Let me give you my hand.
May it ever be there for you.
Let me give you my shoulder.
May it always comfort you.
Let me give you my arms.
May they only hold you.
Let me give you my heart.
May it only love you.
- Author Unknown ~

Since the free geocities web pages have been removed, I have been transferring all the Angel web pages to my domain. If you wish to make a gift and need a photo
or more information about a particular angel, please email me and let me know. Thank you for your patience!

These two very special gifts with so many of our Angels are from my friend Marie.
You can visit her website for her son Rob here ~ Rob Northrop's Site.

~ Our September Angels ~

Angel Gus - b'day 9/1/92
Gustavo Meza, Jr.

Angel Tommy D. - b'day 9/2/70
For My Brother Tommy

Angel Gene - heaven day 9/2/06, b'day 9/22/87
In Loving Memory of Gene Adam Sauer

Angel Greggy - b'day 9/2/91
In Memory of Gregory Whale, Jr.

Angel Jessica P. - heaven day 9/2/09
RIP Jessica Jean Phelps

Angel Tina H. - b'day 9/2/81
Never Forgotten

Angel Josie - b'day 9/3/21
Happy Birthday to My Angel Mom

Angel Vernon - heaven day 9/4/04
In Loving Memory of Vernon Eugene Lipsey

Angel Austyn - heaven day 9/6/04
In Loving Memory of Austyn James Dudley

Angel Jimmy P. - heaven day 9/7/03
Jimmy ~ Forever in My Heart

Angel Kayla - b'day 9/7/89
In Loving Memory of Kayla Nichole Quinonez

Angel Silverio - heaven day 9/7/15
In Loving Memory of Silverio Da Silva Maltez

Angel Robbie Smith - b'day 9/8/83
Robbie Smith Memorial

Angel Kaiden - b'day 9/9/00
In Loving Memory of Kaiden Laine Parris

Angel Luke Shaw - heaven day 9/9/14
Lucas "Luke" William Anson Shaw

Angel Eric - b'day 9/10/85
In Loving Memory of Eric LaPointe

Angel Brooklyn - b'day 9/10/73
Brooklyn Stapleton, My Son is an Angel

Angel Austin M. - heaven day 9/11/00
In Loving Memory of Austin Michael Morse

Angel Bret - b'day 9/12/59
In Loving Memory of Bret Walker Fuit

Angel Chris Acosta - heaven day 9/12/99
In Loving Memory of Christopher Clement Acosta

Angel Deborah Pollock - heaven day 9/12/04
Remembering Deborah

Angel Joey S. - b'day 9/13/71
Happy Birthday Angel Joey!

Angel Josh Hedglin - b'day 9/13/78
Reckless Horseplay is Murder

Angel Matthew A. - b'day 9/13/83
Matthew's Mom

Angel Jesse James - b'day 9/13/90
Jesse James McEathron ~ Forever in Our Hearts

Angel JoJo - heaven day 9/14/01
In Loving Memory of Joseph ("JoJo") William Heath

Angel Tony Hayes - heaven day 9/15/13
Homeward Bound ~ In Loving Memory Of Tony Jefferson Hayes

Angel Lauren - b'day 9/16/85
In Loving Memory of Lauren Olivia Palmer

Angel Yancy - b'day 9/16/81
Yancy Alldredge Memorial Website

Angel Danny K. - heaven day 9/17/03
Welcome Home Danny

Angel Maryanne - b'day 9/17/60
In Loving Memory of Maryanne Beaulieu Kele Eddy

Angel Gian - heaven day 9/17/10
Gian's Mom

Angel James - b'day 9/18/59
Maggie's Angels

Angel Johnny Poe - b'day 9/20/65
Johnny's Page

Angel Nick D. - b'day 9/20/85
In Loving Memory of Nicholas E. Donley

Angel Nick B. - b'day 9/20/87
In Loving Memory of Nicholas David Burns

Angel Jenessa - B/D 9/20/05
In Loving Memory of Jenessa Danae Rodriguez

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song, I Will Always Love You, for this page!


Tina Marie's Memorial Website

Maria's Tribute to Christopher

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera
Treasured Thoughts