If Only My Heart Could Speak

If only my heart could speak,
I wonder what it would say.
With my head bowed,
would it cry out loud?
Oh please take this nightmare away!

If only my heart could speak,
Oh, what would it reveal?
Could it ever explain
the loneliness and pain ...
I try so hard to conceal?

If only my heart could speak,
would anyone hear it cry?
For my child is gone.
And I'm all alone;
Still no answer to the "why".

I know my heart can speak.
I hear each time it weeps.
I lay awake at night;
Staring without light.
And cry while the world sleeps.

Oh yes, my heart can speak.
It cries every single day.
And someday I'll understand
when we walk hand in hand ...
That's what I hear my heart say.

Kaye Des'Ormeaux, Copyright 2003
Dedicated to bereaved parents

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