In Loving Memory of
Brian Weslyn Wall
January 3, 1990 - March 20, 2004


This wonderful image is a loving gift to Angel Brian from my dear friend, Linda.

My Angel Brian

You were my life for 14 years
When God decided he needed you near.
I know what he saw in you are
The things we miss so much.

You were such a brave boy
And I know you're not afraid
You have the life of happiness
That I tried so hard to give

Your laughter and your smile I miss
Your playfulness and character
That we had become accustomed to
Are now shared with others.

Your journey in this life is over
As your journey into eternity begins
So until I can make that journey
I know you are safe and happy.

I will keep you tucked in a special
Place in my heart that no one could ever touch.

Your friends, family and I miss you so much.
Love, Mom

The Fall

As the leaves change colors
It reminds me of how
I have changed into a different person
Since your death
Never going back to life that we had

As the leaves fall to the ground
It reminds me of how
My life continues with no direction
Never knowing where I will land
Or even how I will get there

As the cold wind blows
It reminds me of how
I feel so lonely without you
Knowing I will never
Ever feel whole again.

As the days are not as long
It reminds me of how
My days with you would
Never be enough and
How much I miss you.

As the sun is not as bright
It reminds me of how
My life will never be as
Bright and good as it once was
When you were here to share it.

As the stars are hard to see
It reminds me of how
The journey of grief is hard to follow
With no light or directions and
Emotions appearing out of nowhere.

As the cold winter appears
It reminds me of how
I awoke one day to find
A dreary life to lead
Without you in it.
Written in Memory of my son Brian Wall

I had to share this with you for Brian's Birthday. I think it is awesome.
A wonderful lady named Nancy in our Clayton store made this for me for Brian's Birthday.

This is a beautiful gift for Angel Brian from Debbie.

These two images above are beautiful and loving gifts for Angel Brian from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

These five very special gifts for Angel Brian are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~
Rob Northrop's Site

This beautiful Thanksgiving gift for Angel Brian is also from my friend Marie.

Brian Weslyn Wall
Birthday January 3, 1990
Angel Date March 20, 2004

Brian was born on January 3, 1990 weighing 4 pounds and 9 ounces. He was a beautiful tiny little boy. Although Brian was small,
he was always determined. Brian was called "Fred" by his stepfather and I.
He would get mad if you called anyone else that.

You Brighten Our Day

You brighten our day in your own special way,
Like a rainbow that brights the sky.
Then we just wonder why?
Like a shiny star that lights the night;
We wish we could hold you tight.
Like a river flows a long with the wind,
We remember how you were how you where there when we needed a friend.
As warm as the morning sun,
We remember all the fun.
Like a butterfly brings a smile to our face.
As we look up to the sky and see its beautiful wings fly,
For someone so dear whos love is near,
We wish you were here.
You mean more to us as each day goes by.

- Written by Shyanne Shirley (Brian's friend DJ's sister)

Brian loved to race dirt bikes and did so since he was five years old. He won the North Georgia Super Cross Series area championship in 2000 at the age of 10.
He loved to ride and do tricks on his dirt bike.

Brian had been involved in Karate and had received his yellow belt. He also loved to play football and
to wrestle which he had done for many years. He also played soccer and baseball in the past.

Brian attended Space Camp in Huntsville which he had looked forward to since he was old enough to attend. He loved to draw and collect coins. Brian loved to travel during his life and had visited Mexico several times, Grand Caymans, Jamaica, New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. He was taking scuba diving lessons at the time of his untimely death.

Brian loved to go to the lake and fish. This was a special place and time for him with his Aunt (Lady) and Uncle Charlie.
He carried many of his friends with him over the years to enjoy the outdoors and fishing
with him. He also had been deep sea fishing.

Brian was a hero and big brother to all of his younger cousins. They all looked up to him and each one was special in their own way to him. He took a special interest in each one, teaching them the rules at the lake. His cousins called him Brianee.

Brian was bright and funny but faced the challenge of being dyslexic. He was always determined and seemed to excel in every task that he participated in. This is a difficult task to deal with, but Brian dealt
with this obstacle as he did with every challenge he was faced with.

