In Loving Memory of
August Rose Enyeart
Born to Heaven August 4, 1999

Tears of sadness for my Rose,
I lost one year ago,
The pain it hunts me daily,
The tears they sure do flow,

The rose I never got to touch,
To smell or sing her songs,
Or show her,her mothers love,
Within my loving arms,

One year ago my Rose,
She withered from my loving womb,
And went right up to Heaven,
From my womb with just her body, To Heaven with wings,

I miss my little Rose
Each and everyday,
You Will Always Be Our Little Rose,
The one that got away.

Her name is August Rose Enyeart
I miscarried her at 10wks gestation August 4, 1999.

August's Story

The day I found out for sure I was pregnant with August was the happiest day of my life, because on my 30th bday I was told I could no longer have anymore kids
and that was the hardest day of my life because I had always wanted another baby.

On August 1st I had done a pg test and it came out possitive and I was so happy I cried, but I wanted to make sure so I went to the dr. and they confirmed it, so once again I was the happiest person alive. I went home that day and called my family and they weren't too happy to hear that I was pg again. Their exact words were you don't need another kid, we won't be able to see this one either. So I hung up and went home and cried, 'cause I wanted them to be as happy for me as I was. Well on August 2nd, I woke up and I was spotting, and I thought that maybe it wasn't anything important so I called the dr. and they couldn't get me in til later on that afternoon, so I waited til that afternoon and I went into see the dr. and waited in the office for 2 hours to be seen and when I got in to see him I told him what was going on and he just looked at me and told me to pee in a cup so I did that and when he came back in the room he looked at me and plainly said you are gonna miscarry your baby and walked out. I think my heart dropped to my toes and I almost dropped to my knees in tears.

Well I went home that day and just cried and cried. On the 3rd of August I woke up and I had stopped bleeding so I was thinking that maybe the dr. was wrong so I had an appt that I had to go to and I was happy all that day, thinking I was gonna keep my little angel in my tummy, that night when I went to bed I was alot happier, but at 5:46am I woke up with the worst cramps I had ever felt and I went into the bathroom and I was bleeding pretty heavily and had a bunch of clots coming out of me, and I knew then that my baby was gone.

That morning on the 4th of August will always be a day in my life that will be never be the same. A great big part of me died that day. I never thought that a person could feel that much pain.
I have lost plenty in my life but losing my baby girl is the worst feeling that I have ever felt
or will ever feel in my life.

August Rose Enyeart you are my baby girl and you will always be my baby girl and I will love you til the day I die, and when I get to heaven
I know you will be standing there waiting on me, and little lady I will have my arms wide open ready to hold you.

I love you baby girl
Love Mommy

Our Little Star

I look up in the heavens way up above
And knowing there is a baby who is loved
She touched many lives down here
And we know she is happy up there
But our hearts are in much pain
Thinking of the day we will see her again
It is so unfair that she had to go away
But we will see her again someday
I wonder if she knows how she touched many hearts
She bonded with her mom and dad from the very start
Sometimes as I see the stars as they go by
I look up and have a tear in my eye
For this little one who has meant so much
We will never feel her gentle touch
She sends many kisses from above
Telling everyone she is loved
But we long to hold her close to our hearts
Thinking of special memories that will not depart
August Rose is a special little star
And I bet she is looking at us from where we are
She sees her mommy and daddy everyday
And hears all that they have to say
How much they miss and love their little one
And that she is not really far gone
Now little sunshine from above
We have a message, that is you are loved
You touched many hearts in special ways
And we have so much we want to say
You are precious and dear in our eyes
Even though your mommy cries
She loves you more and more everyday
And has many things that she loves to say

Written for August Rose's mommy April 5, 01 by Brandon's mommy ~bornstill June 26,1998~
My Angel Brandon

I am the proud mom of 4 living children and one precious angel in heaven. I lost my baby August Rose 7yrs ago this month due to miscarriage. I miss her dearly and wish she were here with me, but the one good thing is she gave me 2 precious gifts after I lost her. My kids's names are Chad he is 16, Joey is 10, Scotty is 6 and Brianna is 5. There will never be a day that goes by
that I dont think about her and what I missed out on,
but I know in my heart that someday I will see her and I will be able to hold her in my arms. I love her with all my heart and soul.

These pictures below of Jamie, Sherry, Angie and my mom and dad are very special ~ they are in heaven
taking care of my little August til I get there...

My Angel Son Michael.

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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