Misty Christmas Memories

Gentle snowflakes touch my face as a tear trails down my cheek
Among crowds and glistening tinsel, your face, I once more seek.

Another year has come to pass with not once glimpse of you
Except in dreams, you visit me in shades of hazy blue.

Christmas time will soon be here I long to see your face
Just once again, to see your smile and dream of your embrace.

Christmas time is boxed up in tones of purple hue
It's wrapped in misty memories and laced with thoughts of you.

Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson 1987

I'm thinking of your angel this Christmas Season and
I know how you long to see her face and her precious smile...
So I hope this little gift will bring you a smile
as we remember our sweet angels with Jesus this holiday season.
I Love you!!!
Linda, mom to Angel Tina.

These two special Christmas gifts for Angel Angie are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

Rob's Mom, Marie, made this Christmas gift for Rob, Angie and some of their angel friends.


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