In Loving Memory of Brittany Brooks Guleff
May 7, 1985 - March 26, 2010
and Felicia Moon
Raised to Heaven on February 16, 2012

I had an amazing dream last night.
I now know you know all the miscarriages and aborted babies go to heaven.
Someone has to take care until they decide to grow up.

Last night I dreamed, I think anyway, I was in this place. Lights were all around and I felt happy.
In the distance I saw a little girl with blondish brown curls skipping toward me.
There was someone behind her but I didn't know who.
I couldn't take my eyes off this little girl.
I felt like I knew her. she looked about 13 and she was beautiful. She gets to me and I know who she is, but I can't believe it.
She died when she was 13 months old. It can't be, but it is. She puts her arms around me and screams "my Leesha."
I say "Rhonda?" she smiles. I say, you are "Rhonda Michelle Moses."
She giggles and says yes, and you are my big sister. I feel peace like I have never known, holding my little sister,
then I notice the others around us.

Brittany is holding a baby and another little girl is holding her hand. I look at Brittany and she says meet your little granddaughter.
This is Miranda.... the baby she is holding. I am a little confused, but holding her hand is a beautiful little girl, with dark hair and dark eyes.
She looks to be about 4. Then I realize this is Janelle...Ruthie's, Janelle Moses, my other sister. I hug Brittany and the baby she is holding.
I pick up Janelle easily, and Brittany says follow me.

She and Rhonda lead me to this place.
Everywhere you look, there are cradles of babies. Then Jesus comes into our presence. I bow down to the floor
and the children are giggling. I look around. I am the only one on the floor.
Jesus tells me to rise up, as I am His sister. Only bow in the presence of the Father.

I ask why am I here? He laughs... "because we need you". Brittany needs you to help with the children. They have to want to grow up.
We need you to help. Brittany said you would be excellent with this calling. The Father and I knew this,
but I consulted Brittany as you are the grandmother to her children.
She said again, you would be good with all these children, the wicked people threw away. Then Jesus said I had a choice.

But I need to know something before I make the choice. Then I heard God and everyone, including the tiniest of babies bowing their little heads.
He does not speak to me, instead, He only spoke to Jesus. And Jesus told me to tell Darron to get all your earthly affairs in order.
He will be joining you soon. He did not say how or when, just....
Then He asked me, "are you ready now?" I said, "can I have time to get my earthly affairs in order and tell Darron and tell my family?"
He said "God said yes, a little more time. Tell everyone." Then, Brittany and the others need you to help the babies grow up."

Then Rhonda says, "I stay to help, so many come every second in your time, we get at least 100 babies every second and I help them grow up."
Jesus says to me, "it won't be long now until Abba puts an end to this." Then Jesus hugged me and I felt so alive.
I woke up on my back, not choking.

By Felicia Moon, January 7, 2012

Felicia is Brittany's mother-in-law. Felicia got sick in 2011 with Lou Gehrig's disease and couldn't lay down without choking. I think she was saved before this dream. She passed away February 12, 2012.


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