Gifts Made in Loving Memory of
Brittany Brooks Guleff
May 7, 1985 - March 26, 2010

If we know who made the gift for Brittany, their web page link will be underneath their gift(s) but there are quite a few gifts that are from unknown donors.
If the gift is from you, and you would like us to add your web page link, just let us know!

Brittany's Birthday Gifts

Rob Northrop's Site





Brittany's Anniversary Gifts

Rob Northrop's Site

My Angel Carliser



Julie, Adam's Mom


Brittany's Christmas Gifts

Brittany's New Years' Gifts

Brittany's Valentine's Day Gifts

Remembering Carliser

Julie, Adam's Mom

Rob Northrop's Site


Brittany's Easter Gifts

Julie, Adam's Mom

Brittany's Mother's Day Gifts

Adam's Heavenly Band

Brittany's Miscellaneous Gifts

Brittany's mom Pam had written this, "Brittany was a great mom, I am pretty sure they (Christopher and Brittany) are together!! Yes, the same birthdays, now that is awesome!
I meant to include that yes, it brings me great comfort!" Which prompted me to add their names to the above heart graphic.

In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

Julie, Adam's Mom

In Loving Memory of Chris Parker

My Angel Carliser

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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