In Loving Memory of
Gemma Rachel Vicker
27th July 1983 - 9th July 2004

Happy Birthday Gemma 34 yrs old.
Time flies but the wonderful memories we have of birthdays past will always be with us.
We miss you puddle every single minute of everyday
and even though we cant see you we know you are never far from us.
we love you sweetheart and keep smiling your special smile down on us
Mum and Phil - xoxoxox

Your picture on my desk peeks out every now and then to remind me
how precious life really is
I just slap myself upside the head you know me Gemma.
We know you are not very far away everyday and letís keep it that way.
Gerry and the lads say happy birthday. We miss you lots.

Love hugs and big slobbery kisses Paula, Gerry, Kieran & Conor


I'm a mother blessed like no other
You chose me from all others
As I held you in my arms
I promised you protection from all harm

I did my best as I promised I would
Did all the things that a parent should
Little was I prepared that fateful day
When death came calling and took you away

Nothing in all my power could I do
Nothing to stop death from taking you
As parents we never think of losing our child
Taking for granted they're here for all while

I recall my pain as you entered this world
Now I bear the pain as you left our world
A mother's bond to her child is great
Let there be no mistake

I'm proud to have been your mother
So glad you chose me instead of another
My love to you and forever it will be
Until the day we're together we'll be
Written by Doyle Alldredge 07/09/06

Happy Birthday Gemma

Happy Birthday our beautiful princess
How special it is today
For our beautiful gift given from above
To bring us so much love

Though our hearts are sad without you here
We know Gemma you're very near
Happy birthday sweetheart
You are a blessing to our hearts

It's your 34th birthday
Where have the years gone
Seems as if you were just a child
Only yesterday

As we celebrate your birth today
Sharing so many wonderful birthday memories of you
It's hard not to shed some tears
Happy Birthday Princess, we all love you
Written by Doyle Alldredge
27 July 2008

This special gift for Angel Gemma's birthday is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

This wonderful gift for Angel Gemma's birthday is from my friend Janet.

This is a beautiful and loving gift to Angel Gemma from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.


Today is my birthday
Celebrate my life with you
And remember the good times
Not the bad and do not be sad;
Look up towards the sun
And catch every ray of light
upon your cheek For I am there with you.

Gemma at 6 months with her first doll.

Today is my birthday
Be happy for me
I lived a short, but full life
I had the pleasure of love
And the joy of my family
Do not be sad
Look up towards the stars
And catch every twinkle in your heart.
For I am there with you

Gemma's first steps! June 1984.

Today is my birthday
My legacy is not wealth or mighty belongings,
My legacy is you and your life.
Spend it wisely and carefully
Guard it always
Do not be sad
Feel the wind in your face and in your hearts.

Gemma in 1984 with her godparents, Auntie Ann and Uncle John.

Today is my birthday
Learn to live again without me.
Take my strength with you
For you are not alone.
Do not be sad
Feel the rain on your face
Feel all lifes treasures and
Know that you are alive!
At each day step of the way
I will help you
For I am with you always
Until we meet again.

Gemma's first birthday, July 27, 1984, with Evan and Aunty Lila.

Today is my birthday.
~ Author Unknown

Gemma, Our Precious Flower

Gemma our precious flower
The blossom of our lives
Fresh as an April shower
Beautiful as an evening sunset

Your pedals unfold bearing your love
Outstretched for all who seeks it
A love so pure as an artesian spring
Everyone receives a share of it

Gemma, the fragrance of you
With the warmth you had for people
Whether it be family or friends
Or a stranger who just met you

So special you were and always shall be
We wish you Happy Birthday Gemma
The Flower of our lives
A flower so beautiful and shall always forever be

Written for especially for Gemma
by Doyle Alldredge (c) 2005

Gemma in August 1985.

Ian and Gemma, best buds.


Are there birthdays in Heaven?
Does the angel blow his horn?
Announcing to everybody
That this is the day you were born?

Can the stars be your balloons
And angel food your cake?
Presents wrapped in moonbeams
All the angels helped to make.

Birthdays meant so much to you
They were always a big deal
Birthday presents, lots of friends
And perhaps a special meal.

So I'll whisper a little prayer today
Asking everyone up above
To sing you a Happy Birthday song
And give you all my love.

From "Down the Cereal Aisle"
Author Unknown

Gemma's 5th birthday, a camping birthday.

