Let me give you my hand.
May it ever be there for you.
Let me give you my shoulder.
May it always comfort you.
Let me give you my arms.
May they only hold you.
Let me give you my heart.
May it only love you.
- Author Unknown ~

Since the free geocities web pages have been removed, I have been transferring all the Angel web pages to my domain. If you wish to make a gift and need a photo
or more information about a particular angel, please email me and let me know. Thank you for your patience!

These two very special gifts with so many of our Angels are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

~ Our October Angels ~

Angel Bret - heaven day 10/1/85
In Loving Memory of Bret Walker Fuit

Angel Chad B. - b'day 10/1/74
In Loving Memory of Joseph Charles "Chad" Benson, Jr.

Angel Malorie - heaven day 10/2/04
In Loving Memory of Malorie Anne Adkins

Angel George M. - b'day 10/3/80
In Memory of George A. Mooers III

Angel Chase - heaven day 10/5/14
In Loving Memory of Christopher "Chase" Raymond

Angel Tom Caves - b'day 10/5/76
In Loving Memory of Thomas Lamar "Tommy" Caves

Angel Kyle R. - heaven day 10/5/92
In Memory of Kyle C. Roy

Angel Matt Hayes - b'day 10/5/82
Remembering Matt Hayes

Angel John M. - heaven day 10/6/02
Welcome to John's Place

Angel Thomas F. (Ann's Dad) - b'day 10/6/19
My Angel Dad

Angel Kurt - heaven day 10/6/98
My Kurt

Angel Tyler T. - b'day 10/6/88
Happy Birthday Angel Tyler!
Tyler's Story

Angel Christopher - heart transplant anniversary 10/7/97
A Very Special Remembrance

Angel Robbie G. - b'day 10/7/69
In Loving Memory of Robert James "Robbie" Gambrell III

Angel Craig C. - heaven day 10/8/08
In Loving Memory of Craig M. Copsey

Angel Ray - heaven day 10/9/03
In Loving Memory of George "Ray" Ours

Angel Angie R. - heaven day 10/9/04
In Loving Memory of Our Precious Daughter Angie Robert

Angel Todd - heaven day 10/10/91
Homeward Bound ~ In Loving Memory of Michael "Todd" Anthony

Angel Michael Greever - heaven day 10/11/15
Michael David Greever

Angel Hunter - heaven day 10/12/05, b'day 10/31/97
Our Hunter's Story, Page One
Our Cowboy's Heavenly Birthday

Angel Noel - heaven day 10/13/03
For Angel Noel's Heaven Day
Our Angel Noel

Angel Ilene - b'day 10/14/27
In Loving Memory of Ilene Joyce Scully

Angel JoJo - b'day 10/14/75
In Loving Memory of Joseph ("JoJo") William Heath

Angel Stacy - b'day 10/14/71
Happy 46th Birthday Angel Stacy!
In Loving Memory of Stacy Lynn Cope

Angel Erica - b'day 10/14/93

Angel Patti - b'day 10/15/88
Patti's Special Occasions
Our Princess Angel Patti

Angel Russell - b'day 10/17/83
Patricia's Angels

Angel Matt B. - heaven day 10/17/02
In Loving Memory of Matthew Steven Baisch

Angel Lee - b'day 10/17/74
Happy 43rd Birthday Angel Lee!

Angel Ariana - b'day 10/18/02
Precious Children

Angel Laura - heaven day 10/19/02
For Angel Laura's Heaven Day
Our gilft for Angel Laura's Heaven Day
In Loving Memory of Laura Ann Kimble

Angel Ashley - b'day 10/19/88
In Loving Memory of Ashley Nicole Carter

Angel Chris P. - b'day 10/19/84
In Loving Memory of Chris Parker

Angel Becky - b'day 10/20/70
Happy 47th Birthday Our Angel Becky!

Angel Craig- b'day 10/20/68
In Loving Memory of Anthony Craig Boston

Angel Kevin - b'day 10/20/70
My Kevin

Angel Ashleigh - heaven day 10/20/96
In Loving Memory of Ashleigh Nicole Bruner

Angel David Greever - b'day 10/21/52
Remembering Davey

Angel Ryan S. - heaven day 10/22/08
Ryan's Mom

Angel Roxanne - b'day 10/22/74
Happy Birthday in Heaven My Angel Roxanne

Angel Nathan - b'day 10/23/81
Nathan's Angel Page

Angel Jeannie - b'day 10/23/55
In Loving Memory of Jeannie Dru Bowen

Angel Gerri - b'day 10/24/36
In Loving Memory of Geraldine "Gerri" Ann Hayes

Angel Ben Dixon - b'day 10/24/88
In Loving Memory of Benjamin William Dixon

Angel Hope - due date 10/24/02
In Loving Memory of Hope Kristen Van Raalte

Angel Mikayla - b'day 10/25/00
Kayla's Story, Page One

Angel Elizabeth - heaven day 10/25/01
In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Luto

Angel Ryan W. - heaven day 10/25/98
Whispers From Heaven

Angel Jaime - heaven day 10/27/04
For Our Angel Jaime!

~ A Special Halloween Web Page ~

Happy Halloween From Romelo and JoJo

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song, I Will Always Love You, for this page!


Tina Marie's Memorial Website

Maria's Tribute to Christopher

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera
Treasured Thoughts