In Loving Memory of
Deanne Schauer Lawrence
January 23, 1974 - September 29, 2003

"I know my angel's looking down
at me from up above
As I am looking up at her
and sending her all my love"

This beautiful gift was sent to us from Charlie's cousin, Karyn.

This special gift for Angel Deanne is from my friend Janet.

The next 5 photos are the ones that Charlie, Deanne's loving father, keeps in his desk...
so he can look at them as he wanted...

Here Charlie is giving Deanne a bath before church when she was just a few weeks old.
He loves babies... always did...always will.

This photo of Deanne trying to "escape" her crib is Charlie's most favorite...

Deanne with her daddy.

This photo is Deanne covered in cream...she had gotten my bottle of lotion.
When I first saw her...I thought she had put Nair all over her.

What an adorable little girl! No wonder Charlie keeps this photo close to him.


Deanne was around 1 - 2 years old in these photos above.

We remember Deanne with all our love
And with pain and with sorrow.
Though she is not with us
We still feel her love

For the time she was here,
It was special,
For she was our daughter,
sister and mother.

Even though we think life,
is not fair at all.
We cherish our memories
we have in our hearts.

We remember Deanne
for her loving spirit,
and helpful way, and
her quiet nature.

These are just a few
of the things that keep
Deanne alive...and forever
in our hearts...

Written by her Mom, Jeanne Schauer

Deanne as flower girl in her Aunt Denise's wedding.

Deanne jamming to her music.

For the music on Deanne's main web page, I was hoping we could use Tears in Heaven
because that is what we used at the funeral.....and she liked Eric Clapton.

Deanne with our family dog, Buddy (Buddy went to heaven in January 2004 after Deanne went in September 2003)

Deanne's high school graduation picture

Last family portrait we had taken, in November of 2002, before Deanne flew away to heaven in September of 2003.

One of our “five generation” photos. In this one, Jeanne’s sister Vicki is with her son and his baby, Kaitlin;
Jeanne is with her daughter Deanne and Deanne's daughter Megan; we are all posing with our mother and grandmother.
Picture is from November of 1996.

Another “five generation” picture. This picture includes: Jeanne (Deanne’s mom), Deanne , Jeanne’s mom, Zelma,
then Jeanne’s grandmother, Grace, who is holding Deanne’s daughter Megan.

Deanne and her daughter, Megan

Above is an Easter gift, a Valentine's Day gift, a Thanksgiving gift and two special Christmas gifts for Angel Deanne from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.


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A friend can hear a tear drop.

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