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Mothers Dream

I carried you so lovingly,
Within my gentle womb...
And little did I realize,
Your life would end too soon.

I never got the chance to say
"I love you, little one"...
Before I held you in my arms,
Your life on earth was done.

The grief is indescribable,
To lose a child this way...
All the many hopes and dreams,
Just vanished on that day.

I know I'll see the sun shine bright
Upon my baby's face...
When I finally get to heaven, All my pain will be erased.

We'll soar the skies together,
As angels two by two...
Weíll have a sweet reunion
This mother's dream come true.
~Unknown Author~

Miscarriage Memorial Wall

She came to earth to soon, November 29, 2002
Her arrival date was to be, July 29, 2003

Angel Marie Morgan
Born to Heaven 12/11/02
Mommy's Angel Marie

Born to Heaven April 9, 1999

Morgan Lyn Cookson
Born to Heaven on March 7th 2005

I Am Your Child

I may be a miscarried child
But I am your child
You have not seen me
Yet one day you will know me
I am your child and you are my parents
I know your love, and I love my parents
Reasons are unknown as why I could not be
I know in your hearts you will always remember me
Somewhere in time we will be together
When we meet we will know each other
Our bond will always be strong
I cannot wait to see you in our heavenly home
~ Written by Doyle Alldredge, 20 August 2008

Stillborn Memorial Wall

Heather Lea Latham
Born to Heaven on August 21, 1989
Heather's Page

Jacob Johnson     Isaac Tyler Curtis
Born sleeping July 23, 2002   Born sleeping July 13, 2001

Sarah-Jayne Proctor
Born to Heaven on January 17, 1986

~*Troy Reginald Wriley*~
Bornstill: January 30th 2002, 20 weeks gestation
Due Date: June 21st 2002
COD: Anencephaly

April 5, 2004

This is for you my precious baby girl
I hope you know that you are my world
From the moment I first saw your eyes of blue
I knew I would be forever in love with you
You came into my heart it was a moment from God
I hope you know its not a moment I have ever forgotten
The firt time holding you was like no other
I know I will treasure that moment forever
The pain may be deep and the memories may be few
I love you baby and miss you so.

Written in loving memory of Cassandra Sue Cookson
By Cassandra's Mommy

Analivia "Ana" Jade Kingsley
Born an angel February 25, 2004

"The Ana of my heart"

Oh precious baby of mine,
You grew in side of me,
Though you were born asleep,
You're not a buried memory.

My sweet and perfect angel,
The Ana of my heart,
You will walk with me my darling,
And we'll never be apart.

You'll be my weeping willow,
The unshed tears of the mourning dew,
And with every breath I take,
I will live for you.

Your face will light the darkness,
And wipe away my tears,
As we share our life in a dream,
Together through the years.

You'll be the whisper in the wind,
That kisses my cheek each day,
You'll be the burst of sunshine,
That chases the clouds away.

You'll be the music of my soul,
My purpose and reason to be,
For all my days on this earth,
You will dance along with me.

Oh precious baby of mine,
Your life was oh so real,
You are the better part of me,
You're in everything I feel.

I will carry you my Ana,
My angel born asleep,
You'll be a blessed part,
Of every memory I keep.

I will honor you dear child,
All my days underneath the sun,
And we'll be together for eternity,
When my days are done.

As heaven holds our promise,
That was written from the start,
Until then I love you angel,
The Ana of my heart.

By Chris Woolnough April 20, 2004
In loving memory of Analivia Jade

Deven Lamarquis
Born Sleeping on September 29, 2004
Our Angel Deven

January 8, 2005
Zachary meaning Remembered by God
Shane means God is Gracious
In Loving Memory of Zachary Shane Corp

Zachary Shane

Zachary Shane
Oh what a precious name
A special name given from God
A son named after God

So happy we were on the day of your birth
We were the happiest parents of all the earth
Our hearts burst with happiness and joy
As we gazed upon our little boy

Zachary Shane
Our lives will never be same
Our precious gift from God above
To fill our lives with abundant love

Then suddenly something went terribly wrong
In only minutes God called you home
Our lives shattered as you were taken away
We cried oh God why must you take our Zachary away

We may never know the reasons of why
As we think of you and continue to cry
We pray God will help us to understand
Why he had to take our little man

Jesus said let the children come unto me
So in heaven we know you will be
Though it is sad you were taken away
Always remember son, our love shall never fade away

By: Coleman Doyle Alldredge
26 May 2005

August 07, 1999
Born sleeping in the arms of our Lord.

