In Loving Memory of
Davey Allison Dunavant
March 31, 1992 - June 28, 2001

In loving memory of my son, Davey Allison Dunavant

As I sit here today lord
And try to understand
Why all of a sudden
Did you take him from my hands
He was only a kid
Being nine years old
He had a life in front of him
Until he was to grow old
Why did you take him
What was the need
Here is where he left them
And even his daddy and me
What was the reason
And why can't you answer
All I want to know
Is why you took him so?

Anita L. Harris
Copyright �2006 Anita L Harris

We Do Not Need a Special Day

We do not need a special day
To bring you to our minds
The days we do not think of you
Are very hard to find

Each morning when we awake
We know that you are gone
And no one knows the heartache
As we try to carry on

Our hearts still ache with sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No one will ever know

Our thoughts are always with you
Your place no one can fill
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still

There will always be a heartache
And often a silent tear
But always a precious memory
Of the days when you were here

If tears could build a staircase
And heartaches make a lane
We'd walk the path to Heaven
And bring you home again

We hold you close, within our hearts
And there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again

Our family chain is broken now
And nothing seems the same
But as God calls us one by one
The chain will link again.
~ Written by Connie Dyer

These five special gifts for Angel Davey are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

These are two beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Davey from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

Davey's Story

Davey is the second child of four. His older brother, Stephen Edward Dunavant,
(2-15-90) now 24, then it was Davey, then it was Justin Craig Harris,(1-12-94)
now 20, and his little sister Stormi Christen Harris,(9-27-97) now 15.

Let me start by telling you about Davey: He is(was) a very warm hearted little boy. He always made sure everyone else was happy. If you were sick he was right there with you helping all he could. He didn't get sick that much, and when he did- he did. He was not only my son, but he was my best friend. It was all started back in July of '91, when I got pregnant with him. I never knew it until I was 7 1/2 months. I was helping my step-dad work (doing loader and backhoe work). It was alot of fun. After a little while of helping him, I got sick wound up going to the doctor, and only to find out that I was pregnant. At that time, my step-dad said no more for me working with him.
So I quit, and went on about my business.

Me and my 1st ex-husband, Davey's real dad (Darren), were living together at the time. He was ok with me being pregnant and didn't have a problem with it, up until it was time for me to have him. My friends that lived up stairs from me and Darren, were always checking on me to make sure that I was ok- when they would come in from work. One night, Darren was at work, and I was going into labor with him. I tried to call him and tell him that he needed to come home, but he said- he would meet me at the hospital once he got off work. Ok- so-be-it. I had my friend upstairs take me to the hospital,
and later that night, the next morning, I had given birth to Davey.

At that time, I had no clue it was a boy, so I needless to say had not had a name picked out for him. When the nurses came in to do the footprints and birth certificate and all of that, she asked what the baby's name was.... I didn't know myself, so I just came up with a name, Davey Allison.... then gave him my ex-husband's last name of Dunavant, which was mine as well at the time. Darren and I were into NASCAR at the time,
and our favorite driver was Davey Allison who drove the #28 car.

Well when it got time to bring Davey home, Darren didn't want to really bring us back to "our home", but he wound up doing it anyway. Davey was about a week or so old at this time, and I was standing in front of his baby bed, one day and Darren came up behind me, we started to argue about the baby, and what was going to happen from then on out, then he stood there and just hit me, well I knew right then, that it was time to go. He had hit me too many times, and I got tired of it. I left him and that was
the beginning of a new life for me.

I started working for a security guard company, paying my mom and step-dad to take care of Davey while I would work and support us two. Well I did that up until Nov.12th, 1992. We were at my mom's and she wanted me and Davey to go with her that morning to town. I wasn't feeling the best that day, but I told her we would go with her anyway. Well we did.... not knowing that we were soon going to be in an accident. We got about 2 miles from her house, and a lady ran a stop sign- hitting the front passenger side of her car, flipping us 3 or 4 times, then the car came to rest, and I was needless to say unconscious, when they got to me, with a broken femur, a broken wrist, cuts in my head(from hitting the windshield) and bruises up and down my body from destroying the dash board. Davey had a broken collar bone, which he recovered very fast from. By Christmas of 1992, I was learning how to walk all over again, along with Davey learning to walk my mom and step-dad had their hands full.

Well I went back to live with Darren again in Dec of '92, then on Dec 26th,'92 I had met a friend of Darrens', named JC. I had at that time, decided that I was going to move back in with my mom. I did... then JC started calling me all the time and wanted to go out with me. I had explained, which he already knew, that I was not able to walk very well, but he didn't care. So we started dating, and he moved me in with him in Feb. of '93. He decided that on Feb. 24th'93 that he wanted to marry me. So we had planned on getting married. I had actually fell in love with this man. After JC had asked me to marry him, he wanted me to get Davey and bring him with us, since he was my son.

