Let me give you my hand.
May it ever be there for you.
Let me give you my shoulder.
May it always comfort you.
Let me give you my arms.
May they only hold you.
Let me give you my heart.
May it only love you.
- Author Unknown ~

Since the free geocities web pages have been removed, I have been transferring all the Angel web pages to my domain. If you wish to make a gift and need a photo
or more information about a particular angel, please email me and let me know. Thank you for your patience!

These two very special gifts with so many of our Angels are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

~ Our April Angels ~

Angel Kathleen - heaven day 4/2/02
In Loving Memory of Kathleen Mary McQuarrie

Angel Cory - b'day 4/2/82
In Loving Memory of Cory Alexander Bute

Angel Dennis D. - b'day 4/2/66
Welcome to Helen and Bruce's Angel Page

Angel Luke - heaven day 4/3/01
Fly Us Home

Angel Joseph P. - b'day 4/3/01
In Loving Memory of Joseph Polisi, Jr.

Angel Matt H. - heaven day 4/4/03
Matthew Dean Hagan

Angels Steven and Brianna - heaven day 4/5/00
Welcome to Christy's Angel Pages

Angel Tim - b'day 4/5/75
Tim's Page

Angel Brandy Jo - b'day 4/5/81
Remembering Brandy Jo Collins

Angel Matthew A. - heaven day 4/5/13
Matthew's Mom

Angel Clint - b'day 4/7/93
In Memory of Clinton Milam

Angel Lance - b'day 4/8/86
In Loving Memory of Lance Catterall

Angel Brittany D. - b'day 4/8/86
In Loving Memory of My Daughter Brittany Darnell

Angel Jack - heaven day 4/10/02
In Loving Memory of John Walter (Jack) Stewart

Angel Jason C. - heaven day 4/11/99
Joy's Page for Jason

Angel Patrick - heaven day 4/11/15
In Loving Memory of Patrick Joseph Bishop

Angel Owen - b'day 4/12/00
In Loving Memory of Owen William Hall

Angel Julian - heaven day 4/12/96
In Loving Memory of Julian Sinclair

Angel Brian P. - b'day 4/12/73
Brian's Page

Angel Marjorie - b'day 4/13/66
Happy Birthday Angel Marjorie!
In Loving Memory of Marjorie Mae Bowen

Angel Doug Maris - heaven day 4/14/03
For Angel Douglas' Heaven Day

Angel Cheryl - b'day 4/14/82
In Loving Memory of Cheryl Choinski

Angel Cherri Ann - heaven day 4/14/14
Cherri's 5th Angelversary

Angel Johnny Clarke - b'day 4/15/89
Johnny's Mom

Angel Robby - heaven day 4/16/01
Robert James "Robby" Nunes

Angel Justin Luke - heaven day 4/17/04
For Angel Justin's Heaven Day

Angel Jacob - heaven day 4/18/04
In Loving Memory of Jacob Thomas Mayers

Angel Chris P. - heaven day 4/18/13
In Loving Memory of Chris Parker

Angel Jina - b'day 4/19/96
Happy Birthday Angel Jina!

Angel Heather W. - heaven day 4/19/99
In Loving Memory of Heather Lynne Williamson

Angel Kevin C. - heaven day 4/20/99
My Kevin

Angel Rebecca - b'day 4/21/78, heaven day 4/27/03
Happy Birthday Angel Rebecca!
In Loving Memory of Rebecca Walus

Angel Kent - heaven day 4/22/04
Kent Alan Lilly ~ A Celebration of Life

Angel Michele - b'day 4/22/63
My Mom ~ Michele Arleen Drost Fry Brisebois

Angel Michael Sullivan - heaven day 4/22/96
In Loving Memory of Michael David Sullivan
Michael ~ I Remember You
Michael David Sullivan

Angel Adam - heaven day 4/22/01
In Loving Memory of Adam H. Janitz

Angel Lauren - heaven day 4/22/04
In Loving Memory of Lauren Olivia Palmer

Angel Jason L. - heaven day 4/23/99
In Loving Memory of Jason Isaac Linkins

Angel Lisa - heaven day 4/23/91
Lisa in the Arms of Jesus

Angel Ryan M. - b'day 4/23/83
In Loving Memory of Ryan Douglas Maseth

Angel Marco - b'day 4/23/81
65 Roses Warrior Project

Angel Michael Man - heaven day 4/23/90
Michael's Mom

Angel Michael W. - b'day 4/24/78
In Loving Memory of Michael Paul Wegener

Angel Jayden - b'day 4/24/12

Angel Michael G. - b'day 4/24/80
Michael David Greever

Angel Aidan - b'day 4/25/01
Aidan ~ Heaven's Child

Angel Travon - b'day 4/26/00
In Loving Memory of Travon Christopher Green

Angel Jesse - heaven day 4/26/01
Dedicated to Angel Jesse from His Brother Will
In Loving Memory of Jesse Alexander Gochez

Angel Greggy - heaven day 4/26/10
Remembering Greggy

Angel Carlene - b'day 4/27/87
In Loving Memory of Carlene Anne Porter

Angel Quintin - heaven day 4/27/04
Quintin's Page

Angel Sean - heaven day 4/28/04
Sean ~ Forever 19 and Forever in Our Hearts

Angel Justin M. - b'day 4/29/84
Remembering Justin on His Birthday
In Loving Memory of Justin Anthony "Buck" McCoy

Angel Tami - heaven day 4/29/03
In Loving Memory of Tamatha "Tami" JoLynne Varner Watson

Angel Emma - b'day 4/30/87
Carrie and Emma ~ Together Forever in the Arms of Jesus

Angel Tammy - b'day 4/30/66
In Loving Memory of Tammy Lynn Lucas

Angel Adriana - B/D 4/30/97
In Loving Memory of Adriana Michele Gibson

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song, I Will Always Love You, for this page!


Tina Marie's Memorial Website

Maria's Tribute to Christopher

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera
Treasured Thoughts