Camryn Bean Roberson
Born Sleeping July 10, 2004

The Still Child

I came into your life
Only not to have life
I saw how broken hearted you became
Your lives shall never be the same

So much joy and happiness you shared
Knowing in just a few months I'd be there
Carefully you sought our names for me
A boy's and girl's would be waiting for me

Sadness came when the doctor said
I'm sorry to say, your child is dead
So much hurt filled your souls
How could it be, I was just minutes old

Mom and Dad I'd just like to say
God saw it had to be this way
Why you ask, you could not possibly understand
This was part of God's mighty plans

One day we shall be together once more
You will know me as you enter Heaven's door
My love for you shall forever be
Mom and Dad, forever love me.
Written by Doyle Alldredge (@) 2005

Tiason Odera Lee Unogu
Sunrise & Sunset February 2, 2006
For Our Angel Tiason

Until Later Son

Until later son, we part ways
Though understanding isn't there
And although you're in a better place
I still wish you were here
I didn't hear you cry or feed you
Or see you grow to say my name
No eyes to gaze deep into
No bumps, no cuts, no band aids

Until later son, I've wondered
Who you'd look more like in time
To me, you'll always be beautiful
But I still don't know how to say goodbye
No easy words to comfort this empty heart
Just shattered dreams, so much confusion
Needing laughter and joy, one smile
Oh I wish my heart could beat just once for you

Until later son, be pleased to know
You're not forgotten, only missed
And I'm sure it pains you to see me cry
But please, for me, perk up those tiny lips
This journey brings pain and loneliness
But also brings me joy
So now I step up saying until later son
But soon a hello to my beautiful boy
By Debra Lee Unogu

Lil Angel Chadwell
Birthdate & Heavenly Birthdate November 1998

It's Ok To Grieve For Me

Mom, it's ok to grieve for me
I'm your child, a part of you
You carried me for a short time
If you want to grieve, it's what you should do
You're my mom, I'm your child
God felt it was something He must do
He called me home for His love for you
It was not His intention to bring hurt to you
I know it's hard for you to understand
Just know I know you and your tender love
Someday in heaven we shall meet
You will know me and share your love
So cry for me if you want to
I'm your child, you're my mom
If you want to grieve, it's what you should do
Always remember this.... I love you mom
~Written by Doyle Alldredge, 20 August 2008

Angel Niece Chadwell
Born to Heaven July 11, 2005

Caleb Sebastian
Born to Heaven 4 May 2009

Mark Frances O'Reilly Jr.
In The Arms of Angels August 8, 2005

Precious Still Angels


Hi mommy, sorry we never got to meet
You never got to really know me
But mommy youíre so gentle and sweet
To have not known me, you still love me

Your heart was broken when my death came
I heard you say you would never be the same
Mommy your heart is pure and full of love
I can feel it here in heaven above

One day we shall be together
Just you wait and see
Though we never truly had the chance to meet
When you come to heaven, you will know me

So mommy donít be hard on yourself
Be thankful just for me
Iím so proud to call you my mommy
So proud that you chose me
By: Doyle Alldredge © 2005


I held you ever so tightly
Within my loving and trembling arms
I was suppose to protect you
Only death did its harm

I never got to hear you cry
Your little smile never got to be
I cried out to God, why oh why
Must you take my precious child from me

Your dad and I shared much happiness
The day we learned you were to be
Excitement flourished a hundred fold
We just couldnít wait for you to see

Our dreams of a family shattered that day
When death came and took you away
I know in my heart, death did not win
In time my child weíll be a family again

As I kissed you with my last kiss
I knew your precious soul I would miss
Now in heaven with a life anew
My love dear child was waiting on you
By Doyle Alldredge © 2005

Heavenly Christmas Message
for Parents of Still and Miscarried Children

Merry Christmas From Heaven

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad
On this Christmas Day
Please do not feel sad

You gave me a wonderful gift
To be part of each of you
Now Iím in Heaven waiting for you

You gave me life without knowing
You gave me love
Itís forever flowing

This Christmas think of me
Because I love you so dear
I send this Christmas message
As a gift to you from me

Merry Christmas From Heaven

© Christmas 2006 Doyle Alldredge

Love is patient and kind,
Love is not jealous or boastful;
it is not arrogant or rude,
Love does not insist on its own way,
it is not irritable or resentful;
It does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right,
Love bears all things, believes all things,
Hopes all things, endures all things,




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