In April of '93, we wound up packing and selling what we did have and moved right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Years went by- and in '94-'95 he wanted to adopt Davey. I had at that time, agreed to let him do that. Well things didn't go for it to happen that way. Years continued to go by and times got harder with living with JC, knowing that Davey wasn't his biological child, problems started to rise. Then it was like I was having to choose back and forth from JC to Davey. First of all, I know it was a huge mistake to ever let that happen, but it did and I have had to live with it.....I had went to JC's mom and dad about the little things JC was doing to Davey, and they had a talk with him(JC), and let him know up front that since Davey was his step-son now,
that he was also their grandson. They think
the world of Davey and the rest of the grand-kids as well.

JC got to where he would make fun of Davey for his weight, and not let him do things that my other children were doing and I stood up to JC for that, when it would happen. I would then get put down and cussed at for those things but I didn't care, and told him to leave if he didn't like it. Time continued on and got worse. After I had given birth to two other children, Justin now 11 and Stormi now 7, JC had gotten to where he didn't want Davey around anymore. He wanted me to send Davey to either his grand-parents (Darren's parents house) or a friends house, (which at that time lived about 100 miles away). In which too, Stephen, Davey's older brother, has lived with his grandparents since he was 6 months old. So I had decided to first send him to a friends' house which was a (friend to begin with) of JC's. JC got in this thing with him (the friend) and it went down hill, because there was money being owed to him, but JC didn't pay it. Anyway, the "friend" is still a good friend of mine, because he knew what JC was doing to me and our children was wrong. Well this "friend" took Davey for about 5 weeks, and it was definatlly the longest damn 5 weeks of my life. I couldn't see my son, but could at least talk to him. When it was time for him to come back home, he did and wasn't home for long after that- and JC had started in again, wanting Davey not to have came back home. That broke my heart, because Davey, no matter what ever happened to me and JC, he still managed to worship the ground that JC walked on and did till the day he died. Davey would no matter what JC had ever said to him, would always call JC,
"daddy", because if he didn't then JC would get mad at him.

Well came Jan of 2000. My dad had to come and live with us once again, and Davey got so attached to him, he became dad's "shadow". No one could take them two apart. Well one morning, I had gotten up to take the boys to school, and I later came home to find my dad, had died in his sleep that same early hours of the morning. I didn't know how to explain to my children, when I picked them up from school that their "papaw" had died. In all this time I had also been fighting in the courts for Darren to pay his child support. Time went on, and then finally I started to get child support checks from Darren, for Davey. I had told the kids that when I got Darren's income tax return that I would buy them a trampoline. So I did. None of the children got hurt on it,
but their mom
Davey was there to help me and to help take care of me,
other than Justin and Stormi, what little they could. The summer of 2000, I had spoken to Peggy, Davey's grandmother, and she, Alan his grandfather and his older brother Stephen had all planned for Davey to get to go spend the summer with them in Mississippi. So Peggy, a friend of hers and Stephen all came up in May
and picked up Davey, then in July he came back home.

That spring of '2001' I had signed the boys up for baseball. Something that Davey definately wanted to do, because his older brother, Stephen, was doing it. I was the one that everytime, had to take the boys to all their practices and to their games. It got tough, but I did it dragging little Stormi around with me. JC was all the time traveling, and taking care of other things, so to speak. He never had time to go to the games
or anything like that.

In May of 2001, Davey, his brother, Stephen and his grandparents had all been waiting on Davey to get out of school, and finish his last baseball game, so that they could pick him up to go to Mississippi for the summer. On the afternoon of June 28, 2001, Davey, his younger brother- Justin and his baby sister- Stormi were all three outside playing in the yard, when I had went out to check on them. My ex-husband, JC, and I had designed a "courtyard" on the side of our house, just so we could sit and relax at times, by these two ponds that we had gold-fish in... Well, JC had also took the hammock that was out by the road on two trees and had placed it up on two other ones, that were next to the ponds. That way when the kids were on it, they wern't out by the road. I had just went back inside the house, sat down at my computer- and all of a sudden heard Justin screaming to the top of his lungs....That is when my nightmare had began and the beginning of my new life had forever changed. I blame myself, for not being able to take Davey's pain away, nor helping him, when I had promised him that everything would be ok- I lied! I had lied to my son, (my best-friend), it wasn't ok and I knew that it wouldn't be ok. He had told me, that he loved me before he died, and I had told him the same. Ever since that day- my life has been a living hell. No matter how hard I have tried it isn't getting any better.