Dear Gemma,
One fateful day summer 2004 our lives were changed forever. You were taken from us, and left us not being able to ever hug you again, hear your laughter, or see your smile. I see your image and feel your spirit everyday, and know in my heart that you are not far away (just not close enough). At an early age a father and daughterís relationship is amazing. It is hard when a daughter starts to grow up and does not need her dad so much, but I was always told that they come back. I am so glad we were able to get back to the stage. You were a beautiful baby, a snotty teenager, and were becoming a beautiful young lady. I love you so much and miss you every minute of every day.
Happy Birthday Gemma.
Lots of love forever,

Gemma celebrating her Sweet Sixteen birthday with us in Wales.

Dear Gemma,
When I think of your birthday it brings a smile to my face, you always got so excited about birthdays, not just your own but for those you cared about too. However, you did grumble that your birthday was often (you chose the word always) celebrated away from home because it was in July and you were "always" on vacation and I used to tease you about what a tough life you had. I have many fond memories of birthdays celebrated with you; mine, your dadís, your brotherís, yours, and Shawnís. One such memory is your 16th birthday on vacation (ha ha) in Wales when we went to dinner with family. You were so self conscious about wearing the low cut blouse that your Auntie Elaine bought you. But you wore it because you didnít want to hurt her feelings, you really thought you were ready for that blouse when you picked it out but you were still feeling your oats about your femininity. Another is your 18th birthday when we surprised you with a party. You were very surprised, happy and excited but also disappointed because you hadnít eaten all day under the guise that you would be having ribs at Tony Romaís that night. But you swallowed your disappointment and celebrated with gusto! And of course always the birthdays camping!

But the "birthday" memory I will hold closest to my heart forever is the anticipation of your 21st birthday which unfortunately you never got to experience because we lost you 3 short weeks before that event. I donít think anyone has ever been as excited about turning 21 as you were. But what I hold so dear is also bitter sweet. The last time I talked with you face to face you were standing in the doorway to my office at work. Your Mom had told you the day before that she and Phil were accepting your invitation to celebrate your birthday with your Dad and I in our home. The idea of celebrating your birthday with all of your family at one time rather than two separate celebrations was monumental to you and I will always be thankful that you left this world with the knowledge that it was going to happen. Having the two families that you loved so dearly live in harmony and mutual respect of the common bond of love for you and your brother was a dream that you strived for.

Gemma with her brother Ian, in 2002.

The day after having that wonderful conversation with you in my office we came home to a note that you were going to Banff, and the day after that our world changed forever. As you look down on us today I believe you have the knowledge that all of the parental animosity has been replaced with a new understanding. I know you find comfort in that fact and your brother will forever benefit from your efforts to make it happen. July 27th will forever be a bitter sweet day but as time heals the wound of your loss it will continually grow to be a bitter sweet day in which we can celebrate with joy the memories of the time we were blessed to have with you on this earth.

Gemma with her Dad and Tammie.

I bought you a candle holder for your 21st birthday with your name on it. You would have been so excited because you could never find anything with your name on it. We light that candle often in memory of you and it will forever be lit on July 27th in honor of our beloved Gemma. Thank you Gemma for all you brought into our lives, I love you.

Grade 5 field trip, Gemma with her friends from school.


Dear Gemma aka Puddles:

"Birthdays are for celebrating with friends!" From left to right: Amanda, Vanessa,
Janelle, Natasha, Amber, Gemma, Jen.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I take comfort in remembering all of the memories we have together. For instance, I still remember when we used to going on our cool camping trips. We had a blast, didn't we? We had music, all the junk food, cards, and of course all the gossip. But it didn't matter if we forgot anything, because we used to camp out in your motor home in your driveway. It didn't matter if we didn't travel anywhere; all we needed to have fun was each other. I'll always remember all the good times us girls shared at Caledonia Park School. I regret us all not keeping in better contact in high school. I'll never forget how we used to spend hours jumping on my trampoline, and talking on the phone to a few certain boys. I'll never forget how you were in love with Bryan Adams, and how you boasted about finally seeing him live in concert. You were ecstatic. I'll remember how we used to write each other notes in class, even though we sat two seats away. I'll remember how we used to get a whole bunch of people together at the school to play "Kick The Can." We had so much fun when we used to go to Edmonton Eskimos games, even though when we usually went there was snow on the seats. All of the girl talks, walks, bike rides, Birthday parties, practically anything we did together as best friends will forever remain in my mind. But most of all, I'll never forget how much of a great friend you were to me. You were always one person I could tell a secret to and know that it was safe. You always made me laugh; as well you were always a shoulder I could cry on. You had such a bubbly personality and a beautiful smile. I miss you so much; I even still carry a picture of you in my wallet as well the necklace you gave me. If I could, I would give anything to bring you back. I know that isn't possible, so my friend, until we see each other again up there, I'll keep on remembering all the memories we share. You'll forever be in my mind and my heart.
love always,

Gemma's first boy/girl birthday party, at age 10. "Where's the boys?"

