In Loving Memory of
Steven Lee Strickland
March 10, 1988 - April 5, 2000

My Angel Buddy! Age 9.

This is Steven's last photo. It was taken on March 12, 2000, about 3 weeks before he passed. He never got to see this picture, but he would have been so proud of it. He looked so mature and his intention was to impress his new "girlfriend." It was such a shame that Steven never saw this picture, it was the first time he had ever cared that his picture looked good. We got the finished pictures back on April 6, 2000, the day after he died.

Steven at age 11 in 6th grade. This was his last school picture.

Go and run free with the angels,
Dance around the golden clouds,
For the Lord has chosen you to be with him,
and we should feel nothing but proud.
Even though He has taken you from us,
and our pain a lifetime will last.
Your memory will never escape us,
But make us glad for the time we did have.
Your smiles will be forever hidden deep inside our hearts,
And each moment you gave us never will depart.
So go and run free with the angels,
As they smile so tenderly,
And please be sure to tell them to take good care of you...
For me.
Author Unknown

This is a loving gift to Angel Steven from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

These are three special gifts to Angel Steven from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~
Rob Northrop's Site.

This is a picture of Steven and myself taken on February 11, 2000. We were on a school field trip and one of his teachers snapped this shot and sent it to me in the hospital.
I always had to go with him on his trips because we were so close.

There Were Many Moments With You...
(Just Not Enough Years)

A child is a gift from the Heavenly Father
that comes with many moments of love.
But what you think you'll hold for a lifetime,
may one day soar to the Heavens above.

Oh, now, I think back at the moments;
Precious moments I shared with you.
I think of the times that I heard you laugh...
There's nothing to compare it to.

I think of the times you sat with me;
Sharing the dreams you treasure.
And sharing the failures you feared most...
Even these were moments of pleasure.

Every moment I shared with you was a joy!
So much more than you could know.
Just to hear each time your heart would beat...
Meant one more beat to help you grow!

Tonight, I sit and hold onto the photo albums;
Holding onto every single minute.
I look back and long for more time in life with you.
For more life while you were in it.

I see others around me and know that they
cannot understand exactly how I feel.
For every moment I live without you
Is a moment too painfully real.

So, I sti tonight longing to hold you.
I just can't hold back my tears.
There were many moments with you...
Oh...Just not enough years.
~ Author Kay Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kay Des'Ormeaux
Special dedication to all moms who have lost a child.
And to my sister, Linda, who I still miss terribly.

Steven, age 6 months, note the resemblance to Jordan, whose photo is above Steven's photo.

Letter to Mom

Mom, please don't feel guilty
It was just my time to go.
I see you are still feeling sad,
And the tears just seem to flow.

We all come to earth for our lifetime,
And for some it's not many years
I don't want you to keep crying
You are shedding so many tears.

I haven't really left you
Even though it may seem so.
I have just gone to my heavenly home,
I'm closer to you than you know.

Just believe that when you say my name
I'm standing next to you,
I know you long to see me,
But there's nothing I can do.

But I'll still send you messages
And hope you understand,
That when your time comes to "cross over,"
I'll be there to take your hand.
Written by Joy Cornutt, always Jason's mom
11/26/74 - 4/11/99

Steven at age 6.

Those we love remain with us
for love itself lives on.
Cherished memories never fade,
because one loved is gone.
Those we love can never be,
more than a thought apart,
for as long as there is a memory,
they live on in our heart.
~ Anonymous

The plate and quilt square above were lovingly donated by Angel Conner's mom, Kelly.
Thank you so very much for these gifts for Angel Steven!
Empty Arms~Heavy Heart, Child Loss Grief Support and Memorials

Our Christmas Angels

Muchas gracias to my dear friend, Rosemary, for helping with some of the pictures
on this page. You are the bestest!

Dear Steven

Yes I remember those school trips I use to go to, they were a lot of fun. I love the photo of you your Mom has of you on your site,
yes Mom I agree with you, he did look handsome all dressed up.


Dear Christy

The sky is clear My ANGEL
Will I be able to see you
Will you still be doing everything
I use to see you do
Yes Mom you will
One of those stars
Is my window to my new home
Will I see you all the time there
Most of the time Mom
Unless I am doing GODS work
That is when I roam


In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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