I immediately got up, ran to the door as Justin was coming in at the same time. Justin still screaming and trying to tell us what had happened at the same time..... he was saying "mommy, daddy- the tree fell on Davey", as I pushed JC out of the way, Davey had gotten up started walking towards the front door on the walkway- as I got to him, he fell over in my arms..... I couldn't pick him up, JC had carried him and put him in the chair on the front porch, while I was standing there next to Davey he kept telling me that his head and shoulder hurt. I told him, that everything would be ok- I lied! I kept telling JC that we needed to call 911, he said no, that we would just take him to the hospital. That was a mistake. We got a block up the road from our house, and Davey started loosing his color, his pupils were getting larger and I knew right then
when my heart sank to my shoes, that something was VERY wrong.

In the same time frame, I had handed JC my cell phone and I dialed the Lexington Police Dept. (which was programmed in my phone), they had dispatched an ambulance and they had met us across the street. While all this was going on I kept talking to him, holding his hand telling him, that it would be ok, and that I would take his pain away- once again I lied! When we got across the street, the ambulance was there in no time.... they had got Davey in the back and put me up front. I kept telling the driver- "please tell me my son is going to be ok", he said "ma'm they are going to do everything they can, to help him". I turned around to look back there to him a few times, and they had oxygen on his face, my heart kept sinking further and further into my shoes. Once we got to the hospital, they of course wouldn't let me go to the back with him, so I was put in this room, to wait..... wait and wait is what I did.... I prayed to God, my dad (who had passed away in March of 2000), and even my grand-parents (which died 3 days apart
from each other in Dec of 1976) to help save Davey.

Well there was a nurse that had came in and said she needed me to sign papers so they could take him to emergency surgery. I did somehow however sign them, she left out and all during this time, someone had called my preachers wife, whom I was good friends with. She came to the hospital and was there with us. Justin and Stormi had no idea what was going on.... they just know the doctors were with Davey in the back. Well, here came the door opening, and all of a sudden walked in one doctor, two doctors, three doctors, and then 4 nurses..... My heart stopped, I quit breathing, and collapsed in JC's arms....... they said " we are very very sorry- we done all we could" ........ I started screaming, "no- no- no- dad, why did you take him from me?" I blamed my dad for a while after that.... come to find out, after I had kinda come out of my state of "un-consciousness" I had been told, that when the tree hit him,
it had severed the aorta from his heart
and he had bled to death. The doctors said
there wasn't anything they could have done to save him.....

I once again for the final time, had lied to my child. I told him, that everything would be ok- that I would take his pain away, and make it better--- I didn't!!!
For this I am still living with it all....

I then, had to get on the phone and call my family, whom all were in Mississippi, including Davey's grandparents and older brother. Darren's family all came up for the funeral. Then it was trying to get back to reality. I met a man in July of 2002, and thought ok - this is going to get some better. Well in September of 2002, I started falling in love with him. At that time, my life felt like it had all been handed to me in a platter. Things have happened, and we have still managed to make it together. Stephen, Peggy and Alan met him in December of 2002, and seem to like him, he likes them. I just wish and hope that Davey knows what kind of man Joe is, and he likes him. Davey has always liked every person he ever met, and believe me the kid never met a stranger... Davey had alot of friends at school, church and where ever else he went. The teachers would get aggravated with him, 'cause he talked so much, but they all still liked him so very much. Now, as I am trying to gather my life back up... and try to continue on with out him physically being here with me, I think about him all the time. His pictures are still hanging, his siblings talk about him when ever they feel like it, and we watch videos of the kids that JC's mom had recorded. We all try and do this together that way we won't sit and cry so much we make ourselves sick. Every year I have put Davey's stocking up with ours, (mine, Joe's, Stephen's, Davey's, Justin's and Stormi's), he has gifts under
the tree and his picture sits right there with us,
all the time. I just don't want to "forget" him,
and don't want anyone else to either.

MARCH 31,1992 ~ JUNE 28, 2001
Anita Dunavant Harris

Baseball In Heaven

Hey mom do you know they have baseball in heaven
I pitched for the "Angels" on my first day
Moses was a bit annoyed, I got caught "stealing"
He said they don't do that here . . .

Hey mom did you know they ski in heaven
We ride atop the tallest clouds
Holding our wings in very close
We make a swooshing sound
You call it "wind" down there . . .

Hey mom do you know they have cable TV here
I get to watch all the neat stuff I could ever want
They even have the Sci Fi channel
That me and dad always enjoyed so much . . .

There's pizza to eat all through the day
Man . . . the girls are all awesome and cute
I wear the coolest Air Jordan's
And I never miss a basket when I shoot
About the girls . . .
the no kissing on the first date thing sorta bothers me . .

Hey mom do you know they have dogs in heaven
I got one today his name is Jake
He follows me everywhere I go
And likes to lick my face

So mom I guess what I am trying to say
Is that things really aren't so bad
I miss you and the family a lot at times
I miss the guy stuff I did with dad. . .