I feel as if we knew you and your family a lot longer than a little less than 2 years - now its been almost 3. It's been a pleasure being a direct neighbour to your household. You have such a gift with children and helping people (just like your mum!) and I know that you were all about the experience and quality time no matter what you did. You are such a shining star and Dallas and I really are proud of you and we think about you all the time. We never heard your name until we met you and since then we hear your name all over the place now, like a little tribute to you in our souls reminding us of you. We have a little boy now and I know that you would be Auntie Gemma and love him to bits like we do. When he and I are alone, sometimes his gaze goes elsewhere and he smiles... I secretly know he is smiling at his Auntie Gemma. We hope you would graciously accept our request that you be his guardian angel for us for as long as you can because I have discovered in the last year just how vulnerable my heart is and just how special your mum is (you are lucky to have such an awesome mum). We miss you very much and wish that time is kind and gracious to your family because you certainly are loved; I know your legacy is alive and smiling. Happy Birthday sweetie and hugs to you wherever you are.
Love always, Lynnai, Dallas and Dalen Hicks

Dear Gemma,
Thinking of you today and always, hope you have a great celebration wherever you may be,
keep smiling on us, miss you lots.
Love always "The Snods" XXXX

Gemma at the Calgary Zoo with Evan and Amelia.

May our Lord Jesus Christ always guide your ways
God bless you
Love, Chuck, Lila,& Evan

Evan and Amelia in the back row, Gemma and Ian in the front row.

Gemma at her 18th birthday, the surprise party at her dad's and tammie's.

In memory of Gemma's special birthday.

We. Janelle and her mom, Brenda, met Gemma and Katherine when we enrolled in Music and Movement together when our girls were just two years old. They instantly took to each other and our journey together as friends began. We all know Gemma lived her life for love of family and friends-the more the better! You certainly knew that Gemma was her mother's daughter-one look at those bright, shining eyes and that big smile behind that contagious laugh and the same bob hair cut....(Katherine, just had to throw that in!) and you were hooked! Being that Janelle and Gemma shared a birthday only one day apart with Janelle being one day older, needless to say birthdays were a celebration that were special to them and I know they got the best of their moms when it came to buying that special present for the other one as too often I would hear, as we had Gemma's gift in hand,...."but mom, it's my birthday too"! and I know that Katherine fell into the same trap as our daughters often shared the same t-shirt or backpack or whatever the "fad" was that summer! *lol* Many birthday celebratons were held at our farm to which Gemma was always one of the first to play the silly games and let loose! She loved to have a good time at any given moment. She certainly was never embarassed playing dress up or any of the goofy games we could think of and was always quick with the water hose!

We hold lots of special memories of Gemma throughout her school years - the t-ball games, the endless soccer games and away games, grade 9 farewell celebration in which we loaded up our vehicles and took a group into Gateway Rec Center so they could party hearty and we could stay up late! *l* and after graduation as well as she was always one to take the time to say hi and ask how you were doing even when she was with friends or on her own mission to be somewhere or working behind the till at Value Drug Mart. A very smart, loving, beautiful and caring young lady with a gorgeous smile and infectious laugh. Gemma, you are missed.
Happy 34th Birthday from Brenda and Blain

Out of all the birthdays I had to remember, I never had a problem with yours. But I'm sure it probably had something to do with the fact that it was the day after mine. It was like two solid days of birthday fun for us. I remember our big huge birthdays with the silly games and obstacle courses and usually a water fight thrown in for good measure. After all, it was the middle of summer! And of course you can't forget the loot bags, our moms always knew how to put together the best ones, didn't they? I have so many memories to chose from with you, like all those years we spent playing soccer and chasing the boys or playing kick the can. Summer always seemed like our season and we were always set to make the most of it. Although, I do know that I have a few videos from the winter of us dressing up like our favorite movie stars and putting on a talk show. haha Oh, whatever were we thinking! Times were good back then and even though we lost touch as the years went by, you gave me some great memories. And for that, I am forever grateful. You're thought of often and you will always be missed.
Happy Birthday Gemma!

