In Loving Memory of
Cory Alexander Bute
April 2, 1982 - June 20, 2003

Cory and Momma.

Cory's Puppy SurpriseÖ

When Cory was about 8 yrs old he wished and wished for a puppy of his own. I'll never forget the day his wish came true. I found a puppy for him through one of my co-workers.
It was a golden retriever about 8 weeks old. I picked the pup up from work one day and brought it home in a very large box. The box was closed up so that you couldn't see inside.
When I got home I went in the house and asked Cory to go outside and carry in the box that was in my front seat. Like always without questioning, Cory went out to get the box.
I snuck out behind him just so I could see the expression on his face. He picked the box up and found that something inside was sliding around. He sat the box on the ground
and as he was asking me what was inside, he continued opening to take a peek. Once he caught a glimpse he closed the box real fast and looked up in shock. He then ran over to me
with a great big hug and a heartfelt thank you. I'll never forget how happy and excited he was that day.

Cory's Last Days

It was a vacation that started out no different than any other except for the fact that my 21-year-old son Cory
said he wouldn't be able to take the time off work to go with us. The rest of the family, Cory's father Vic, myself,
his older brother Victor, younger sister Kaitlin, and younger brother Connor
all went for our annual camping trip in Illinois with relatives.

It was on a Wednesday morning when we were leaving for the trip that I found myself continuing to go back upstairs
numerous times to Cory's room to tell him something I had forgotten. Then with each trip up there, I had to of course reach out
and hug him and tell him to be good, be safe, and that I loved him. I had no idea at that time
that those words
and those hugs would be my last that I was able to give to Cory.

I recall speaking with Cory on the phone the next morning (Thursday) after we arrived in Illinois. He called that morning
just to make sure that we had made it there safely. Of course, I figured ou that if he was calling at that time of the day
then that would only mean that he didn't go to work. Here he was calling to check in on us,
and I did nothing but jump on hom about not going to work that day.
I only wish I hadn't done that now.

Then it happened. That evening we were all having a cookout and sitting around talking with family and friends.
The phone rang, and it was my oldest son Victor's girlfriend Karry. She asked to speak to Victor.
He took the phone and went into the other room
to talk to her. I heard some loud talk but didn't quite know what was going on. Then Victor came out of the room looking at us
and said, "Cory's been shot in the stomach!" What??? How???
What happened??? Who did this??? Is he OK??? Questions and more questions
running rampantly through my mind. Here I'm 900 miles away and wanted to be there right at that moment for Cory.

No parent ever expects to receive such a message. We as parents know how fragile our children are
and how very unpredictable life is, but of course, we believe that we are immune to such tragedies.
These things only happen on television and to other people.
They cannot happen to us!

Within a split second, my world changed from one of light and peace and joy to one of darkness and despair and gloom.
One split second and the reality I knew became a nightmare I never imagined.
It was more than I could possibly comprehend.

I immediately phoned Cory's Aunt Virginia back home in Georgia and told her to please go to the hospital. Cory had been shot.
I'll never forget her words. She said, "I won't leave his side until you get there!" I hurriedly called the hospital,
and they put me in touch with the surgeon.
The news was not good. He said that the bullet had entered through his side and had caused damage to his liver
and that once they opened him up for surgery that his vital signs dropped drastically.
I was told that they needed to hold off on any surgery
until he could get more stable. I was told to get there as soon as I could.

My sister and nephew put me in the car, and we dashed for the airport which was about 2 hours away. My husband
took the rest of the family and put them in the care to drive the 12 hour trip back to Georgia. All I know
is that was the longest day of my life.
Once we arrived at the airport, we found that there were no more flights going out that night. How could this be?
I thought airplanes flew all night long!
I sat. I paced. I cried. I prayed... and prayed... and prayed. The airport was so empty. The clock seemed as if it was in slow motion.
Next available flight was not until 4:30 a.m. I stayed in continuous communication with family at the hospital.
Oh God... please get me there in time. Please don't let this happen.

The flight finally came. Of course I was the first person standing in line and just wanted to get that plane off the ground
as soon as possible. Please everyone... hurry up! My son needs me.

I was told that my niece would be picking me up at the airport. So when I arrived and was looking for her,
I spotted a brother-in-law.
I thought... why the change of plans? Oh well, we hugged, and he swept me away to his awaiting car.
As we were nearing the parking garage,
I saw two of my sister-in-laws walking toward me. Now more questions running through my head. But I thought,
well maybe they just both came along on the ride to help comfort me on the way to the hospital.

Then, it happened. We were rounding a corner, and Cory's Aunt Virginia was standing there. I just knew it! My legs went limp,
and I cried out, "Mamma!" and fell to my knees. Virginia told me she wouldn't leave his side. It could only mean one thing.
Oh God... please help me.
And why did I say, "Mamma"? That was what Cory always called me. Was that him calling to me,
knowing what I was going through at that time?

During the ride they told me that the hospital did everything they could to keep him alive until I could get there.
Cory had passed away at 4:50 a.m. that morning on June 20, 2003 from an accidental gunshot wound.

We went straight to the hospital, but did not go inside since they had already moved Cory. All of the family from Georgia
was there sitting at a pavilion outside. We all decided to stay there the entire day waiting for my husband
and the other children to arrive from their trip.
We waited and waited and waited. Unknown to us, their cell phones were dead, and we had no contact.
They apparently had a terrible trip
which included a flat tire that delayed their drive home. They finally called from a pay phone and all we could say was that they just needed to drive safe and get home.
We couldn't tell them the news for fear of that making their trip unsafe. They finally arrived home
around 10:00 p.m. that evening. I will never forget the most difficult thought of having to tell them
that their child and brother had passed away.

