true,
May you enjoy the sunbeams across your face,
Remember you cannot talk physically to Mommy, or Grandma,
but you can leave wonderful heavenly signs for them, to find here on Earth,
as Love is Infinity as it never dies

Love just crosses over to the other side,
you can blow butterflies kisses across your mommy's face, or grandma,or pappy
any time you want to;
they just have to have an open mind to wonderful, new experiences that you can now show them,
you can smack them, lightly on the head,
you can fly around them as a gnat, or butterflies,
you can flow thru the skies as a beautiful feather,
you live again thru energy,
you can turn lights on/off, and change the tv stations,
driving them totally crazy until they realize that you are just popping in to say "hi" to them,
Your lives are not over at ALL,
you're living in a new dimension,,,,,,,,

Written by Aunt Linda, Linda s.Morton
Copyright Sept.26, 2007



Jamie, you are not ever alone,
as your children are always around you,
Think of them, when the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground,
Think of them, as a light breeze crosses your face,
as you were just kissed by two special Angels

When the snow starts to fall, and you look into the fresh, twinkling sparks of snow,
think of your beautiful children's smiling faces,
When springtime starts to approach and you smell the fresh green grass,
and look at the beautiful flowers,
know in your heart that you are surrounded by your children, forever more......

When summertime comes, and you hear the surf as it hits the breakers:
remember the giggles of your precious children,
when the hot sand touches your toes,
think of the birth of your children, and the 1st touch of them

When fall approaches, think of the colorful leaves
and the baby steps that you have taken since they departed from this earth,
You are surrounded by your children forever more, in so many ways,
You just have to believe me

In time, you will see signs from them,
they loved you while they were on Earth,
and they love you, more now in death,
It took me 8 long yrs. to learn this
as Love never dies, as it is Infinity -
Love goes on forever!

Written by Aunt Linda, Linda S. Morton
copyright@Sept.26, 2007


Poem for Jamie

Jamie, do not cry as you are not alone,
Your Precious Angels are always with you,
They will always Forever be near you!

Keep their Precious Memories, in your Mind, and Heart, Forever!
Treasure their Pictures, and the wonderful Memories that you had together
as Thru the Years, the Pictures, and Memories will Comfort you!

Your Precious Children will Always be Near You, watching You,
from their Heavenly Clouds, and sending You, Heavenly Hugs,
and Butterflies Kisses upon your Face,
so when you feel a light Touch across your Face, or Cheeks,
just Remember that you were just Kissed by your Children, from high, up above.........

Your Children will Forever remain in your Thoughts,
and in your Heart,
They will be watching over you, daily, from their heavenly clouds,

You shall see them, both together again, when it's your time
to be called to your Heavenly Home, by your Heavenly Father,
Ariana and Tyler, will be waiting for their Mommy,
to join them, someday in Heaven,

Until then just remember that that your precious, sweet children
are always with you, watching over you,
Love doesn't die, Love just crosses over to the other side,
and Love is infinite -
Love just keeps growing,
so remember that you are always loved by your beautiful daughter Ariana, and your handsome son Tyler.

Written by Aunt Linda, in Love for Jamie,
@ April 2,2007


My Childrenís Soul to Keep

Dear Lord I come to thee my friend,
With a message I must send,
My child has come to thee,
With their souls set free,
And my life has been torn,
Remembering the day they were born,
So please hold my dear children tight,
Keeping them in your guiding light,
And when they ask if momís okay,
Please tell them I feel them this day,
And I will join them with love,
Stored in my heart from above,
And when I see them it will flow,
Causing every heart to richly glow,
So within the tears I this day weep,
I ask You now my childrenís soul to keep.
By: Paul D. McCutcheon, Copyright © 05/08/2004



Please also visit Aunt Linda's web site for her Angel Heather ~
Heather Lynn In Heaven



Ariana --- Tyler
11-15-01 ~ 2-18-2007 10-18-02 ~ 2-18-07

Dear Jamie
I find it very, very hard to find the words to say.
I get so choked up.
I will say this though, Ariana and Tyler
will live in everyone's heart from NOW UNTIL ETERNITY

Ariana & Tyler


In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

My Angel Son Michael

A small gift for Ariana and Tyler's mother. May God bless and comfort you.

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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