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In Loving Memory of
Christopher Scott Asbrock
~ July 17, 1969 - February 18, 1999 ~

This was the first Christmas without Christopher. I attended the TCF memorial in Chattanooga, TN with other parents that have lost their child.

Dad, Brian and Nicole in June 1999 for Brian's graduation. Chris had planned to attend, but he was there with us in spirit. I can just hear Chris saying, "Look at my little brother all grown up. Way to go Bro!"

These pictures below are from a memorial to Christopher in May of 2000.

Me ~ Memorial Day 2000, deep with thoughts and missing my Christopher even more.

Christopher's headstone with fresh spring flowers, and me of course
making sure everything is perfect for my Pooh Bear!

Mother/Child ~ how can this be? And saying goodbye again!

These pictures below are from Christopher's memorial on 2/18/01.

Me putting the finishing touches on the memorial candles for Christopher.
And then the finished product! Although the flame will go out on the candle,
the flame in my heart will never die.

Christopher's wife Michelle left one of the two of Christopher's favorite M&M's and
the beautiful roses. We all miss him so much!

Me & Jim, Christopher's stepfather, at his memorial.

The photo on the left is me with David, Christopher's sister's fiancee, reflecting on the
happy times with him. The photo on the right is Margie, a wonderful friend, with Jim.

A salute to you, my M&M guy! Karen, Christopher's aunt, Margie, and myself.

Giving my son a great big hug!

All of us to remember Christopher. My heart-felt thanks to Ron
~ you are the best, for all of the many photos!

These pictures below are from Christopher's memorial on 2/18/02.

Me with baby Jessica~Michelle's baby. She is one year old. No, sadly, she is not my little granddaughter even though she is my name sake. Christopher would have adored her.

In the picture on the left, from left to right Danielle, Chris's cousin her daughter Maci, Jim, myself, Chris's Dad, Nicole (his sister), David her fiancee, my brother Tim and Michelle Chris's wife with little Jessica.
Nicole reading a verse I wrote for our beloved Christopher.
In the picture on the right, Jim, Dad and Nicole listening as we all reflected
on our good times with Chris.

Maci proudly showing her candle and Red Bird I made for Chris's memorial.

The picture on the left is Dad and Nicole. The picture on the right is Nicole
reading a story of Chris.

The gang in what has become our traditional M & M toss.

My Red Birds for good luck tied with what else M & M's with nuts.
Love Mom


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