These two pictures above, with water in the background, were from the day we had Coryís funeral services. Immediate family members all went to a known fishing spot of Coryís
to throw his ashes into the river. Just so happened that the Corp of Engineers had the dam opened so you canít see the rock that Cory used to sit on. However, we can exactly see it in the pictures.
It is exactly were the sunshine is shining down. Isnít that amazing!!!!

These four loving gifts for Angel Cory are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~Rob Northrop's Site.

This beautiful gift for Angel Cory is from my friend Janet.

Here is my Godwink storyÖ.

Isn't it comforting to receive these wonderful personal messages from above, reaffirming that we're on a GPS? (Gods Positioning System.)


It is now 9:36 am on 9/21/06 and I just had a wink from GOD. I never watch TV but came across a TV in the house that had been left on from my children. Had been having problems
with remote to shut TV off so was trying to do so before unplugging. While doing this it just so happened that the 700 Club was on and featured Squire Rushnell speaking of his book
"When God Winks at You". I've never heard of him nor this book. But I think God was giving me a wink to be able to share my story thru this communication tool!

Three years ago I lost my 21 year old son Cory to a tragic gun accident. I returned to work approx. 3 wks later. Every single morning and evening on the way to and from work
when I turned my car radio on I would hear the song that my oldest son played during Cory's memorial service (Love Me When Iím Gone by 3 Doors Down).
This became my special song to soothe my soul. Now, I expected to hear it every morning and evening during my car ride.
After a couple of weeks, it seemed the radio stations quit playing my song. I would continue to search the stations during my car ride to and from work but to no avail.
Then I started getting depressed and would just cry during the ride when thinking of my son. I kept praying to God to please give me a sign
that my son knows I'm still thinking of him and how much I love him.
One day on my way home from work I had just finished this same prayer once again and I rounded a corner
(in the middle of a residential neighborhood I might add) and standing on the side of the street was a mother deer along with her baby. Just standing there!!!

And to my delight, just as soon as I saw them my special song came on the radio. Now I know that was a true GOD WINK from above
and I'll never forget how God proved to me that day that my son knows my feelings.

"When I'm Gone"
Performed by 3 Doors Down

There's another world inside of me
That you may never see
There're secrets in this life
That I can't hide
Somewhere in this darkness
There's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away...
Or maybe I'm just blind...

Or maybe I'm just blind...

So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
Hold me when I'm scared
And love me when I'm gone
Everything I am
And everything in me
Wants to be the one
You wanted me to be
I'll never let you down
Even if I could
I'd give up everything
If only for your good
So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
You can hold me when I'm scared
You won't always be there
So love me when I'm gone

Love me when I'm gone...

When your education X-Ray
Cannot see under my skin
I won't tell you a damn thing
That I could not tell my friends
Roaming through this darkness
I'm alive but I'm alone
Part of me is fighting this
But part of me is gone

So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
Hold me when I'm scared
And love me when I'm gone
Everything I am
And everything in me
Wants to be the one
You wanted me to be
I'll never let you down
Even if I could
I'd give up everything
If only for your good
So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
You can hold me when I'm scared
You won't always be there
So love me when I'm gone

Or maybe I'm just blind...

So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
Hold me when I'm scared
And love me when I'm gone
Everything I am
And everything in me
Wants to be the one
You wanted me to be
I'll never let you down
Even if I could
I'd give up everything
If only for your good
So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
You can hold me when I'm scared
You won't always be there
So love me when I'm gone

Love me when I'm gone...

Love me when I'm gone
When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone

There Is No Goodbye

You're the sunrise in the morning;
You're the star that shines bright in the night;
You're the gentle breeze across our face;
At the darkest times you'r our light;
You're the courage we have to stand tall;
You're the strength to keep our heads held high;
You're the power and will to carry on...
With the love you gave us there are no goodbyes;
Its been so long since you went away;
But we still feel you up from above;
During the hardest times, we know you're there;
Giving us your courage, strength and love.
You're the unspeakable sadness in our eyes;
You're the tears that stream down our cheek;
You're the constant heartache that we feel;
You're the happiness we hope to seek.
We remember all the love we had for you;
On this day we always dread;
But today we forget that horrible time and reminisce...
About the good memories of you instead.
You will always be tucked away;
Deep inside our broken hearts,
But you will never be forgotten or replaced;
Because we can never again be torn apart.
So the next time we feel that gentle breeze;
Or the tears that start to warm our eyes;
We will smile and always remember....
With the love you gave us;
There is no goodbye.
~ Author Unknown

The Broken Chain

We did not know that morning that God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly, in death the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
you did not go alone,
for part of us went with you the day God called you home
You left us peaceful memories,
your love is still our guide,
and though we cannot see you, you are always by our side.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same,
but as GOD calls us one by one, the CHAIN will link again.
~ Author unknown

Cory has been in heaven now almost 12 years. We think of him every moment and speak of him at every opportunity.
Cory is and will always remain in our hearts forever.

With Love for Cory
Ann, Laurasmom

In Loving Remembrance of Cory
May He Find His Joy In Eternal Life
Ann, Laurasmom

A small gift for the Bute family on your Angel Cory's birthday.
God bless you always.


Dearest Betty and ANGEL Cory

Your ANGEL is with you Betty
He hasn't left you for ever
He is just away for a while
Look up at those stars
One of them is Cory's
It is his window
He see's his loving Mom
He smiles and waves at you
Open your heart Betty
You will feel him
He is also waiting for you

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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