In Loving Memory of
Alexis Jade Mayberry
November 9, 2000 - February 6, 2002

Lexi's Legacy

This website is dedicated in memory of Alexis "Lexi" Mayberry. We invite everyone to view Lexi's pages to see how beautiful and sweet
this little angel was. You can see through her pictures how loving, playful and precious she was. Through the stories and poems you see how much
Lexi was and will always be loved.

Please sign her guest book in her memory. I hope she will touch your heart as much as she did ours.

This beautiful angel wings picture of Alexis is a gift from Angel Louise and her mom.

Mama and Lexi.

Another photo of Mama and Lexi.

Lexi's Story

Lexi was born on November 9, 2000. She weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. with a head full of hair. It was amazing to watch her change
and develop her personality over the next year.

These are four very special gifts to Angel Alexis from my friend Marie.
You can visit her web page for her son Rob here -- Rob Northrop's Site.

This is a beautiful and loving gift for Angel Alexis from my dear friend, Carol, mom to Angel Michael.

My mom would pick Lexi up in the afternoon until I got off work. She loved her nana.

Nana and Lexi.

She loved music, jewelry, flowers, reading her books and especially getting new clothes. She hated shoes and anything that went on her head.
Lexi loved to pick buttercups in Nana's backyard and watch the butterflies and birds fly. We would read her books, watch TV, listen to music,
play with her toys and she loved to help me clean house.
She would follow me through the house wherever I went. I could always count on her being right behind me.

Mama and Lexi.

Lexi usually carried her favorite purple beaded necklace. She loved them! When we watched TV, her favorite show was "Fresh Prince of Bel Air."
She loved the music. Her laugh was one in a million.

She loved to have her picture taken and I took her picture all the time. Now I am so thankful that I have those gifts.
I tried so hard to be a good mother and protect her..

Mama and Lexi.

On the morning of February 6, 2002, it snowed and Nana was going to take her to daycare a little later so I told Lexi I loved her, gave her a hug and a kiss,
and said I'll see you later and I went to work. If I had only known what would happen that day.

This picture was taken the morning Lexi passed away...

My mom took Lexi to the at-home daycare where she had been going for about 6 months. I got a phone call around lunchtime that changed my life forever.
Lexi stopped breathing. A friend and co-worker drove me to the hospital where I found out what had happened. Lexi was given a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch,
which she shouldn't have been eating. She only had 4 teeth. She was also unsupervised while she was eating. Lexi choked on the sandwich.
I was in utter shock. My baby was gone because of someone's neglect. Someone that was supposed to be taking care of my child.

Lexi turned 15 months on the day that she was buried. I miss my baby so much. Not a day goes by where I don't think about her sweet little face.
She was my only child. I promised Lexi the day I buried her, I would inform and educate parents about daycare rules,
so no other parent would ever lose their child because of daycare neglect.
I will keep that promise to her. Even though Lexi was only in my life for a short 15 months, she gave me so much.
I am thankful that I have 15 months of memories of my baby Lexi.

Mama and Lexi

In loving memory of Lexi
I miss you and love you very much,

If Grief Were Measured in Tears

If grief were measured in tears,
There could not be a compromise.
When I lost my child that day...
Tears began to flow from my eyes.

The tears have stained my face,
And left my heart with a scar.
A scar that shall never be erased,
Tears ease the pain from afar.

Grief is different for everyone.
Each stage is oh so real.
And no one can tell you how to grieve.
They can only share how they feel.

No parent should bury their child.
This fact seems so unfair.
Grief tells a heart its been defiled.
Tears flow from here to there.

If the tears I have cried to measure
How much grief is in my heart,
There is no limit to the pain I feel.
My life has been torn apart.

I know how other mothers feel.
I see the tears they too cry.
Oh, grief were measured in tears...
We could fill the earth and the sky.
~ Author Kaye Des'Ormeaux, copyright 2003

Dearest Mommy, I am with you always.


Listen...can you hear it?
A heavenly choir sings.
Another little angel just got her set of wings.
There's joy and there is shouting
As she steps through heaven's gate.
They all lined up to greet her.
All the angels celebrate.
Her eyes are shining brightly
And a smile lights her face,
As she receives her halo
And takes her special place.
She's the smallest little angel
With the biggest kind of love.
She's wiser than an owl
And more peaceful than a dove.
And though there's joy in heaven,
There is sorrow down below.
broken hearts are crying
Since they had to let her go.
So she watches them from heaven
But she knows the time will come,
They will join their precious daughter
When their work on earth is done
~ Author Unknown

Precious Lexi, touched my heart and soul
Please know she is with you sending you
her love today and every day
forever in Memory
Benjiman's Mom, Pammi

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Thank you so much to my dear friend, Linda, Mom to Angel Tina,
for all your help with getting the song, You Are My Sunshine, for this page!


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A friend can hear a tear drop.

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Dear Tresly
It broke my heart again reading over your sweet ANGEL Alexis's story.
I can only imagine how much you miss her.
But just know you will see her smiling face again, and that she had.

In Loving Memory of Lee Henry Aguilera

My Angel Son Michael

A small gift for Angel Lexi's birthday. May God bless her family.

In Loving Memory of Alexis
If You've Never Seen An Angel
Now You Have
With Love
Ann, Laurasmom

"The poetry that was written on Lexi's WebPages
by yourself and your family, touched my heart so deeply
A mother's love for her child so great,
that the memory of a special angel lingers on."

For You Lexi

Sweet Little Angel of God
Gone too soon, and there upon your mommy's face
Are tears that fall like rain, as you wait for her
in that sweet place, where one day she will rock you
once again in that place where angels fall asleep,
Where now you are immortal, and the Lord your soul does keep.
With My Love and Prayers
May God Bless you Always
Ann, Laurasmom

For Alexis
A Little Angel in God's Kingdom
With Love and My Deep Sorrow
Ann, Laurasmom

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