Happy birthday Gemma. I miss you. Hope you are taking care of our Weazer.
Love ya, Shae

Happy Birthday Gemma. I love you.

You Live

You live in the beautiful wind that blows.
You live in the soared of birds that crow.
You live in the sun that shines so bright.
You live in the peaceful dark at night.
You live in a star I see in the sky.
You live in ocean waves that come in with the tide.
You live in the smell of flowers and grass.
You live in the summer that goes so fast.
You live in my heart that hurts so much.
You did not die, we only lost touch.
By.: Shari Swirsky
Toronto, OH, Canada

In Gemma's own words, "Life is too much fun, Oh it's just great!"

Gemma's 15th birthday.

Calendar of Days

We count off the days
On each calendar page
Marking the days of time
Like some old sage.

Each day marks an event
And the many holidays
All the days we celebrate
And pass along the ways.

As I read the daily sharing
In my heart sadness dwells
For is there a single day
That sadness doesn't swell.

Every heart broken memory
Of the days that used to be
Or what of the lost tomorrows
That none of us will see.

Forever marked on the calendar
Into my life you came that day
And the darker day is marked
When you left us and went away.

For those of us who've lost a child
And share the pain to help others
I wish we could wipe the calendar
Clean of the grief that smothers.

© Karen L. Brookbank ~ July 2004
Mom to angel Roberta Jo
December 19, 1966 ~ June 30, 1967

Graduation and grade 9 farewell. "Life is filled with as many possibilities
as there are stars in the sky..." Janelle, Tiffany and Gemma.

Gemma and Aunty Elaine. Gemma said, "It's just like having Mum here,
you're so much alike!

A Special Birthday

Please God, make them remember that today is a special birthday.
Make them understand that the memories don't go away.
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them to remember, Lord, that I wish my child was here
so we could still celebrate.
To understand that I still feel the nearness of my child.
To see beyond my smile and the words "I'm OK"
Please God, let just one remember that

David and Gemma.

Gemma and Phil, July 1998.

It has been 12 years since you left us, There are so many questions we would like you to answer,to make us feel better, but we understand that some things can't be known until you experience them. You need to know that your mother misses you every minute of everyday. She misses your talks, your laughter,a nd even your arguments. What she wouldn't give to cuddle you in her arms today to hold your head in her hands and whisper "I love you" But that's not to be. Nothing will ever be the same, for you or for us. I think what helps keep your mother going is that Knowledge that you are around her comforting her in your own way. I believe you are in good place and a happy place although I really wish you were in our place, I can only hope that what keeps you going is knowing your mother loves you, misses you and looks forward to rekindling your bond in heaven.
I LOVE YOU GEMMA, and my only wish for myself is a decent golf game...
Love your Phil


My Gemma,
Happy birthday "Puddle" 33 yrs old.I hope you have a great day. I was going through some papers and my goodness you really touched so many lives (not that i didn't know this of course) while you where with us. I want to share with others just a few words from your soccer team ~

you will always be loved, you touched everyones heart that you met,
I remember watching on the sidelines and being inspired to play soccer,
Thank you so much for everything you have ever done for me
I love you soo much.

you taught me so much and you are an inspiration to us all,
I wish that I was as strong as you.
love always

Love you always

Dear Gemma,
Everyone on this team loved you so, so Much. you were our favourite coach
and every year everyone asked for you. I love you.

What a proud mum I am reading all these beautiful words
about my beautiful daughter.
Have an wonderful day sweetheart
Love mummy



This is one of many poems that my ANGEL wrote, I would like to share with you.

Dear Katherine and ANGEL Gemma


Softness of the skin
Sweetness in the smell
Nectar of the fruit
Tender in the heart
Dancing in the eyes
Uplifting in the smile
Tickle of the touch
Joining in the love

Truth in the speech
Love in the laughter
Primal in the scream
Soft in the whisper
Quick in the mind
Fair in the sentence
Brave in the confrontation
Joining in the love

Graceful in the sleep
Careful in the search
Deep in the sorrow
Strength in the sickness
Giving of thy self
Rich in the health
Kind in the giving
Joining in the love

Written By
Lee Henry Aguilera ~~~ Sue-Anne's ANGEL

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

You were so blessed by such a beautiful earth angel as Gemma
You will have her memory as your special gift forever
You are in my prayers
Ann, Laurasmom

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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