Let me give you my hand.
May it ever be there for you.
Let me give you my shoulder.
May it always comfort you.
Let me give you my arms.
May they only hold you.
Let me give you my heart.
May it only love you.
- Author Unknown ~

Since the free geocities web pages have been removed, I have been transferring all the Angel web pages to my domain. If you wish to make a gift and need a photo
or more information about a particular angel, please email me and let me know. Thank you for your patience!

These two very special gifts with so many of our Angels are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

~ Our February Angels ~

Angel Francis (My Dad) - heaven day 2/1/99
My Dad, My Coach, My Friend

Angel Robbie M - heaven day 2/1/14, b'day 2/23/89
For Our Robbie's Heaven Day
Happy Birthday in Heaven Robbie
In Loving Memory of Robbie McClure

Angel Trae - heaven day 2/4/03, b'day 2/28/79
Trae Johnson Memorial Page

Angel Elliot - heaven day 2/5/06
Angel Baby Elliot

Angel Alexis - heaven day 2/6/02
Lexi's Legacy, Page One

Angel Ashley C. - heaven day 2/6/13
In Loving Memory of Ashley May Corneau

Angel Robyn - b'day 2/7/83
In Loving Memory of Robyn Lynn Bowers

Angel Kisha - b'day 2/8/77
In Loving Memory of Tikisha Ann Jackson

Angel Tami - b'day 2/8/72
Happy Birthday Angel Tami

Angel Tamulah - b'day 2/9/00
Tamulah's Story

Angel David D. - b'day 2/11/62
In Loving Memory of David John Donovan

Angel Brandon - b'day 2/11/83

Angel Dennis Y. - heaven day 2/11/97
Dennis' 21st Anniversary

Angel Noah Mann - b'day 2/12/73, heaven day 2/17/10
In Loving Memory of Noah Michael Mann

Angel Mick - heaven day 2/13/14

Angel Katelyn M. - heaven day 2/14/09
For Our Angel Kate's Heaven Day
In Loving Memory of Katelyn "Kate" Nicole Martibello

Angel Michael "Sully" - b'day 2/14/67
Happy Birthday Michael ~ On Valentine's Day
Michael David Sullivan

Angels Russell and Jimmy - heaven day 2/14/00
Patricia's Angels

Angel Jeremy Don - b'day 2/14/83
Patricia's Angels

Angel Lacey - heaven day 2/14/14
In Loving Memory of Lacey Pearl Leggett

Angel Annette Sobien (My Mom) - heaven day 2/15/12
In Loving Memory of My Mom, My Best Friend

Angel Jeff B. - heaven day 2/16/00
In Loving Memory of Jeffrey Allen Berkheiser

Angel Chris M. - heaven day 2/17/92
Christopher's Place

Angel Kimmy - heaven day 2/17/01
In Loving Memory of Kimberly Helen Clelland

Angel Max - heaven day 2/17/02
All About Max

Angel Alexander J. - b'day 2/17/05
In Memory of Alexander Johnson

Angel Chris Asbrock - heaven day 2/18/99
In Loving Memory of Christopher Scott Asbrock
My M&M Boy

Angel Jason L. - b'day 2/18/85
Happy 33rd Birthday Angel Jason!
In Loving Memory of Jason Isaac Linkens

Angel Vicki - 2/18/01
Welcome to Helen and Bruce's Angel Page

Angels Ariana and Tyler - heaven day 218/07
Precious Children

Angel Ryan Medhurst - b'day 2/18/97, heaven day 2/29/16
In Memory of Ryan

Angel Carson - b'day 2/19/10
In Loving Memory of Carson David Thomas Hartley

Angel Doug Meadors - heaven day 2/19/05
In Loving Memory of Douglas Wayne Meadors

Angel Tommy D. - heaven day 2/19/90
For My Brother Tommy

Angel Brian C. - heaven day 2/19/08
In Loving Memory of Brian Richard Conahan

Angel Engel - b'day 2/19/91
Engel Grace Schroeder, Heaven is in Her Heart

Angel Jason Simmons - heaven day 2/19/01
Missing Jason

Angel Destinee - heaven day 2/20/97
In Loving Memory of Our Angel Destinee

Angel Matthew Bankert - heaven day 2/21/01, b'day 2/22/00
Matthew's Page

Angel Dustin - b'day 2/21/85
Dustin's Mom

Angel Cody Wade - b'day 2/23/85
In Loving Memory of Cody Joe Wade

Angel Haydyn - b'day 2/23/12
In Loving Memory of Haydyn Elise Attle

Angel Mauritz - heaven day 2/24/09
In Memory of Mauritz Van Der Merwe

Angel Angie R. - b'day 2/24/80
In Loving Memory of Our Precious Daughter Angie Robert

Angel Wayne - b'day 2/25/83
Homeward Bound ~ In Loving Memory Of Wayne M. Johnson, Jr.

Angel Shelly - b'day 2/25/67
In Loving Memory of Shelly Sue Pierce

Angel Cody K. - b'day 2/25/89
In Loving Memory of Cody "Turbo" Kinsey

Angel Romelo - B/D 2/26/03
Happy Birthday Angel Romelo!
In Loving Memory of Romelo Antonio Rodriguez

Angel Scooby - heaven day 2/26/04
Scooby's Younger Years

Angel Thomas F. - heaven day 2/27/98
In Loving Memory of Thomas P. Farris

Angel Doug Maris - b'day 2/27/69
Our Angel Douglas

Angel Stacy - heaven day 2/27/05
In Loving Memory of Stacy Lynn Cope

Angel Connie - heaven day 2/28/98
In Loving Memory of Connie Holly Pate

Angel Treyton - b'day 2/28/06
In Loving Memory of Treyton Adam Wallace Simmons

~ Some Valentine's Day Web Pages ~

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Happy Valentine's Day From Angel Laura
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Rob Northrop, Jr ~ My Beloved Son
Happy Valentine's Day to My Angel

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song, I Will Always Love You, for this page!


Tina Marie's Memorial Website

Maria's Tribute to Christopher

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera
Treasured Thoughts