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Groww Founder & President, Judy Divers
February 15, 1943 - December 5, 1999

Heavenly Angel's Credo

Groww Heavenly Angels is
an Online Support Group
of Bereaved Parents.

We at Heavenly Angels offer Love, Strength and Hope as you walk this painful journey of grief. You do not have to feel alone and abandoned, we are always here for you.

Feelings, thoughts are expressed and your loss is held with dignity and respect. Being in different stages of grief, is why the help and understanding begins a healing process. We care, we support and walk this journey
with you.

No matter what age, circumstances, it is a loss that can never be described in words. So take our hand and let each be a link in our chain toward healing. for the Love, Strength & Hope that is found here for the Ray of Sunshine brought forth
    by Heavenly Angels. for OUR support for you. the Willingness of Heavenly Angels to
    be there always. the Wealth of Love given and the bonding
    of our Friendship by the loss
    of our son/daughter.




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