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In Loving Memory of
Christopher Scott Asbrock
~ July 17, 1969 - February 18, 1999 ~

This was one year before Chris left us. It was taken on his step father's BD
as you can see he loves chocolate cake and red was his favorite color to wear
and you can see why.
He looks so handsome huh?

Christopher's mom wrote this for his birthday a few years ago. It is so very touching
that I didn't have the heart to take it off of this page just yet ~

Dear Chris,

From the start of July I can hardly believe it is the month of your birth. 36 years ago I was less than a week from having such a wonderful little life to come into my own life that would change me forever. How can it be that this is your sixth birthday in Heaven already? Although I am sure you are having a blast there eating all of the chocolate cake you want without gaining an ounce
I still miss you more and more.

I want to tell you Chris how much I enjoyed being with you this past November when I spent several days in Sedona and you came to me to make sure I knew you were ok and doing well. We had so many things to talk about remember that Sunday I was with Tom and we just kept talking and talking to each other just as it was when you were here on earth. I remember us doing the same thing as we use to do on the phone when had not talked for a couple of weeks. I would say well I have to get off and get things done and you would say the same thing and next thing you knew we were on another topic. It was just like that. I kept telling you that I didn't want to go but I was getting tired. You said but I am always here Mom always was. Then we would be on another topic. But eventually I had to go but I soon realized afterwards that you were so correct. You are always there with me. I loved it when I was driving to the airport to pick up Brian for Thanksgiving and you ask me what happen to your truck. That crunched up quizzical look you always give looked back at me and said oh! When I told you. Then you ask me who Dad sold it to. So wonderful to have you with me.

You have let me know more and more that you are in my presence Chris just by the small things you do. About a month ago I was in the bathroom and I know I heard my cell phone ring so I went to pick it up off of my night stand and when I saw that it was not a call but the time was 7:17 a.m. I knew it was you calling just to remind me you were there. Just little things like that bring huge comfort to me. It has been a struggle to get this far but I work on it each day and remember that my dear son
you have not gone from my heart or my presence only your body has.

Please know that you are missed greatly and loved ever so much. I know you will have a great birthday this year
with Grandma and Granddaddy there beside you.

I love you
Mom ~ July 17, 2005

Here is Christopher in his wild hair days.

Christopher was taken from us on February 18th, 1999 at the age of 29 due to complications of a type of cardiomyopathy diagnosed in the fall. He faced the disease and diagnosis with courage and grace. Further information on cardiomyopathy may be found on

We miss him tremendously. This was his favorite prayer...
"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things
I cannot change...
Courage to change the things I can
and wisdom to know the difference."

Here is a verse I found inscribed on a greeting card. I could not put it better myself how I feel my new relationship with my son is.

The song playing on here, Angel by Sarah McLachlan, has become one of our favorite pieces of music that means so much to us because in the final months of Chris's life this became his favorite song. It brought great comfort to him, and his wife Michelle chose this song to be played at the funeral ceremony. It was also in the soundtrack of 'City of Angels' which again has deeper meanings to us since Chris's death.

Chris at Christmas with his M&M dispenser. He was my partner in crime when it came to M&Ms with nuts. When he was a toddler and I came home with two bags of M&Ms; one with nuts and one plain for him. It took Chris no time to notice the difference in the color of the bags. He promptly asked me why I had a different one. I explained to him that mine had nuts and his did not because I was afraid he would choke. He would not take that for an answer so ever since he has been the M&M with nuts king!

Chris with his mom (me, Jessica) in front of him. His sister Nicole and his younger brother Brian during his Stepfather's birthday dinner.
Jim, his Stepfather, took the picture. This was taken one year prior to his death. We had such a wonderful day of celebration. Chris always loved birthday cake!

Chris and his dog Cash. Chris got him as a puppy, and he is seen here at 18 months. Cash was the only creature who could stand up to him. Cash is also lost without Chris and cries and sleeps on his side of the bed.

Chris and his wife Michelle taken in December 1998, their last Christmas together. They had been together since a very early age, were very much in love and had planned to start a family hoping for a millenium baby. Unfortunately this was never to be. During his illness Michelle showed him great love and support. She remains in my prayers.

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"For Christopher, the M&M Boy This is how I saw Christopher from all the stories you wrote about him. He looked like a very gentle soul that was only here for a while to hold. And now you are left with memories of his love And he is still loving you from Heaven above."

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Laurasmom, Ann

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