I do have some good news though . . .

At night when you fall asleep,
God said I can talk to you in your dreams
So those times I show up and we laugh and play
They are as real as they actually seem
Promise you'll talk back to me okay
(I can hear you when you pray) . . .

Hey mom do you know they have baseball in heaven
Oh that's right I said that before
I hit a homer just a while ago
Abraham and Gabriel came in for a score . . .

A camera man came close to get my picture
Just like they do for the pro's on TV
I had the biggest smile you've ever seen
I put my face close to the lens
It was huge and filled the screen
Do you know what I said?
Of course you do . . .
I looked in it and said . . .

" Hi mom!"

copyright (C) protected R.S.S. Andersen all rights reserved

Dear Family of Davey,
my loving thoughts and prayers are with you as I know your Davey proudly shines down upon you, always,
until you are forever together again.
Lovingly, CindyJo ~ John 10:28-29

Michelle Marie's Home Page

My son (Davey Allison Dunavant) 9 yrs old- was killed back June 28th, 2001. It has definitely been a long road to struggle on, to overcome the shock that had been thrown in our face in a matter of minutes. Well, Davey's step-dad and I have divorced (Feb-10,2003) which to me was a great thing. To my two smaller kids, it has taken it's toll because he re-married Feb. 12, 2003. To them that was another big shocker..... I have tried to pick up the pieces and teach them, how to deal with life, as it comes, but Justin (now 11) hasn't learned it yet, and Stormi (now 7) is still in the beginning of it all. Anyways, Justin had to do a project for school, before Christmas last year. I had been told about this by his teacher a little bit before. Come to find out Justin had written a "book" about his brother, Davey
and it goes like this:


Written and Illustrated by Justin Harris
Mrs. Love's Class - RBT School 2004/2005
Dedicated to : Anita Harris In Loving Memory of my brother(her son)

"About three years ago, on June 28th, 2001. Davey (my brother) Stormi (my sister) and I were playing out side. Davey and I were on a hammock, and Stormi was sitting
on the ground.

Davey said "let's play future". So we said sure. Davey said "I'll start". But before he could say any thing BOOM!!! AAAAH!!! All of a sudden I fell to the ground, and Davey was crying. When I could stand up I looked at Davey. His shoulder was very bloody, and a tree was on him. I tried to pull him out but I could not. So I ran in my house and screamed "Mommy, Daddy, Davey's hurt." As quick as a jet
they ran out side, they got Davey and got in the car.

When we got to the first stop light, mom called 911. They met us at McDonalds and they got Davey. When we got to the hospital mom was crying. Mom and dad sat in the wating room but a nurse took Stormi and I in another room. After a while we went back to the wating room. Mom held me close and I fell asleep. But when I woke up a doctor came in the room. She said "I'm sorry but you lost your little boy". Mom was crying
worse than ever, and so was dad and I.

When mom finally pulled herself together she called and told every one in my family. At the funeral home everyone was there even Davey's baseball team. But when I went up tp see him I about died, it was the most saddest and most hurtful day of my life.

After the funeral I sadly realize that I had to move on with my life. But still I remember the good times, and the fun we had together. And I if you have had any one dear to you die, then you know how I feel about this tragedy.
The End....................

When my son, gave me this book, I started reading it in front of him, as he wanted. I got in to it a page or so, then I lost it. My heart started breaking, for him. Justin and Davey were very close, and little Stormi she would always follow in Davey's steps,
every where he went, and everything he did.

I can't really say, that you get over it, but I have learned that you can get through it. I have picked up my "leftovers" and kept going. I am still to this day struggeling with this loss, and I can see the pain in Justin and Stormi's eyes when Davey's name is mentioned. All we as parents can do - is help our other children deal with the loss, and then we worry about ourselves when that time comes. For me, when I don't have Justin and Stormi here with me, is when I sit and cry over this. I can't show my emotions
in front of them, because it doesn't help them at all.

To Anita and ANGEL Davey

Mom I know you find things hard
As I watch you day by day
With my Birthdays, Anniversarys
Just me being away

That is what I am Mom away
Although just for a while
There will be one day
We will see each other smile

Until then Mom, know this
I am at Peace and Rest
All my new Friends
Say we are here,
As GOD says
We are the Best
Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

Dear Anita and ANGEL Davey

One Day when your Time comes
The Day that GOD calls you HOME
You will be with your Davey again
And you will never be alone
You don't have to feel empty
Davey is with you always
Just open your Heart
Look up
He see's you
Watches you, but mostly
He protects you

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

A small gift for Davey's mother from one greiving mother to another.

I honor and celebrate this darling little angel Davey
With The Reflection of Light From Heaven In His Eyes
Ann, Laurasmom

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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