Brian was very loved by his peers and family. There were close to 800 people at his funeral. I have been told so many stories from his classmates of special things he had done for them. Brian always strived to do for others.
He had a special friend Katie who has written several poems for him. Her nickname for Brian
was Buba. The poem below was written by Katie for Brian.
Look for more of her poems on Brian's web site in the near future.

My Brother And Me
By Katie Cantrell

This picture is of all my friends
What memories we shared back then.
Oh, but that was long ago,
For we all took different roads.

All except the boy in blue,
I wish hed had more time here,
Really I do.

He left me sad, feeling all alone,
My heart broken,
I felt like I couldnt go on.

Then, I remembered
What all hed said
Bout being best friends forever
And how we swore to never forget.
We had a friendship many never have.
For that Im grateful
At the same time sad.

Like siblings we were
Always arguing too.
There was only one thing,
That wed never do.

We never gave up,
Not him nor me,
Not on each other,
Not on our friends,
And never on the world to be.

We had trust and faith,
Nothing severed our bond,
Not even when,
He went on to God.

I believe hes waiting there,
In that happy glorious place.
So for me it will be years,
For him only a few short days.
Well meet again,
With no tears of sorrow
And no cries of pain.

And then well be together
For all eternity.
Making up for lost time,
My brother and me.

Although he lived such a short period of time, Brian touched so many lives in a special way.
Although he is gone, he will continue to live on in our hearts and memory forever.

I have this awesome picture of a light that looks like angel wings by my back door. I always took
Brian's picture the first day of school every year by the back door. I took this picture the first day of school
this year after Brian has passed away. I really don't know why. It gave me such peace.
I have seen several doves in my yard. I don't think I have ever seen any before Brian's death.
Brian was telling us that he knows what we are doing. He was a very loved child.
He was so full of life and enjoyed his 14 years more
than some people do when they live a full life.

And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straight-way out of the water: and lo the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him.
Matthew 3:16

And lo a voice from heaven saying, This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.
Matthew 3:17


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Since You Are Gone

My heart feels like a vase
that has been shattered
into a million pieces
since you are gone.

I try to put the pieces together
With no directions
But it just doesnt fit
Since you are gone.

The pieces are many
As my memories of you
More precious than ever
Since you are gone.

I will try piece together
my broken heart so
No one sees the devastation
Since you are gone.

Even when I get it together
With all the cracked pieces
It will never be the same
Since you are gone.

My heart will be like the vase
With pieces stuck together
But never restored to new
Since you are gone.
~ Written in Memory of my son Brian Wall ~


To Anne and ANGEL Brian

Day by Day keep going by
But you are always still here with me
In my Thoughts my Heart always
Where else would you be

I have not left you Mom
I am just away for a while
Until we are together again
It is then I will see your smile

If you look up Mom when you hear a plane
It could be me flying
I want to see you wave at me
And not see you crying


Dear Anne
An ANGEL that won the hearts of many with his talent, especially for sports.. GOD BLESS

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

Remembering sweet angel Brian on his Heavenly birthday.
Judi, Andrew's Mom

And this is a loving gift for Brian Wall's anniversary from Judi and Angel Andrew.

A small gift for Brian's family. May God bless and comfort you.

Our Christmas Angels

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Jesus Wept

With Love for Brian
A very special angel
Ann, Laurasmom

For Brian
Remembering Your Precious Son With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

"I am so sorry for your loss. What a lovely boy Brian was
and for one so young, he touched so many lives on earth
I'm sure he is now a shining star in heaven
The website Maria made is a beautiful tribute to Brian
May He wait at the gates of heaven for the day you arrive there
I know he will be forever missed by you and all of his family."
With My Love and My Deepest Sorrow
and a prayer that God will bring comfort to your heart
Ann, Laurasmom

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"What a beautiful memorial for your angel Brian. Happy Birthday in heaven, Brian.
I know that this day is so will be with your angel one day again..."
Love, Judy (Heidi's Mom Forever)

Remembering Heidi

Dear Anne: May God bless and comfort you on your journey of grief.
We suffer a parent's worst nightmare - losing a child
and being able to do nothing about it.
I will be three years in May through this journey and it's been a hard, evil one.
One minute at a time is all we can hope for.
Karen Lyn Jenkins, Mother of an Angel with Pink Wings,
^i^Geoffrey P. Edwards ^i^
Forever 18

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