In Loving Memory of Steven Lee ~
3/10/88 - 4/5/00
And Brianna Noel ~
3/26/91 - 4/5/00

Thank you to Rose Mary for creating this beautiful angel picture for Steven and Brianna.

Steven and Brianna playing in the snow together, February 2000.

This is a picture of "my family" in November of '96. Brianna was 5 and Steven was 8.

This is Steven at age 11 and Brianna at age 8.

Author Unknown

I'm "His Child," I'm not your possession,
I'm a treasured gift from God, you see.
I'll be with you for a "Little While," but
I'm "His" for all eternity.

When I was small, you saw me smiling,
I was looking to God above: And through my eyes
You saw a reflection of a special language of Love.
God and I talk quite often 'bout things I don't understand.
But I know it isn't by chance that I'm with you...
It was all in the Master's plan.

For God in His infinite mercy...
Sends a child from above...
This is "His" way in which to say, that,
The world should go on in Love.

From time to time, hold fast the moments.
Stop and cherish before they flee.
A rainbow holds such a promise
Even if seen for only a short while...
Like the miracle "He" sent through me.
Teach me the values of "His" life,
Give me guidance to run the race.
To calm all the storms that may appear,
As I grow in "His" wisdom and grace.

I'm "His Child," I'm not your possession...
I'm yours to hold, To nurture and mold...
But I'm "His"... For all eternity...

This special gift for Brianna and Steven is from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Angels Brianna and Steven from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

This is Steven and Brianna's little brother, Jordan Stone Sullivan, at 7 months old.
He is holding his little angel bear in memory of his brother and sister.

Christy wrote the poem below for Jordan's first birthday, which is on March 13th.
I thought it would be appropriate to include it here since
both Steven and Brianna's birthdays are this month also...

Sometimes in the middle of despair,
When your life is so distressing.
God knows your every need
and sends a special blessing.
Miracles can come
In big packages or in small.
They can be the answer to many prayers
or come as a surprise, unexpected by all.
After all that we've been through
a special occasion is drawing near.
It's so amazing when we realize,
Jordan has been here for a year.

My Little Angels Prayer
Author unknown

I cannot hold you little ones,
I can only swish the air.
So for you I'd love to give this gift...
My Little Angels Prayer.

Dear Lord,
Lay their sweet heads upon your lap
and caress their beautiful hair.
jPut your kiss upon their heads
and let them know you're there.
Let them feel from us
our love that never ends.
So that their feet may play with joy,
across the gentle winds.
Allow them Lord to sweep the worlds,
With their charm and their grace,
Because we know their presence there
makes the heavens a more wondrous place.
Lord, reach your love around our Little ones,
And embrace them once for me.
And tell them that we will give our love
For all eternity.
Lord, give them the gift to share their love
Like they did on Earth:
With all of the little angels everywhere.
So that they may feel it's worth.

I cannot hold you Little ones,
I can only swish the air.
But keep our love within your souls
until we see you there.

Steven and Brianna with his "best" friend, Michael. They were all just as close as brothers and sisters.
Michael still stays with us on the weekend sometimes
taking care of his "new little brother Jordan."

Don't Cry Mommy
Author Unknown

Don't cry Mommy,
Mommy, please don't cry.
Because the day we left your loving arms
We didn't say good-bye.

We're still here with you
And Daddy too...we just wanted you to know
Although our souls have left this earth,
There's a part of us that could not go.

It's the love we built
Between us Mom, The memories that we shared,
These wonderful things God let us leave behind
Because of how much you cared.

Only God knows how much we miss you Mommy
And the time we spent on Earth.
The way you loved to hold us close,
Ever since our Birth.

And He knows ow much you miss us Mom,
God promises we'll be together again,
For all eternity, and that's a long time.
We will see you then.

So don't cry Mommy,
Mommy, please don't cry.
Because the day we left your loving arms.
We didn't say...


In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

Remembering Angels Steven and Brianna...
Ann, Laurasmom

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The plates and quilt squares above were lovingly donated by Angel Conner's mom, Kelly.
Thank you so very much for these gifts for Angel Steven and Angel Brianna!
Empty Arms~Heavy Heart, Child Loss Grief Support and Memorials

Muchas gracias to my dear friend, Rosemary, for helping with some of the pictures on this page. You are the bestest!

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Plaque courtesy of Bosset's Calling Cards.
Text courtesy of Marlene.

Marlene has also lit the candles below in their memory and she made the calling card below for Steven and Brianna also.
Thank you so very much!

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